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Vocabulary Word

Word: sobriety

Definition: moderation (especially regarding indulgence in alcohol); seriousness

Sentences Containing 'sobriety'

(Harrow reported 722 losses.[http://www.civilwarhome.com/harrowgettysburg.htm]) However, nagging questions persisted about Harrow's ability to work cooperatively with his superiors and his abilities to lead and inspire soldiers, as well as about his sobriety.
A man might have applied that to him, which is recorded of Socrates, that he knew how to want, and to enjoy those things, in the want whereof, most men show themselves weak; and in the fruition, intemperate: but to hold out firm and constant, and to keep within the compass of true moderation and sobriety in either estate, is proper to a man, who hath a perfect and invincible soul; such as he showed himself in the sickness of Maximus.
After committing himself to sobriety almost 24 years ago, Harlan became the first person in his family to attend college.
After failing a sobriety test, Russell was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.
After passing a field sobriety test, Yoder declined the officer's request to take a roadside Breathalyzer test. The officer cited Yoder for speeding and for refusing to take the breathalyzer test, and then let Yoder drive himself home.
Although a seemingly harsh, the external facades, punctuated with powerful buttresses and towering porches, some of which are surmounted by cupolas, give to the sanctuary a striking aspect characterized by majestic sobriety.
And indeed I believe the insolence of this creature will ruin her master at last, by driving away men of sobriety and business, and making the place a den of vagabonds and rakehells.
As discussed in its own entry, it is marked by an air of geometric sobriety, in addition to presenting a perplexing enigma as to the nature of the three men standing at the foreground.
But it will be noticed that besides designing his canvases carefully, he usually balanced the vigor and vitality of his form with a great sobriety of color.
Even if evidence of that person's impairment is found to be insufficient at trial, the individual loses their driving privileges simply for having refused the sobriety test. General identification.
From the mid to late seventeenth century, French art is more often referred to by the term "Classicism" which implies an adherence to certain rules of proportion and sobriety uncharacteristic of the Baroque, as it was practiced in southern and eastern Europe during the same period.
He was reluctant to discuss its meaning, but implied that it had to do with his sobriety struggle (it was the day in which he initially sobered up 25th as per Jim Norton of Opie and Anthony).
In some ascetic or puritan religious sects, an attitude of seriousness is always to be taken, and solemnity, sobriety, and puritanism with its hostility to social pleasures and indulgences are the only acceptable attitudes.
In the contemporary era San Menaio saw his popularity rapidly increased, especially in the 1960s and 1970s, becoming a place of elegant and exclusive resort and holidays, and passing, unfortunately not without exceptions, trough innumerable attempts development abuses that have undermined the sobriety of urban plan, which consists mainly of villas with gardens blend perfectly in the orography of the coast. In those years Italian artist Andrea Pazienza stays here and finds inspiration from the beauty of this places.
It deserves to be remarked, too, that if we consult experience, the cheapness of wine seems to be a cause, not of drunkenness, but of sobriety.
She went to Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls High School, where she was part of the accapella group "Sobriety".
Tudbury helped him attain (semi-)sobriety thereby establishing a rocky friendship which would persist for thirty years.
Were the duties upon foreign wines, and the excises upon malt, beer, and ale, to be taken away all at once, it might, in the same manner, occasion in Great Britain a pretty general and temporary drunkenness among the middling and inferior ranks of people, which would probably be soon followed by a permanent and almost universal sobriety.
Yet, for all his hardy sobriety and fortitude, there were certain qualities in him which at times affected, and in some cases seemed well nigh to overbalance all the rest.

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