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Vocabulary Word

Word: symmetry

Definition: arrangement of parts so that balance is obtained; congruity; ADJ. symmetrical

Sentences Containing 'symmetry'

ILLUSTRATING VARIETY IN SYMMETRY Note how the hollows marked A are opposed by fullnesses marked B. -RRB- In drawing or painting a profile this run or unity of the line is the thing to feel, if you would express its particular beauty.
The contors of the limbs illustrate another form of line variety what may be called``Variety in Symmetry.''
Always look out for this in drawing limbs, and it will often improve a poorly drawn part if more of this variation on symmetry is discovered.
ILLUSTRATING VARIETY IN SYMMETRY Note how the hollows marked A are opposed by the fullnesses marked B. -RRB- Of course the student, if he has any natural ability, instinctively looks out for all these variations that give the play of life to his drawing.
A high finish is always attempted, no tool marks nor any individuality of the craftsman is allowed to mar the perfect symmetry of the whole.
But when we come to the figures this symmetry has been varied everywhere.
There is here no static symmetry, all is energy and force.
The quantities are not placed in reposeful symmetry about the canvas, as was the case in the Raphael, but are thrown off apparently haphazard from lines leading the eye round the picture.
A pose is selected that makes a good design of line and color a good pattern and the character of the sitter is not allowed to obtrude or mar the symmetry of the whole considered as a beautiful panel.
The beauty in this latter case, and in many others, is apparently wholly due to symmetry of growth.
In works on natural history, rudimentary organs are generally said to have been created "for the sake of symmetry," or in order "to complete the scheme of nature."
What would be thought of an astronomer who maintained that the satellites revolve in elliptic courses round their planets "for the sake of symmetry," because the planets thus revolve round the sun?
Both are massive enough in all conscience; but there is a certain mathematical symmetry in the Sperm Whale's which the Right Whale's sadly lacks.

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