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Vocabulary Word

Word: sarcasm

Definition: cutting ironic remark; scornful remarks; stinging rebuke; ADJ. sarcastic

Sentences Containing 'sarcasm'

'You cannot learn frankness, Rosa,' said Mrs. Steerforth quickly--for there was always some effect of sarcasm in what Rosa Dartle said, though it was said, as this was, in the most unconscious manner in the world--'in a better school.'
According to Călinescu, the writer's World War I articles combined "radical Christianity" with "sarcasm for the victims."
Agnes is constantly confronted with the harsh realities of the life of the poor working class but still manages to find the optimism to carry on, frequently with a bit of sarcasm and wit using surprisingly sophisticated vocabulary.
All I had to do, I said, with gloomy sarcasm, was to forget Dora.
At the same time, the thin straight lines of the setting of the eyes, and the thin straight lips, and the markings in the nose, curved with a sarcasm that looked handsomely diabolic.
Cantrell on the song: There's a certain aspect of sarcasm, I guess, being a guy from Seattle who lives in L.A., ex-drug addict who lives in the belly of the beast and doesn't partake, and being totally cool with that...It's like being the bad gambler and living in Vegas.
Ed Miliband, Leader of the Opposition, responded with sarcasm to the Budget's stated goals of growth and recovery.
Faria replied to this sarcasm with a glance of profound contempt.
George Călinescu described Aderca as primarily a "humorist" with "a subtle reserve" and "decent sarcasm", who could nevertheless err in showing enthusiasm for "a fictitious world".
He has a quick wit and is known for his comebacks, namely towards Guy, Caroline and Alan, who clearly does not approve of his sarcasm.
His writing is considered original in that it combines the dramatic and sentimental spirit of Romanticism with a highly personal combination of sarcasm, bitterness and dark humour.
I blushed under the sarcasm, and said I hadn't had any hail.
It may be used in vulgar, obscene and offensive contexts, such as: However, when used in sarcasm, kena can be used in apparently positive circumstances, though this is considered grammatically incorrect by the true natives of Singapore.
It's just the irony of that and a little bit of sarcasm.
The essays were praised in the "Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature" for their "iconoclasm and trenchant wit often bordering on sarcasm."
This fact, plus all the laughs, the slabs of layered-on sarcasm and the wonderfully off-the-wall plot, makes Time Gentlemen Please a joy to meander through.” Total PC Gaming magazine simply stated: “Let us remind you of the price of this gem: 2.99.
yes, had I died years ago; but now to die would be, indeed, to give way to the sarcasm of destiny.
… The most entertaining lies, as well as those lending themselves to what "Time" called Stout's 'lunch-counter sarcasm,' were used on the air."

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