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Vocabulary Word

Word: renounce

Definition: abandon; give up (by formal announcement); disown; repudiate; Ex. renounce one's claim to the property/one's religion; N. renunciation

Sentences Containing 'renounce'

(2) Where the law of a country requires a person who marries a citizen of that country to renounce the citizenship of his/her own country by virtue of that marriage, a citizen of Ghana who is deprived of his/her citizenship of Ghana by virtue of that marriage shall, on the dissolution of that marriage, become a citizen of Ghana.
According to Christian tradition, Saint George was a Roman soldier who was a member of the guards of the Emperor Diocletian, who refused to renounce his Christian faith and was martyred.
According to the Treaty of Yandabo, the Burmese Monarch Bagyidaw renounce all claims on Assam.
After the replay of the championship final in 1922 had to be abandoned due to the opponents no longer having enough players on the ground, the German FA requested HSV to renounce the title which the club did.
As the first step towards the Anglo-German alliance, Hitler had written in "Mein Kampf" of his intention to seek a “sea pact”, by which Germany would “renounce” any naval challenge against Britain.
But while they freely waive a ceremonial like this, they do by no means renounce their claim to more solid tribute.
By 1938, the only use the Germans had for the A.G.N.A. was to threaten to renounce the treaty as a way of pressuring London to accept continental Europe as Germany's rightful sphere of influence.
He invites the Bloods to give their lives to God and renounce gang banging.
He joined Blessed Chapdelaine in the refuge that was given to the missionary and was arrested with him and brought before the tribunal. Nothing could make him renounce his religious beliefs.
Her father wanted her to marry and renounce Christianity.
His auditors may not have, and commonly have not, sufficient judgement to canvass his evidence: what judgement they have, they renounce by principle, in these sublime and mysterious subjects: or if they were ever so willing to employ it, passion and a heated imagination disturb the regularity of its operations.
However, Somalia did not renounce its claim to Greater Somalia.
I hope you will be ready to own publicly, whenever you shall be called to it, that by your great and frequent urgency you prevailed on me to publish a very loose and uncorrect account of my travels, with directions to hire some young gentleman of either university to put them in order, and correct the style, as my cousin Dampier did, by my advice, in his book called “A Voyage round the world.” But I do not remember I gave you power to consent that any thing should be omitted, and much less that any thing should be inserted; therefore, as to the latter, I do here renounce every thing of that kind; particularly a paragraph about her majesty Queen Anne, of most pious and glorious memory; although I did reverence and esteem her more than any of human species.
If she were not true to it, might the object she now had in life, which bound her to something devoid of evil, in its passing away from her, leave her more forlorn and more despairing, if that were possible, than she had been upon the river's brink that night; and then might all help, human and Divine, renounce her evermore!
Ikeda had possessed dual citizenship, but chose to renounce his Japanese citizenship in September 1940.
In April 1914, he re-entered the diplomatic corps while his wife had to renounce her title 'Her Imperial and Royal Highness'.
In doing this, he became the only recipient to have renounced the medal. He wanted to renounce his Medal of Honor before embarking in September 1986 on the Veterans Fast for Life in protest against the U.S. policies in Central America.
In June 1450, the Swedish Council of the Realm forced Charles to renounce his claim on Norway to king Christian.
Saint Agatha Lin Zao All three had been called on to renounce the Christian religion and having refused to do so were condemned to be beheaded.
Since the fleet envisioned in the Z Plan was considerably larger than that allowed by the 35:100 ratio in the A.G.N.A, the Z Plan made it inevitable that Germany would renounce the A.G.N.A. Over the winter of 1938-39, the fact that it became increasing clear to London that the Germans no longer intended to abide by the A.G.N.A played a role in straining Anglo-German relations.
So, senor, as for these honours which your worship would put upon me as a servant and follower of knight-errantry, exchange them for other things which may be of more use and advantage to me; for these, though I fully acknowledge them as received, I renounce from this moment to the end of the world."
Stripped to our shirts and drawers, we sprang to the white-ash, and after several hours' pulling were almost disposed to renounce the chase, when a general pausing commotion among the whales gave animating token that they were now at last under the influence of that strange perplexity of inert irresolution, which, when the fishermen perceive it in the whale, they say he is gallied.
Sweden was willing to give up their conquests in Prussia if Władysław IV Vasa would renounce hiis claim to the Swedish crown, and Sweden could retain their conquests in Livonia.
The Emir asked him to renounce his beliefs and recant, but Latif refused.
The person carrying the cross must never turn around or renounce his duty in leading the Santa Compaña; he can only be freed from his duty if he manages to find another person to carry the cross and the cauldron.
They were asked to renounce their faith in Jesus, and were warned that if they did not do so they would be killed.
Towards the end of the Second Vatican Council, superiors general of clerical institutes and abbots president of monastic congregations were authorized to permit, for a just cause, their subjects of simple vows who made a reasonable request to renounce their property except for what would be required for their sustenance if they were to depart.
Unfortunately for Johnson, it was revealed he had failed to properly renounce his British citizenship and was ruled ineligible to contest preselection.
Weiss suggests that meaning lies in the refusal to renounce resistance, no matter how intense the oppression, and that it is in art that new models of political action and social understanding are to be found.
Worse than that, it is fakery" (from the article I Renounce Christianity) "Within a matter of years after that, "Lord, Be Glorified" was on millions of albums, in millions of hymnals, and had made its way around the world.
``She could, nevertheless, make up her mind to renounce the world, sir, since it is only about a year ago that she herself proposed entering a convent.''
``This property and France are lost to me,''said the nephew, sadly;``I renounce them.''
``Your logic is most powerful, Valentine, but say what you will, I can never renounce the sentiment which has instinctively taken possession of my mind.

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