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Vocabulary Word

Word: rightful

Definition: legally correct; Ex. rightful owner

Sentences Containing 'rightful'

After the assassination of Francisco Pizarro, in retaliation for his father's execution in 1538, Diego de Almagro II, "El Mozo", continued to press claims as the rightful ruler of Peru and as leader of his father's supporters.
Although later Carolingian historians cast her as a concubine, she was during her time the rightful wife of Charles.
Another faction claimed Amir died without producing an heir, and supported Amir's cousin al-Hafiz as both the rightful Caliph and Imam.
As a result, he opposes his enemies not only because he finds their actions evil, but also because they have usurped the rightful authority of the crown.
As he had been acting as regent for Mujir ad-Din, the latter took his place as the rightful heir of Damascus.
At the age of twelve, their eldest son, Andrew, became the rightful heir to the family title, Baron Castle Stewart, passed down from Andrew's uncle.
Because list MPs gain their positions by virtue of being on a party list, rather than by winning votes personally, some contend that the party, not the MP, is the rightful "owner" of the seat.
But how little you think of the rightful umbleness of a person in my station, Master Copperfield!
By 1938, the only use the Germans had for the A.G.N.A. was to threaten to renounce the treaty as a way of pressuring London to accept continental Europe as Germany's rightful sphere of influence.
Dawoodi Bohra believe that after Muhammad, Ali had been the rightful "wasi", Imam and caliph, but the actual Caliphate was usurped by Ẓāhirī ("literalist") caliphs.
Freud died without resolving a feud with his brother Lucian, thought to have dated back 70 years, over which of them was the rightful winner of a boyhood race.
Furthermore he noted that as Kazembe was the rightful owner of Msiri's country, the Kazembe treaty effectively gave them all the 'Lunda country' (by which he included Msiri's territory comprising the south-east of present-day Katanga).
George Sinclair of Keiss, who was considered the rightful heir, stormed the castle in 1679, an action which led to the Battle of Altimarlech in 1680, in which the Campbells were victorious.
He fails, and dies before he is able to return the box to its rightful place, or inform anyone else of its importance.
He is compelled to send a telepathic message to his twin C'tair (who is hiding on Tleilaxu-conquered Ix) that his own heighliner carries rightful Ixian ruler Rhombur Vernius, on his way to free the planet.
He needed the support of powerful individuals in Upper Egypt in order to put down his brother, the usurper Userkare who had murdered his father and for Pepi to win back his rightful throne.
Her home also became a focal point for young society women, though she was never able to take her rightful place in society due to the scandals surrounding her husband.
His eldest son and rightful heir was Koretsune.
I am the lineal descendant of that infant--I am the rightful Duke of Bridgewater; and here am I, forlorn, torn from my high estate, hunted of men, despised by the cold world, ragged, worn, heart-broken, and degraded to the companionship of felons on a raft!"
I tried to make out to myself that I warn't to blame, because I didn't run Jim off from his rightful owner; but it warn't no use, conscience up and says, every time, "But you knowed he was running for his freedom, and you could a paddled ashore and told somebody."
If police agencies are not able to return the stolen merchandise to the rightful owners, by law they must sell seized, recovered, found, and unclaimed personal property at public auction.
In 1949, the museum was among the first to return a work that had been looted by the Nazis, when it returned Claude Monet's "The Seine at Asnières" to its rightful owner.
In 1973, several episodes of the series were compiled together as an overseas theatrical release entitled "Call Me By My Rightful Name".
In 1996, Rodney King sued Burris and two other attorneys, accusing them of trying to defraud King out of his rightful share of recovery from a multi-million-dollar jury verdict against Los Angeles; a court ruled that King's suit was not brought within the statute of limitations.
In 1998, nine years after the 1989 Revolution, the Cartea Românească building was returned to its rightful owner; the Ministry of Culture had to take the statue into its patrimony, and subsequently moved it in front of a house where Caragiale lived once, on Maria Rosetti Street.
In addition, the DMCA extends protection to those who copy a program for maintenance, repair or backup as long as these copies are "destroyed in the event that continued possession of the computer program should cease to be rightful."
In March 2011, when asked if he was the rightful heir, Idris said a family council would decide who would be king, not an heir.
Isis could not stand by and let this happen because her son was the rightful ruler.
Later, Vortigern is deposed by the rightful King of the Britons, Aurelius Ambrosius (the historical Ambrosius Aurelianus) and Hengist is captured and later executed.
Like the Provisional IRA before it, the RIRA sees itself as the only rightful successor to the original Irish Republican Army and styles itself as simply "the Irish Republican Army" in English or "Óglaigh na hÉireann" (Volunteers of Ireland) in Irish.
Long after Duke William's return, he took up with Dangerose, the wife of one of his vassals, and set aside his rightful wife, Philippa.
Mediaeval sources describe the Rhinegrave as the village’s and municipal area’s highest "Vogt" and rightful chief justice.
Paul's Cathedral declaring Edward's children bastards and Richard the rightful king.
Princess Alexa enters, and wonders why the marriage must take place at all, since Melissa is the rightful heir.
Reverse domain name hijacking (also known as reverse cybersquatting), occurs where a trademark owner attempts to secure a domain name by making false cybersquatting claims against a domain name’s rightful owner.
Since then the two sons and their respective followers have been feuding over who is the rightful successor of Moshe, with the followers of Aaron attempting to gain control of approximately $372 million worth of Satmar buildings and land (including its synagogues) in Williamsburg and elsewhere.
The Amboy Conference was the setting of the official "re-organization" of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints into the Latter Day Saint denomination now known as the Community of Christ. Held on April 6, 1860, this conference recognized movement founder, Joseph Smith, Jr's eldest son, Joseph Smith III as his rightful successor and sustained the young Joseph as President of the Church.
The Dark Fiddler is the rightful owner of this disputed land, but because he is illegitimate and thus without legal rights, he cannot exert control over the land.
The Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC) filed its own challenge for the Cup and then filed a court case asking that CNEV be removed as Challenger of Record as being unqualified under the Deed of Gift. GGYC also asked that it be named as the rightful Challenger of Record, being the first club to file a conforming challenge.
The merchandise is only auction after the police has attempted to return the items to the rightful owner and the merchandise is no longer needed in any police investigation.
The museum contacted the original owners, paid the rightful restitution, and the family allowed the museum to accession the painting into its collection, adding another painting to the museum's already prominent Dutch collection.
The rightful heir was believed to be Edward Berkeley Philipps (later Mansel), son of Courtenay Philipps, son of Richard Mansel, younger brother of the tenth Baronet.
The story is mainly about the sorceress Gudrun, who rules the Jarl's people through fear; the power struggle between her and her son, her very reflection and one weakness; and the small, motley band of outlaws who join him in the fight to restore the land to its rightful leader.
The younger one initially claims to be the true heir of the Duke of Bilgewater, and the older one the lost son of Louis the XVI and the rightful king of France.
There followed a long and acrimonious legal battle, with the New York Court of Appeals finally deciding on April 2, 2009, that CNEV did not qualify as valid challenger, and that the GGYC was thus the rightful Challenger of Record. Dispute.
When Dom Miguel returned and seized power from the rightful heir, his niece Maria II, and proclaimed himself 'Absolute King', Travassos Valdez held out in Madeira until his defence of the island was overwhelmed by an expeditionary force despatched from Portugal. As Miguel had given orders that Travassos Valdez should be hanged if captured, he was forced to flee the Portuguese realms and, with his wife, brother, and six children, sailed to England under the protection of the British Royal Navy in September 1828.
Yahya believed that as the next oldest son, he was next in line to be Ottoman Sultan and felt cheated out of his rightful destiny.
Yes, gentlemen, you see before you, in blue jeans and misery, the wanderin', exiled, trampled-on, and sufferin' rightful King of France."
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