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Vocabulary Word

Word: responsiveness

Definition: state of reacting readily to appeals, orders, etc.; ADJ. responsive: readily reacting; Ex. responsive to treatment

Sentences Containing 'responsiveness'

"PC Magazine" wrote that the 1.3 firmware update, released after most reviews of the Nook, improved the device's responsiveness: "On the original Nook, page turning took twice as long as page turning on the Kindle – two seconds compared to one second.
Animals lacking RGS9-2 appear to have increased sensitivity to dopamine receptor agonists such as cocaine and amphetamines; over-expression of RGS9-2 causes a lack of responsiveness to these same agonists.
Children may feel they are getting unequal amounts of their parents’ attention, discipline, and responsiveness.
Engadget reviewer Joshua Topolsky argued that menu responsiveness and organization was not optimal but commented that "many of the problems seem like they could be fixed with firmware tweaks."
Released in February 2010, improved the device's responsiveness, bookmarking, in-store connectivity, and battery optimization.
So it is easy to see how this ratio is always directly related to users' perceptions of satisfactory application responsiveness.
Studies indicate that responsiveness to sugars and sweetness has very ancient evolutionary beginnings, being manifest as chemotaxis even in motile bacteria such as "E. coli".
Thanks to freedom from regulation, the commercial lending industry operates with particular speed and responsiveness, making it an attractive option for those seeking quick funding.
The bearing can spin and roll within the plastic mould allowing greater puck movement and responsiveness to hits.
There is often an observable pattern of emotional difficulty, for example lack of responsiveness.
While minimal, these performance changes gave the updated RX-8 increased acceleration and performance, as well as even greater responsiveness to the accelerator pedal. Mazda claimed that the updated (2009–2012) RX-8 was a significantly faster car than the previous (2004–2008) model car due to the lower weight, lowered gearing, and improved suspension.
While traditional MNCs are national companies with foreign subsidiaries, TNCs spread out their operations in many countries sustaining high levels of local responsiveness.

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