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Vocabulary Word

Word: subsidy

Definition: direct financial aid by government, etc.; V. subsidize: assist with a subsidy

Sentences Containing 'subsidy'

Wool was commonly paid as a subsidy to the king, and its valuation in that subsidy ascertains, at least in some degree, what was its ordinary price.
If we count the one-third and two-third subsidies as making a complete subsidy between them, there have been five of these general subsidies; so that, before the commencement of the present war, seventy-five per cent.
By the second of the rules, annexed to the act of parliament, which imposed what is now called the old subsidy, every merchant, whether English or alien.
If sugars are exported within a year, therefore, all the duties upon importation are drawn back; and if exported within three years, all the duties, except half the old subsidy, which still continues to be retained upon the exportation of the greater part of goods.
Not only half the old subsidy, but the second twenty-five per cent.
Several of the other duties, too which were imposed either at the same time or subsequent to the old subsidy, what is called the additional duty, the new subsidy, the one-third and two-thirds subsidies, the impost 1692, the tonnage on wine, were allowed to be wholly drawn back upon exportation.
Upon the exportation of the greater part of commodities to other countries, half the old subsidy was drawn back.
This statute leaves them subject to all the old duties which had ever been imposed upon them, the old subsidy, and one per cent.
For these reasons, the project of a tax upon shops was laid aside, and in the room of it was substituted the subsidy, 1759.
The duties of tonnage and poundage were generally granted to the king by one and the same act of parliament, and were called the subsidy of tonnage and poundage.
The subsidy of poundage having continued for so long a time at one shilling in the pound, or at five per cent., a subsidy came, in the language of the customs, to denote a general duty of this kind of five per cent.
This subsidy, which is now called the old subsidy, still continues to be levied, according to the book of rates established by the twelfth of Charles II.
The new subsidy, imposed by the ninth and tenth of William III., was an additional five per cent.
The one-third and the two-third subsidy made up between them another five per cent.
The old subsidy was imposed indifferently upon exportation, as well as importation.
Only half the duties imposed by the old subsidy upon importation, are drawn back upon exportation; but the whole of those imposed by the latter subsidies and other imposts are, upon the greater parts of the goods, drawn back in the same manner.

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