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Vocabulary Word

Word: sledge

Definition: large sled drawn by work animals

Sentences Containing 'sledge'

A two inch galvanized iron pipe with a strong, pointed end containing small perforations is driven into the ground with a sledge hammer.
About noon, I saw coming towards the house a kind of vehicle drawn like a sledge by four _Yahoos_.
At the close of that first day, needing to descend to the valley below them before nightfall, they risked everything by sliding down a mountainside on a makeshift rope sledge.
But as the oarsmen violently forced their boat through the sledge-hammering seas, the before whale-smitten bow-ends of two planks burst through, and in an instant almost, the temporarily disabled boat lay nearly level with the waves; its half-wading, splashing crew, trying hard to stop the gap and bale out the pouring water.
But perhaps the mere crossing of Siberia in a sledge drawn by dogs as Ledyard did, or the taking a long solitary walk on an empty stomach, in the negro heart of Africa, which was the sum of poor Mungo's performances--this kind of travel, I say, may not be the very best mode of attaining a high social polish.
Coverage included including a daily 90-minute highlight program, and live coverage of select sledge hockey matches (games involving Canada, plus the gold medal game) on CTV.
He was naked, with the exception of cloth drawers at the left side of which hung a large knife in a sheath, and he bore on his right shoulder a heavy iron sledge hammer.
His strong loose hands clench themselves, in his earnestness; and he emphasizes what he says with a right arm that shows, in my pigmy view, like a sledge-hammer.
However, about ten days before their death, which they seldom fail in computing, they return the visits that have been made them by those who are nearest in the neighbourhood, being carried in a convenient sledge drawn by _Yahoos_; which vehicle they use, not only upon this occasion, but when they grow old, upon long journeys, or when they are lamed by any accident: and therefore when the dying _Houyhnhnms_ return those visits, they take a solemn leave of their friends, as if they were going to some remote part of the country, where they designed to pass the rest of their lives.
I think that the man is at a dead set who has got through a knot hole or gateway where his sledge load of furniture can not follow him.
Ice sledge speed racing at the 1984 Winter Paralympics
Ice sledge speed racing at the 1984 Winter Paralympics consisted of 16 events, 8 for men and 8 for women.
Ice sledge speed racing at the 1988 Winter Paralympics
Ice sledge speed racing at the 1988 Winter Paralympics consisted of twelve events, eight for men and four for women.
In 1854, he was the first to transit the Northwest Passage (by boat and sledge), as well as the first to circumnavigate the Americas.
Kathy Sledge (born January 6, 1959), the youngest of five sisters, Carol, Debra, Joni and Kim.
NRK were far more pleased with the production of the ice sledge hockey and wheelchair curling events, which they felt reached the same level as the Olympic Games.
Percy Sledge performed the song on his 1967 album "The Percy Sledge Way".
She is the granddaughter of former opera singer Viola Williams, and daughter to Florez Sledge and former Broadway star Edwin Sledge of dance-tap duo "Fred and Sledge".
She is the lead singer of Sister Sledge and enjoyed many pop, R and dance/pop hits with her sisters Debra, Joni and Kim.
Sledge collaborated with Dance producer Robert Miles on dance/pop hit "Freedom" 1997.
The "Investigator" sailed north through the Pacific and entered the Arctic Ocean by way of Bering Strait, and sailing eastward past Point Barrow, Alaska to eventually link up with another British expedition from the north-west. Although the "Investigator" was abandoned to the pack ice in the spring of 1853, McClure and his crew were rescued by a party from the HMS "Resolute" (one of the ships under the command of Sir Edward Belcher that were sailing from the East) after a journey over the ice by sledge.
The contractor was a Mr. Sheehy and the stone was brought from Athea by horse drawn sledge.
The mining charges in the community’s coat of arms, inverted and per saltire in silver a red hammer and sledge, stand for Grube Anna.
The Pirates were famous for adopting Sister Sledge's hit anthem "We Are Family" as their theme song.
The venue was used for several men's and women's ice hockey at the 2010 Winter Olympics, and was used for sledge hockey in the 2010 Winter Paralympics.
This spade is sharp as hone can make it; the spademan's feet are shoeless; the thing he stands on will sometimes irresistibly slide away from him, like a sledge.
To get enough fodder, they harvested hay in the outlying fields; the hay was stored in outlying barns and transported home on a sledge when appropriate snow conditions existed.
Two of the circulation coins honour Paralympic sports: wheelchair curling (released on July 11, 2007) and ice sledge hockey (released on March 18, 2010).
When the rock cooled down, it would become brittle and crack, allowing manual tools such as wedges and sledge hammers to be brought to bear.
With food supplies short and needing to reach their next supply depot, the group made the decision to slide on their sledge, uncontrolled, down the icefall.
With well over to travel before the safety of Hut Point, Crean and Lashly began hauling Evans on the sledge, "eking out his life with the last few drops of brandy that they still had with them".
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