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Vocabulary Word

Word: retrieve

Definition: recover; put right; find and bring in; regain; Ex. retrieve the situation

Sentences Containing 'retrieve'

After a number of dry runs, McMahon and the escort were able to distract the guard for long enough for Hill to retrieve the key from his pants and make a copy.
After zombies invade the Marvel Universe, Machine Man and Jocasta go to the "Marvel Zombies" universe to retrieve a blood sample from an uninfected human.
As an example, the design program can be produced by “save retrieve” tools and then can be changed into a design program by this tools Simorgh Limitation.
At the end of the game, he is sent out by Tseng to retrieve Zack alive, although he arrives too late.
Before he can retrieve it to his master however, he’s interrupted by Leo once more.
Bhope sends his henchmen with Guddu to retrieve the guitar case from Charlie's house.
But, before they could retrieve him, the weight of the bus became too much and the bus slipped off the crane and landed on the ground again.
Dr. Robotnik ends up kidnapping Gazebo after he requests Sonic's help, making it so Sonic has to retrieve both him and the Rings of Order.
Each of the automatic lift at the parking lot can handle up to 180-190 cycles and it takes just 23 seconds to retrieve back the cycle.
Elmer angrily laments "Ooooh, da wascal wabbit is in my cawwots again!", and then rushes into his house to retrieve a shotgun.
Glover returned to his car (parked opposite the police station), to retrieve his hammer and gloves.
Granted US Patent # 5,109,482 (which concerns a method for using a computer to retrieve and playback video segments from an interactive videodisc).
Harry and Dumbledore journey to a cave to retrieve a Horcrux.
He can absorb the sword into his body, and retrieve it when needed.
He had the ability to get under the pack to retrieve the ball as well as deliver it with precision to teammates.
He helps the group try to retrieve a walker from a well, but the plan backfires.
He left the planet and reported to his superior that he was going to retrieve the sabers for him.
He returns home to retrieve his suit and police catch a bloodied Griff and later release him with a warning.
If the bass does not hit on the fall, let the worm rest on the bottom for a brief period and then begin to retrieve the lure in a very slow, jerk and pause motion.
In 1632 he made efforts to retrieve the St.
Instead, he relies on quickness of feet to retrieve opponent's shots, as well as a relatively flat, penetrating two-handed backhand.
It is a Bash script which can retrieve all the files of a chosen type (e.g. .doc or .jpg), regardless if they are active, deleted or unallocated.
Justin returns to Warren's flat to retrieve Mel's bracelet.
Laila, in disguise, personally delivers the written threat by Gaddafi to the White House, with instructions on how to retrieve technical designs as proof from an airport locker.
Meanwhile, the Padawans try to retrieve their lightsabers, much to C-3PO's concern.
Mireva, a sorceress, forms a plan to retrieve the scrolls.
Nick suggests a deal where Sugai can use Nick to retrieve the stolen plate from Sato, leaving Sugai's reputation and hands clean.
Once released, Lukinoff planned to retrieve the silencer and his firearm and kill the agent.
One of these tools is "save retrieve" by which it can be possible to produce “save retrieve” programs.
Peter's Basilica to retrieve the antimatter canister.
Seeing that Musial was trying for second, Alvin Dark ran to the backstop to retrieve the ball.
The ability to retrieve the tool via wireline is often useful.
The Army sent out a patrol to try to retrieve the livestock, and the Apache killed them all.
The fellows learn from Conan that he himself has found the Treasure of Tranicos, and would be willing to share the loot with the others if they help him retrieve it.
The movie then ends when Craig and Day-Day retrieve their Christmas presents and tie the robber up on a chimney.
The new intuitive user interface makes it possible for you to retrieve all the data relevant to the game within seconds and to issue precise tactical instructions.
The teenagers came to retrieve the successful results, but the alien government sent the assassin to stop them.
The three women set off on a tense journey to retrieve Hanna's money.
The Tolmekians, led by Princess Kushana, intend to retrieve and awaken the god-warrior, and use it to burn the Toxic Jungle.
The Zoo Crew inducts American Eagle as their newest member and heads into the future to retrieve Fastback.
They retrieve him from the jail but not before getting a warning from Baxter about free-grazing on his land.
They team up to rescue Rachel Roth and retrieve the Book of Magick from Brother Blood.
This means that we can retrieve the critical value C from the chi squared with 2 degrees of freedom under a specific significance level.
This same anonymous person called John Lyon later and maintained that police had surrounded the courthouse and he could not retrieve the ransom.
To save both worlds, they must retrieve their spaceship and return home.
Used to retrieve the SRBs, MV "Liberty Star" and "Freedom Star" are now separated.
Users were given the option to migrate to the SugarSync service or retrieve their photos.
When Charlie returns to retrieve the case, Bhope and his men are waiting inside the van.
When the Lights had finally been found, Scorpius sent Treacheron and Destruxo to retrieve them.
Wolverine convinces him to help him retrieve it, though he later escapes the fight without the collar.

More Vocab Words

::: askance - with a sideways or indirect look (with disapproval or distruct); Ex. look askance at
::: portend - foretell; presage; be a sign or warning of; N. portent: sign; omen; forewarning
::: pediatrician - physician specializing in children's diseases; N. pediatrics
::: vying - contending; CF. vie
::: palpable - tangible; (of something bad) easily perceptible; obvious; Ex. palpable blunder
::: rebuff - reject bluntly; snub; beat back; Ex. She rebuffed his invitation; N.
::: genuflect - bend the knee as in worship
::: executor - person designated to execute the terms of a will;
::: exclaim - cry out suddenly; N. exclamation; ADJ. exclamatory
::: staid - serious and sedate; sober; Ex. staid during the funeral ceremony