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Vocabulary Word

Word: spurious

Definition: false; counterfeit; forged; illogical; Ex. spurious arguments

Sentences Containing 'spurious'

"Glottolog" lists South Ucayali Ashéninka as a distinct language 'spurious'.
A charter of Crowland Abbey, now thought to be spurious, described Thorold of Bucknall, perhaps the same as her probable father Thorold of Lincoln, as a brother of Godgifu (Godiva), wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia.
A scholion on the text of Apollonius of Rhodes explained the origin of the name as referring to Rhoiteia, daughter of Proteus, but scholars consider this etymology to be spurious.
All claims of a "planetary companion" of less than 0.1 solar mass, as the mass of the planet, made before 1996 using this method are likely spurious.
An independent draft was proposed later, documenting how the spurious recursion to TXT records is characterized in the current Internet.
Another spurious legend attributed this painting to an unknown master working at the behest of a jewish patron.
Anti-censorship group ARTICLE 19 described the charge as "spurious" and "alarming", warning that the arrests of Atabaev and others would have "a chilling effect on freedom of expression in Kazakhstan".
But it preaches nothing of the sort; its moral, so far as it can be said to have one, is that the spurious enthusiasm that is born of vanity and self-conceit, that is made an end in itself, not a means to an end, that acts on mere impulse, regardless of circumstances and consequences, is mischievous to its owner, and a very considerable nuisance to the community at large.
Describing himself as "a one-time Freudian who had decided to help others resist the fallacies to which I had succumbed in the 1960s", his position was summarized in Salon.com as "psychoanalysis is a spurious, ineffective pseudoscience, based on the fudged data of an unscrupulous and calculating founder and perpetuated by followers who mimic his craftiness in a 'shell game whereby critics of Freudianism are always told that new breakthroughs render their strictures obsolete,'" supporting his objections to Freud's personal qualities and theories empirically with "extensive and meticulous research."
Greek ""nothos"": false, spurious, and ""branchia"": gill.
He interpolated the name of Shakespeare in a genuine letter at Dulwich, and the spurious entries in Alleyn's "Diary" were proved to be by Collier's hand when the sale of his library in 1884 gave access to a transcript he had made of the Diary with interlineations corresponding with the Dulwich forgeries.
However, the "spurious and doubtful" list of symphonies is not fixed, as new evidence can sometimes lead to authentication; it can also throw doubt upon, or disqualify, symphonies once generally accepted as genuine Mozart.
However, the analogy is spurious as software that protects a computer from malware, and a system of intelligence gathering are incomparable.
In the last major revision of the catalogue (1964, K6), the Anhang was extended to include doubtful and spurious works.
Mozart symphonies of spurious or doubtful authenticity
Specifically, the Ariane 5's greater horizontal acceleration caused the computers in both the back-up and primary platforms to crash and emit diagnostic data misinterpreted by the autopilot as spurious position and velocity data.
The alternative form of van Albada limiter, formula_50, was used to avoid spurious oscillations.
The Buddha also predicts in this sutra that later monks will "hold spurious writings to be the authentic Dharma" and will concoct their own sutras and lyingly claim that the Buddha allows the eating of meat, whereas in fact he says he does not.
The commentary on the Pauline epistles and on Hebrews ascribed to Primasius by Migne is spurious.
There are also certain authentic works of Mozart that were never published in this edition, some because they were not discovered until well after its completion (for instance, the Symphony in F, K. 19a, rediscovered in 1981), as well as a number of works once incorrectly attributed to Mozart which are now known to be doubtful or spurious (for instance, the piece published in AMA as Mozart's Symphony No.
This connection, spurious or not, was later taken over by the Polish aristocrats connected with the Hungarian family.
This list of Mozart symphonies of spurious or doubtful authenticity contains 39 symphonic works where an initial attribution to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has subsequently been proved spurious, or is the subject of continuing doubt.
Time integration was by RK-4, and the alternative form of van Albada limiter, formula_50, was used to avoid spurious oscillations.
Van Hulst presented this spurious evidence at the German government compound once or twice a week, wearing the long coat and wide-brimmed hat typically worn by Gestapo agents or Dutch collaborators.
When the prediction came true, it fueled new interest in that arguably spurious correlation.

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