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Vocabulary Word

Word: reprise

Definition: musical repetition; repeating of a piece of music; repeat performance; recurrent action; Ex. reprise in the finale; Ex. constant reprises

Sentences Containing 'reprise'

"The Beach Boys in Concert" (Brother/Reprise 2RS 6484) hit No.
A reprise of the instrumental theme from the first "Allegro" transitions into the choral entrance.
Also, all of the voice actresses reprise their roles in the anime, under different names.
Another misleading title is "Heroes and Villains", which can arguably be more accurately described as a reprise of "Do You Like Worms?".
As with all performances from the 1964 contest apart from Gigliola Cinquetti's winning reprise, only an audio recording of Tidmand's performance is known to survive.
At the 2013 BAFTA television awards "Last Tango in Halifax" won best drama and filming began in June 2013 of its second series it is confirmed Josh will reprise his role as Raff.
Channel 5 stated in July 2008, that there were no plans for Cole, Waterman or Webster to reprise their roles in the relaunched series.
Coward had played Frank Gibbons on stage, and he wanted to reprise the role on screen.
During recording for the band's fourth album, "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot", Reprise dropped the band from the label, causing outcry from media outlets such as the "Chicago Tribune".
During the tour, it was announced that Bathurst would reprise the role of Alex in a film adaptation that was being developed by independent production company BreakThru Films.
Dwight Yoakam's version appears on his 2002 boxed set, "Reprise Please, Baby", and later on his 2004 compilation album, "Dwight's Used Records".
Fanfare, theme and variations, fanfare-reprise and coda, on a fairly unstable theme in B-flat.
Following positive viewer feedback after this second stint, Kirkwood asked Richardson to reprise the role on a permanent basis beginning 26 September 2007.
Following the breakup of Uncle Tupelo, the band's first three studio albums were released on Reprise Records.
Harris later recorded on Cub, Dot, Imperial, Intro, Reprise United Artists.
He was unavailable, however, to reprise the role in "The Expendables 2", though he was reportedly in talks to return for a possible third film.
Hogan and Linda Kozlowski reprise their roles as Michael "Crocodile" Dundee and Sue Charlton, respectively.
However, in 1991, when Burnett was unable to reprise the role, Marla Adams briefly played Beth.
However, it has been confirmed she will reprise her role as a guest star in season 4 for the episode Sadie Hawkins, set to air January 24, 2013.
However, she mentioned she'd be open to reprise her role in Grey's Anatomy for a few guest spots.
In 1960, Ebsen appeared in episodes of the television series "Rawhide" and "Tales of Wells Fargo", which he would reprise in episodes of both series during 1962 in the roles of different characters.
In 2005 he staged the first reprise of Noordung 1995–2005–2045.
In 2012, it was originally confirmed that Boyd would reprise the role of Celeste later that year.
In a reprise of his first space flight, while in orbit, Glenn was greeted again by the citizens of Perth and Rockingham in Australia.
In reviewing the Liverpool Empire Theatre production of the show, "Liverpool Sound and Vision" said Langley, 'gave outstanding moments of beautiful comic timing as young photographer Lawrence that it’s no wonder he was asked back to reprise his role from last year.'
In the case of Buffy, for her own good, and in the case of Willow because Tara has become disgusted by Willow's magical manipulation of their relationship ("Under Your Spell / Standing—Reprise").
In the end, Gaidai convinced both actors to reprise their roles by agreeing to make some adjustments to the screenplay.
In the episode, Claire and Phil decide to reprise their role-playing adventure from the previous Valentine's Day episode, "My Funky Valentine".
In Your Dreams is the seventh studio album by American singer-songwriter and Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks, released on May 3, 2011 by Reprise Records.
It was also announced that he would reprise his role as the cabin boy in the next Pirates Of The Caribbean film.
It was confirmed in October 2009 that Chenoweth would reprise the role of April later in the first season, and on March 14, 2010 that her return would occur in "Home".
Jo would later reprise this role numerous times with the Met over the next fifteen years.
Katia Taylor will not return to reprise her role as "Nude Girl" but instead will be replaced by the "Nude Twins".
Kim, now wiser, bids Conrad a fond goodbye in ""Bye Bye Birdie (Reprise)"".
On "Maggie M'Gill", "Roadhouse Blues (Reprise), and "Carol", Robby Krieger played the bass guitar, and Ray Manzarek played the lead guitar.
On 25 January 2013 it was announced that Robinson would be returning to "Casualty" to reprise his role as Martin "Ash" Ashford but as a locum consultant.
On March 25, 2011, Reprise Records released a promotional trailer for the album.
Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)".
Probably due to health problems, Mars did not reprise his role as King Triton for "" and Grandpa Longneck was not featured in one of the recent "Land Before Time" media.
She has also performed in numerous professional productions with Reprise, The Los Angeles Opera, and LA Theater Works.
She later reappeared in the third season episode "Some Kind of Miracle" to reprise her role as Bonnie.
Sweet tells the group how much fun they have been ("What You Feel—Reprise") and disappears.
The film is remake of the successful Telugu language film, "Dhee", and originally Madhesh approached Genelia D'Souza to reprise her role in the original and pair up with Vinay Rai.
The LP was released on the Straight/Reprise label; the CD re-release in 2004 is on Collector's Choice.
The movie ends with a reprise of "Identity Crisis."
The second reprise willtake place in 2015.
The song ends with a spoken reprise of the album's title track's chorus.
There is also a "hidden" track on the CD which is a reprise of "Jo-Anna Says", that comes after 10 minutes of silence at the end of the album.
Waterlillies is a male-female electronica–pop–trip hop duo that released a pair of albums on Sire/Reprise/Warner Bros.
What's more, since the second act is a subtly different reprise of the first, he has written a play in which nothing happens, twice."

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