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Vocabulary Word

Word: subdue

Definition: less intense; quieter; Ex. subdued lighting; Ex. subdue: conquer; make less intense; quiet; Ex. subdue one's anger

Sentences Containing 'subdue'

A military conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia broke out in January 1991 when Georgia sent troops to subdue a South Ossetian separatist movement.
A pinning hold (also known as a hold down and in Japanese as "osaekomi-waza", 押さえ込み技, "pinning technique") is a general grappling hold used in ground fighting which is aimed to subdue by exerting superior control over an opponent and pinning the opponent to the ground.
After a gruesome battle, the Birds of Prey almost manage to subdue Prometheus, but the Crime Doctor decides to kill himself, thus ensuring his own punishment, and sparing his daughter, who, alone and outcast by the other children, subsequently falls prey to the ambition of Lady Shiva to have a young apprentice to mold in her image.
After these events, Louis XIII wished to subdue the Huguenots, and Louis' Chief Minister Cardinal Richelieu declared the suppression of the Huguenot revolt the first priority of the kingdom.
As he said to himself, "If, for my sins, or by my good fortune, I come across some giant hereabouts, a common occurrence with knights-errant, and overthrow him in one onslaught, or cleave him asunder to the waist, or, in short, vanquish and subdue him, will it not be well to have some one I may send him to as a present, that he may come in and fall on his knees before my sweet lady, and in a humble, submissive voice say, 'I am the giant Caraculiambro, lord of the island of Malindrania, vanquished in single combat by the never sufficiently extolled knight Don Quixote of La Mancha, who has commanded me to present myself before your Grace, that your Highness dispose of me at your pleasure'?"
Charlie Savage who had been wrecked in the "Eliza" showed the Vunivalu how to use "guns" and it was these new weapons that assisted the Vunivalu to subdue all things he wanted.
Darius the Great, in an attempt to subdue the Scythian horsemen north of the Black sea, crossed over at the Bosphorus, using an enormous bridge made by connecting Achaemenid boats, then marched up to the Danube, crossing it by means of a second boat bridge.
God commanded Adam and Eve to have children, "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it, and have dominion over … every living thing that moveth upon the earth".
He urged the imposition of the English language and modes of dress on the inhabitants of the Pale, the expulsion of Irish musicians, the discouragement of English settlers from returning home, the danger of trusting Irish soldiers, the need to subdue the neighbouring Gaelic clans, and the desirability of the Lord Deputy being English, yet prepared to serve a lengthy term.
His body was discovered by Vittoria Vetra after hearing his phone going off behind several pews, which (along with the horrifying state his corpse is in, resembling that of her father) distracts her just enough so that the Hassassin can subdue her with a strike from his elbow.
I have only two adversaries I will not say two conquerors, for with perseverance I subdue even them, they are time and distance.
In the "namazu-e" or catfish pictures of the Edo Period, Takemikazuchi/Kashima is depicted attempting to subdue the giant catfish supposedly dwelling at the of the Japanese land-mass and causing its earthquakes.
In the course of the 2nd century BC, Rome went on to destroy Carthage and subdue the Hellenistic kingdoms of the eastern Mediterranean, achieving complete mastery of the inland sea, that they called "Mare Nostrum".
In the height of their grandeur, it cost them two great wars, and three great battles, to subdue that little kingdom, of which the conquest would probably have been still more difficult, had it not been for the cowardice of its last king.
Leave me in peace, unwelcome overtures; avaunt, with your desires, ladies, for she who is queen of mine, the peerless Dulcinea del Toboso, suffers none but hers to lead me captive and subdue me;" and so saying he sat down on the floor in the middle of the room, tired out and broken down by all this exertion in the dance.
Magnokor is able to magnetically subdue him, until Blackthorne intrudes with a delay that imperils Auger's life.
McCoy summons the Lawgivers to "absorb" Kirk and Spock, who subdue them and don their robes.
No formula or canon of proportions or other mechanical device for the attainment of perfection was allowed by this vital people entirely to subdue their love of life and variety.
No priestly _dogmas_, invented on purpose to tame and subdue the rebellious reason of mankind, ever shocked common sense more than the doctrine of the infinitive divisibility of extension, with its consequences; as they are pompously displayed by all geometricians and metaphysicians, with a kind of triumph and exultation.
Once I was strongly bent upon resistance, for, while I had liberty the whole strength of that empire could hardly subdue me, and I might easily with stones pelt the metropolis to pieces; but I soon rejected that project with horror, by remembering the oath I had made to the emperor, the favours I received from him, and the high title of _nardac_ he conferred upon me.
Ordering his men to subdue Jess on the ground, Vince takes a branding iron and burns a wound to his neck.
Reason for controversy was the seemingly aggressive form of conversion or recruitment of new followers called Shakubuku (Japanese 折伏; English: "break and subdue"), at least in the past. Although the movement has distanced itself from this aggressive form of recruitment of new followers, the term continues to be used.
Still on the 1 October the third battalion of JR 11 was cautiously moving towards Kemi when it encountered and interned a small German detachment sent to subdue the uprising at Tornio.
Stirling's response was to attempt to subdue the Aboriginal people through harsh punishment.
That the engrossing object of--HEEP--was, next to gain, to subdue Mr. and Miss W.
The delegation of power to local governments eventually weakened the king's central authority, causing resources to be expended in attempts to subdue local rebellions.
The love for dirt rallying was hard to subdue and he was back behind the wheel of factory rally car in 2005, this time there was no stopping Gaurav as he demolished the status-quo and was consistently the fastest driver on the track.
The Millers then take this opportunity to disarm and subdue him.
The portionless, who struggle with no such unnecessary inherited encumbrances, find it labor enough to subdue and cultivate a few cubic feet of flesh.
The sect which had the good fortune to be leagued with the conquering party necessarily shared in the victory of its ally, by whose favour and protection it was soon enabled, in some degree, to silence and subdue all its adversaries.
Their first demand was generally that he should silence and subdue all their adversaries; and their second, that he should bestow an independent provision on themselves.
Toda adopted an aggressive and controversial method of proselytizing, based on Nichiren teachings on shakubuku (折伏), often translated character for character as "break and subdue", sometimes as "forced conversion".
Unable to subdue the fort they set out to destroying settlements in Conception Bay and Trinity Bay and succeeded in destroying every colony, with the exception of Carbonear Island.
When a long-simmering conflict between Schwyz and the abbey of Einsiedeln escalated once more, the Habsburgs responded by sending a strong army of knights against these peasants to subdue their insurrection, but the Austrian army of Frederick's brother Leopold I was utterly defeated in the Battle of Morgarten in 1315.
While they attack Sinestro, Green Lanterns Simon Baz and B'dg arrive and subdue Sinestro.

More Vocab Words

::: charm - quality of pleasing; amulet; action or formula thought to have magical power; spell; V: attract; cast a spell on; bewitch
::: halcyon - calm; peaceful; Ex. halcyon days
::: fanfare - call by bugles or trumpets; showy display; spectacular public display
::: tendentious - promoting a particular point of view; biased; having an aim; designed to further a cause; Ex. tendentious rather than truth-seeking; CF. tend: move in a certain direction
::: correlate - either of the correlated things; V.
::: podiatrist - doctor who treats ailments of the feet; chiropodist; N. podiatrics
::: egotistical - egotistic; excessively self-centered(egocentric); self-important; conceited
::: ductile - malleable; pliable; (of metals) easily pulled into shape; flexible; (of someone) easily influenced or controlled
::: servitude - slavery; compulsory labor imposed as a punishment
::: flourish - grow well; prosper; make sweeping gestures; wave; brandish; Ex. The trees flourished in the sun. N: showy movement or gesture; embellishment or ornamentation (esp. in handwriting)