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Vocabulary Word

Word: sublime

Definition: causing deep feelings of wonder, joy, respect, etc.; exalted; noble and uplifting; utter

Sentences Containing 'sublime'

"Sublime" received top 40 airplay, with a beautiful video filmed amongst the steaming, geothermal geysers of Iceland.
"The New York Times" called it "a sublime, beautifully acted drama."
"Zagat's" reported that Taïm had 'sublime' falafel (deep-fried chickpea balls), rated "'best in NYC' – and maybe 'the USA'".
A man who is robbed of a considerable sum; does he find his vexation for the loss anywise diminished by these sublime reflections?
All this struck me as mighty singular; yet, upon second thoughts, there was something almost sublime in it.
And we are enabled to apprehend at all what is sublime and noble only by the perpetual instilling and drenching of the reality that surrounds us.
As a matter of fact, the line effect of a donkey in repose is much more sublime than when he is braying.
But though this topic be specious and sublime, it was soon found in practice weak and ineffectual.
But, doubtless, this noble savage fed strong and drank deep of the abounding element of air; and through his dilated nostrils snuffed in the sublime life of the worlds.
Excepting the sublime BREACH--somewhere else to be described--this peaking of the whale's flukes is perhaps the grandest sight to be seen in all animated nature.
Extensive touring in both Europe and North America supported "Sublime", which included appearances at Pitchfork Music Festival, Sónar, Field Day, and All Tomorrow's Parties, as well as select dates with !!!
First, when we analyze our thoughts or ideas, however compounded or sublime, we always find that they resolve themselves into such simple ideas as were copied from a precedent feeling or sentiment.
For my part, I shall think it sufficient, if the present hints excite the curiosity of philosophers, and make them sensible how defective all common theories are in treating of such curious and such sublime subjects.
francs under her cloak, while the other, unjustly stricken, but sublime in her misfortune, was yet rich with a few deniers.
From my forenoon watch below, I ascended to the overclouded deck; and there, dashed upon the main hatches, I saw a regal, feathery thing of unspotted whiteness, and with a hooked, Roman bill sublime.
I wish to be providence myself, for I feel that the most beautiful, noblest, most sublime thing in the world, is to recompense and punish.'
I would e'en take it for sublime, did I not know that the colic is a noisy malady.
If he fails from lack of skill to make his representation convincing to reasonable people, no matter how sublime has been his artistic intention, he will probably have landed in the ridiculous.
In private life Sir Pramoda Charan enjoyed the highest respect for his sublime character and personal charm of manners.
In such complicated and sublime subjects, every one should be indulged in the liberty of conjecture and argument.
In this noble composition, in the writer's opinion one of the most sublime expressions produced by nineteenth century art, the irresistible power and majesty of the slowly advancing figure of Death is largely due to the right angle felt through the pose.
Johnson claimed that "they were not successful in representing or moving the affections" and that neither "was the sublime more within their reach."
Kompakt released his first full-length "From Here We Go Sublime" on March 26, 2007.
Minimalism argued that extreme simplicity could capture all of the sublime representation needed in art.
Morrel raised his two hands to heaven with an expression of resignation and sublime gratitude.
Mrs. Southcott had recently attained her five and twentieth blessed birthday, of whom a prophetic private in the Life Guards had heralded the sublime appearance by announcing that arrangements were made for the swallowing up of London and Westminster.
Never had the struggle between mind and matter been more apparent than now, and if it was not a sublime, it was, at least, a curious spectacle.
Never shall I forget your sublime courage, when, having returned to consciousness, I dragged myself to the foot of the stairs, and you, almost dying yourself, came to meet me.
No, she must have conceived some pathetic scene; she will come and throw herself between us; and what would be sublime here will there appear ridiculous.''
Noirtier looked at Villefort with an almost sublime expression of contempt and pride.
Oh, I repeat it, Edmond; what you have just done is beautiful it is grand; it is sublime.''
States of sublime well-being are destined to become the genetically pre-programmed norm of mental health.
That, his position and attitude were, on the whole, sublime.
The Igwekala is a highly revered and dread deity whose abode is a forest travered by small streams which was said to have powers to many things ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.
The primeval wildness and awful loneliness of these sublime creations of nature and nature's God, excite feelings of unbounded admiration, and the recollection of which can never be effaced from the memory, as we view them in any direction.
The primitive force we are in danger of losing depends much on line, and no work that aims at a sublime impression can dispense with the basis of a carefully wrought and simple line scheme.
The simpler the proportion is, the more sublime will be the impression, and the more complicated, the livelier and more vivacious the effect.
The stone pine and the cypress are typical instances of the sublime associated with the vertical in nature.
The young man reflected for a moment, then an expression of sublime resignation appeared in his eyes, and with a slow and sad gesture he took off his two epaulets, the insignia of his rank.
Theirs is not so much to minister to the expression of the sublime as to woo us to the beauteous joys of the senses.
There was no second single that had the charting stature of "Sublime", but the "Peace and Light" EP released in 1994 helped wrap up the Sire contract for the group.
Those who hear the bitter cry are as much impressed as if they listened to an entire poem, and when the sufferer is sincere they are right in regarding his outburst as sublime.
Though the sultan was the "sublime monarch", he had a number of advisors and ministers.
What are called metaphysics, or pneumatics, were set in opposition to physics, and were cultivated not only as the more sublime, but, for the purposes of a particular profession, as the more useful science of the two.
Who would not encounter many dangers and difficulties, in order to attain so sublime a character?
Within these categories, the exaltation of the beauty of the female body is the source to introduce the public to their work in living other qualities such as the sublime, fantastic, and even the enigmatic in the hieratic face of women represented.
``It was a sublime and charitable thought,''said Monte Cristo,``and the whole world should applaud it.
``Near the merchant's signature there was, indeed, the seal of the sublime emperor.
``No; by your brilliant and almost sublime conversation you have elevated me above the ordinary level; we no longer talk, we rise to dissertation.
``This action is somewhat too sublime to be natural.''

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