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Vocabulary Word

Word: retrograde

Definition: go backwards; recede; degenerate; deteriorate; ADJ.

Sentences Containing 'retrograde'

"New feminists" were opposed mainly by young women, especially those in the Six Point Group, particularly Winifred Holtby, Vera Brittain, and Dorothy Evans, who saw this as a retrograde step towards the separate spheres ideology of the 19th century.
, in addition to becoming voiceless, also lenites to in some words, such as бог . Russian features a general retrograde assimilation of voicing and palatalization.
A minority of scholars argue that perhaps Achaemenes was a retrograde creation of Darius the Great, in order to reconcile his connection with Cyrus the Great, after gaining power.
And an account of the retrograde motion from the absorbent vessels of animal bodies in some diseases."
But in some genera the larvae become developed into hermaphrodites having the ordinary structure, or into what I have called complemental males; and in the latter the development has assuredly been retrograde; for the male is a mere sack, which lives for a short time and is destitute of mouth, stomach, and every other organ of importance, excepting those for reproduction.
His studies on the basic mechanisms involved in the development of inflammatory hyperalgesia led to the discovery that a select class of analgesics like metamizole, in contrast to the classical non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs, are able to counteract the ongoing sensitization of the primary sensory neuron via the stimulation of the arginine/nitric oxide pathway. He recently characterized a phenomenon described as retrograde sensitization of the primary sensory neuron, which emphasizes the importance of the peripheral component of the inflammatory pain.
Neufeld et al. hypothesized that the accumulation of mannose 6-phosphate receptors (MPRs) in the late endosome signals failure of retrograde trafficking of cholesterol via the trans Golgi Network.
The adult might also become fitted for sites or habits, in which organs of locomotion or of the senses, etc., would be useless; and in this case the metamorphosis would be retrograde.
The analysis of "Rosetta" images in combination with photometric light curves yielded the position of the north rotational pole of Lutetia: ; . This gives an axial tilt of 96° (retrograde rotator), meaning that the axis of rotation is approximately parallel to the ecliptic, similar to the planet Uranus.
The entire 126-note melody is then fitted with a duration scheme derived from the retrograde of the fifth of the twelve "rhythm families" previously devised for "Himmelfahrt".
The manners and customs which the nature of their original government introduced, and which remained after that government was greatly altered, necessarily forced them into this unnatural and retrograde order.
The Soyuz initiated the Deorbit Burn at 2:05 GMT and a four minute 46 minute retrograde burn of its SKD Main Propulsion System.
This trio takes the five sections from "Schönheit" in retrograde order, which yields a process of steadily increasing clarity and distinctness of subdivisions.
Water, or, more specifically, retrograde fluidity, is a recurring theme in opposition to the Ascension symbolism of flight (cf.
When an animal, as it approaches maturity, becomes less perfectly organised than might be expected from its early stages and known relationships, it is said to undergo a RETROGRADE DEVELOPMENT or METAMORPHOSIS.
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