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Vocabulary Word

Word: scapegoat

Definition: someone who bears the blame for others; whipping boy; CF. escape+goat

Sentences Containing 'scapegoat'

According to Christine Loh, the changes to civil servants' responsibilities and accountability a result of political appointments did not stop Mike Rowse, a senior civil servant from being made a scapegoat of political failure in the case.
After a promising start, Wiliams suffered a severe loss of form as well as a poor disciplinary record. Matters were made worse when he was suspended by the club in November 1969 after refusing to train with the side as he felt he was being made a scapegoat for a run of poor results the club had suffered.
Appreciated in the United States by psychologists and psychiatrists of the ¨relational¨ school, Jean-Michel Oughourlian has participated actively since it was founded in the Colloquium on Violence and Religion (COVR), an association of researchers who are interested in René Girard's mimetic theory of founding violence and the scapegoat mechanism.
Because the government badly needed a scapegoat, and because the enormous costs of the unsuccessful Seven Years' War, among other things, had brought it dangerously near bankruptcy, it was necessary to find him guilty which the court duly did, simultaneously repudiating as “tainted” the Crown's over 18 million livres of debt to the colonists, many of whom thus found themselves now not only conquered but ruined as well.
But many people believed that Barre had ordered the assassination, perhaps because Bishop Colombo had been critical of the Barre regime or perhaps because Barre wanted a scapegoat which would increase military and other aid from Western governments, or perhaps because Bishop Colombo had helped a clan which was out of favor with Barre purchase some land.
Davison appears to have been an industrious and outspoken man, and was undoubtedly made the scapegoat for the Queen's pusillanimous conduct. By his wife, Catherine Spelman, he had a family of four sons and two daughters.
During the Lords' debates on emancipation he delivered an important speech in favour of reform (2 April 1829), a stand which made him a favourite scapegoat of defeated conservatives.
During the trial, Demjanjuk accused Germany of using him as a scapegoat "to make them (the war crimes) forgotten and to claim that the true criminals of the Nazi crimes were me, the Ukrainians and the European neighbours of Nazi Germany".
Gustavo Sastoque was condemned for his assassination, but apparently he was utilized as a scapegoat by members of the army and the CTI.
However, some people claim that due to his notoriety he was used as some sort of scapegoat both by authorities and civilians to several crimes in the island.
Igor Sayenko claimed that his son was a scapegoat, and that the crimes were committed by relatives of senior officials.
It is regarded as an influential book in the field, being one of the first to take an investigative approach to writing about his subject. In 1974, Scaduto wrote "Scapegoat", an investigation into the trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann, who was executed in April 1936 for the kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh baby.
July 1994 Shidane Arone "Scapegoat" article.
Postyshev's mission in Ukraine was to eliminate any remaining opposition to Stalin by purging all traces of "nationalist deviation" from the Party, to end the cultural policy of Ukrainization, and to bring collectivization to completion at any cost. A prominent scapegoat was Mykola Skrypnyk, the director of Ukrainization, who was removed from his post within a month (he later shot himself rather than face a show trial).
Progress on the painting was delayed by difficulties with models, and eventually Hunt postponed it to work on another project, The Scapegoat.
Snake fulfills his mission and is awarded the "Big Boss" title and the Distinguished Service Cross by President Johnson, only to learn the true nature of The Boss's defection from a recorded confession left by the female spy EVA that he worked and became intimate with during the story: The Boss was deep undercover to retrieve the Philosophers' Legacy before Volgin did, but was ordered to become a scapegoat after she was blamed for Volgin's nuclear attack on Sokolov's research facility.
This led to further charges from his critics, who accused him of using the Palestinians as a scapegoat.
When Colville was promoted to command 9th Division, Ruggles-Brise went with him as his Deputy Assistant Adjutant General. However, in May 1900, while Lord Roberts was closing in on Johannesburg, a Yeomanry battalion under Colville's command was cut off and forced to surrender, Colville was made a scapegoat and sent home.
William Davison (c. 1541 – 21 December 1608) was secretary to Queen Elizabeth I. He played a key functional role in the 1587 execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, and was made the scapegoat for this event in British history.
Yet historians have recently modified the picture and concede Elisabeth was not the massive spinner of intrigues less critical polemicists previously made her out to be, as if to scapegoat.
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