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Vocabulary Word

Word: subsequent

Definition: following in time or order; later

Sentences Containing 'subsequent'

"Romeo and Juliet" had a profound influence on subsequent literature.
A condition subsequent is noted for its common use in the law.
All subsequent Sharp mobiles feature the text scanner functionality.
As such, all subsequent printings have included these stars.
By a subsequent statute, the master suffers six months imprisonment.
D.I. Norton's subsequent comments were scathing.
During Ultravox's subsequent hiatus, Currie dedicated himself to different projects.
From these beginnings, it evolved in subsequent decades into a mainstream recording technique.
Further performances followed in subsequent years.
He had had a long subsequent career in the organisation's ranks.
He then played in the subsequent tests against Wales and Italy.
In 1863 the mines were closed and subsequent attempts to reopen them failed.
In subsequent elections, the share of independent representatives decreased sharply.
In subsequent media coverage, the verdict was criticized as an injustice.
It enjoyed many subsequent tours and revivals.
It has been used almost exclusively by subsequent commentators.
It is formed via the dehydration of the hexoses and subsequent etherification of HMF.
It maintained this designation until its subsequent deletion in 1969.
It was included in the title sequence of all their subsequent series made by the BBC.
No record of her subsequent fate has been uncovered.
On subsequent recordings, he has played only electric guitar.
On the other hand, we were very proud of what Dynamo had promoted and its subsequent interpretation.
Rasmussen also announced it would include Sarvis in subsequent surveys.
Subsequent aircraft have had conventional tails.
Subsequent events soon brought Girard back into cabinet.
Subsequent moveable feasts are calculated with reference to Easter.
Subsequent owners extended the property and land.
Subsequent productions have generally followed B├╝sser's edition.
Subsequent replacement trophies have replicated this design.
Thanom appointed Kris Minister of Industry in his subsequent junta.
The BBC subsequently acknowledged the controversy in a subsequent programme.
The canopy imitated cloth in bronze, as did many subsequent imitations.
The Communist oath issue and subsequent court rulings.
The companies parted ways, and IBM took over all of subsequent development.
The first one is a giant collision and subsequent reaccretion in the disc.
The magazine had several reincarnations in subsequent decades.
The presentation focused on his brain tumor diagnosis and subsequent recovery.
The ride's ranking in subsequent polls is shown in the table below.
The subsequent articles dealt with specific issues.
The subsequent kings steadily extended their kingdom.
There were two subsequent harvests in the 1960s and 1970s.
These proved to be a highly successful innovation and they have been used on all subsequent tracklaying.
This did not return for either of the subsequent series.
This experience has been a driving force in Rosebury's subsequent success.
This has had the effect, however, of making them seem kitch in subsequent decades.
This spurred a public debate about the incident; and subsequent debate in Parliament.
This suggestion was, however, not supported by a subsequent reanalysis of his data.
This, and her subsequent books, have been published in both Hebrew and English.
When that is obtained, there is no difficulty in making any subsequent purchase.
Yes, and the subsequent watches were much like it, during a stretch of months.

More Vocab Words

::: prodigal - wasteful; reckless with money; profuse; Ex. a mind prodigal of ideas; N. prodigality
::: beatitude - blessedness; state of great happiness
::: incidental - not essential; minor; N: something incidental
::: downcast - disheartened; dejected; sad; directed downward
::: extort - wring from; get money by threats, etc.; obtain by force or threats; CF. extortionate: exorbitant
::: pantomime - acting without dialogue; V.
::: prong - pointed projecting part
::: claustrophobia - fear of being locked in
::: multifarious - varied; greatly diversified; Ex. multifarious activities
::: address - direct a speech to; speak to; deal with or discuss; direct one's efforts or attention to; make with a destination; N: formal speech