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Vocabulary Word

Word: symmetry

Definition: arrangement of parts so that balance is obtained; congruity; ADJ. symmetrical

Sentences Containing 'symmetry'

A high finish is always attempted, no tool marks nor any individuality of the craftsman is allowed to mar the perfect symmetry of the whole.
According to that logic, there should be at least one magnetic monopole per horizon volume as it was when the symmetry breaking took place.
All multiplicative quantum numbers belong to a symmetry (like parity) in which applying the symmetry transformation twice is equivalent to doing nothing.
Always look out for this in drawing limbs, and it will often improve a poorly drawn part if more of this variation on symmetry is discovered.
Besides these techniques, Modere supports partial order reduction and symmetry reduction.
Both are massive enough in all conscience; but there is a certain mathematical symmetry in the Sperm Whale's which the Right Whale's sadly lacks.
But when we come to the figures this symmetry has been varied everywhere.
By definition, the axis of a spindle is straight; hence, for example, a spindle-legged chair is a straight-legged design, even though cylindrical symmetry allows decoration of elaborate notches or bulbs, so long as the cylindrical symmetry is preserved.
Diseases, injuries, and genetic disorders may impair the body's symmetry.
Each molybdenum has local octahedral symmetry and two chlorides bridge between the molybdenum centers.
Every polytype can have monoclinic (M) or hexagonal (H) symmetry, and therefore some sources label them, for example, not as 6C, but 6H or 6M depending on the symmetry.
Having an escaping Randall kill him would've offered some poetic symmetry.
However, only two of these six points are independent, while the rest are equivalent by symmetry.
In "Chlamydomonas", radial spoke proteins are thought to regulate the activity of dynein and the symmetry of flagellar bending patterns.
In a molecule with a center of symmetry, a change in dipole is accomplished by loss of the center of symmetry, while a change in polarizability is compatible with preservation of the center of symmetry.
In other words, each quantum number denotes a symmetry of the problem.
In particle physics the extra symmetry of the Higgs potential in the Standard Model responsible for keeping formula_2 ≈ 1 and insuring small corrections to formula_2 is called a custodial symmetry.
In works on natural history, rudimentary organs are generally said to have been created "for the sake of symmetry," or in order "to complete the scheme of nature."
Jewish synagogue,Jewish symmetry,Neithakudy,Chumgam,KAMCO,Karingichira etc. are the beautiful attractive spots of Mala. Religious.
Note that while the symmetry generally reduces to identity in large molecules, large crystalline system usually show many symmetry operators.
One hypothesis is that the magnetic catalysis of symmetry breaking is responsible for lifting the degeneracy.
Originally interpreted as a hexactinellid sponge, the organism also bears some coelomate characteristics, including bilateral symmetry.
Pyrrhotite has a number of polytypes of hexagonal or monoclinic crystal symmetry; several polytypes often occur within the same specimen.
Quantum systems can also have additional quantum numbers corresponding to discrete symmetries (such as parity conservation from reflection symmetry).
The beauty in this latter case, and in many others, is apparently wholly due to symmetry of growth.
The building’s symmetry and stone façade are common to the style.
The C direction is conventionally chosen parallel to the main symmetry axis of the crystal; this direction usually corresponds to the largest lattice spacing.
The contors of the limbs illustrate another form of line variety what may be called``Variety in Symmetry.''
The dyons are expected to exist as a side effect of the "freezing out" of the conditions of the early universe, or a symmetry breaking.
The edge is thus highly uneven, although a carefully draped piece may still retain perfect symmetry.
The exception is for those with high iron content, close to the troilite composition (47 to 50% atomic percent iron) which exhibit hexagonal symmetry.
The gauge symmetries of the theories do not agree, which is not problematic as the gauge symmetry is a feature of the formulation and not of the fundamental physics.
The generalized Maxwell's equations possess a certain symmetry, called a "duality transformation".
The last symmetry property says that the torsion tensor vanishes identically, so that the affine connection is torsion-free.
The preferred way of preventing the nasty formula_5 term from being generated is to introduce an approximate symmetry which acts upon the Higgs sector.
The quantities are not placed in reposeful symmetry about the canvas, as was the case in the Raphael, but are thrown off apparently haphazard from lines leading the eye round the picture.
The radial pattern has an element of bilateral symmetry.
The remarkable result is that the statistical properties of many systems with unknown Hamiltonians can be predicted using random matrices of the proper symmetry class.
The unique design focus is on symmetry without undermining aesthetics.
There are exactly seventeen two-dimensional space (plane symmetry) groups.
There is here no static symmetry, all is energy and force.
These are sometimes called wallpaper groups, as they represent the seventeen possible symmetry types that can be used for wallpaper.
This album was recorded at Black Lounge studios, Avesta, Sweden with Jonas Kjellgren of Scar Symmetry and would feature a guest appearance by Christian Älvestam.
This effect is well understood theoretically and is related to the symmetry of the interlayer interactions.
Those minerals have same chemical composition, but different crystal symmetry orthorhombic for tantalite and tetragonal for tapiolite.
Typical quantum numbers related to spacetime symmetries are spin (related to rotational symmetry), the parity, C-parity and T-parity (related to the Poincaré symmetry of spacetime).
Using an applied magnetic field to break the symmetry of the system, the researchers were able to control the density and orientation of these strings.
We also assume the lattice has 4-fold rotational symmetry (up to boundary conditions) and is reflection-invariant.
What would be thought of an astronomer who maintained that the satellites revolve in elliptic courses round their planets "for the sake of symmetry," because the planets thus revolve round the sun?
• Sorting for color, clarity, polish and symmetry.

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