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Vocabulary Word

Word: resonant

Definition: (of a sound) echoing; resounding(sounding loudly); deep and full in sound; producing resonance; Ex. resonant voice; N. resonance

Sentences Containing 'resonant'

"Entertainment Weekly" named "The Wire" the best show of 2004, describing it as "the smartest, deepest and most resonant drama on TV."
A proposal for the development of a phonon laser on resonant phonon transitions has been introduced from a group in Institute of Spectroscopy in Moscow, Russia.
A series of two butterfly valves coupled with electronically controlled actuators varied the volume and length of a resonant chamber within the intake manifold.
Above that threshold, the first primary resonant chamber is again used, but at this engine speed the pressure wave from the second-order resonant frequency aids in charging the cylinder.
Based on the Helmholtz resonance principle, the intake manifold is equipped with 3 chambers tuned to a specific resonant frequency.
Both of these factors can be minimized by using an infrared laser instead of visible light for non resonant Raman scattering, but not in RR where the laser must be tuned to the specific resonance, unless electronic levels of lower energy are available for the system under investigation.
Hard trance is often characterized by strong, hard (or even downpitch) kicks, fully resonant basses and an increased amount of reverberation applied to the main beat.
Hence, the lasing transition with production of only one particle – photon – must be resonant.
One reviewer pointed to the retread of some themes from HBO and David Simon's earlier works, but still found it valuable viewing and particularly resonant because it parallels the war on terror through the chronicling of the war on drugs.
Since all rooms have characteristic resonance or formant frequencies (e.g. different between a large hall and a small room), the effect is that certain frequencies are emphasized as they resonate in the room, until eventually the words become unintelligible, replaced by the pure resonant harmonies and tones of the room itself.
The basilar membrane moves to audio stimuli through the specific stimulus frequency matches the resonant frequency of a particular region of the basilar membrane.
The computer dynamically switches between each resonant chamber to achieve the appropriate resonant frequency for the engine's rpm.
The ear canal acts as a resonant tube (like an organ pipe) to amplify frequencies between 2-5.5 kHz with a maximum amplification of about 11dB occurring around 4 kHz.
The frames are ideally made of a light material, to make the resonant frequency of the structure high.
The latter alters the resonant frequency of a circuit by moving a sintered powder core in and out of the tuning coil using a lead screw.
The oscillator output was fed into two parallel resonant filter circuits.
The overriding theme, of a world doomed by its passive acquiescence to and overdependence on its own overdone technologies, struck a resonant chord in millions of people around the world in the late 1960s.
The valve operates to create three specific first-order resonant frequencies that increase cylinder air charge.
This is due to the resonant behavior of the Kramers-Heisenberg formula in which the denominator is minimized for incident energies that equal a core level.
This type of scattering is also known as Resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS).
When falling from the cliff to the basin, it creates a loud and resonant sound of water.
Who You Are is a collection of slick, polished, acoustic guitar driven pop music featuring excellent vocals and arrangements that sometimes border on orchestral.” - Baby Sue 24 / "Brothers’ spartan but emotionally resonant music is a counterpoint to the slicker, prefab LA sound-makers usually rounded up in today's A cattle drives.

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