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Vocabulary Word

Word: remnant

Definition: remainder

Sentences Containing 'remnant'

"Rump" normally means the hind end of an animal; its use meaning "remnant" was first recorded in the above context.
A pulsar is a neutron star: the small, ultradense remnant of a star that has exploded as a supernova.
As the last remnant in Quebec of the ancient Gulf of St.
Baily is the remnant of a lunar crater on the boundary between Mare Frigoris to the north and Lacus Mortis to the south.
Birmingham is the surviving remnant of a lunar crater.
But yet we've seen this remnant of people . . .
Close to the bridge remnant to the southwest of the bridge was a ruined domed structure, all that remains of an ice house.
For the next week, the remnant low traveled in a general west-northwestward direction with little or no development.
Hondo degenerated into a remnant-low pressure area as Météo-France issued their final advisory at 1200 UTC.
However it has been advised that preoperative vaccination is advisable until the remnant splenic tissue can reestablish its function.
However, due to their small sizes, chance of a planet aligning such a stellar remnant is extremely small.
In the past the interior of this crater has been almost completely inundated by lava, leaving only a shallow remnant of a rim above the mare.
Interaction with the island caused the storm to weaken and degenerate into a remnant low once more.
It is also a Karri forest remnant area in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park as well as a Western Australian State Forest area.
It is the largest island of a small, circular archipelago which bears the same name and is the remnant of a volcanic caldera.
It is the only remnant of the Sjøtun Estate, which covered almost the entire village of Vikøyri.
Lower Clapton is centred on Lower Clapton Road, to the north of which is Clapton Pond, the remnant of the old village green.
Mobile animals (especially birds and mammals) retreat into remnant patches of habitat.
On February 12, Hondo rapidly degenerated into a remnant-low pressure area.
On the morning of September 21, the remnant mid-level circulation of Ivan combined with a frontal system.
Other groups who represented Underground Hip Hop included Atlanta's own Remnant Militia, D.I.R.T. and others.
Over the following week, the remnant low traveled in a general west-northwest direction with no development.
Spend not the remnant of thy days in thoughts and fancies concerning other men, when it is not in relation to some common good, when by it thou art hindered from some other better work.
St Laurence's Church has a remnant of its Anglo-Saxon origins: a stone carved fertility symbol called a Sheela na gig.
The assize of bread is, so far as I know, the only remnant of this ancient usage.
The battered remnant of the marble monument has been removed to the National Cemetery.
The black-footed ferret was declared extinct in 1979, but a remnant population was found in Wyoming.
The Eastern brown snake and insects also find sanctuary in the remnant vegetation and open space area.
The entire Dane Bank Stand, rebuilt in 1998, was moved to the new ground and is therefore a remnant of the Drill Field ground.
The farmer eventually lost some part of his land to someone else and consequently retained a highly awkward remnant of land for cultivation.
The Genesis flood was thought to have been caused by "the last remnant" of this vapor.
The grassland is the remnant of a formerly much more extensive deerpark, and the turf here is believed to have remained unbroken for the last 500 years.
The New Connexion of General Baptists was formed, chiefly in the Midlands, by Dan Taylor in 1770; the older body arrived at Socinianism (in its modified English form) and became a small remnant.
The new Irish Free State government defeated the anti-Treaty remnant of the Irish Republican Army, imposing multiple executions.
The present structure is the surviving remnant of a three-building complex comprising an office/saloon, engine house, and the present brewery building.
The priory’s grazing rights included Beeley Wood, a remnant of which still exists to the east of the village.
The remnant struggled on until 1974, at which point it was decided to break the company up and sell it.
The remnant was gathered under one Haldad and his daughter Haleth and son Haldar; and they held out for days in a stockade until the Noldor rescued them.
The Rue de la Juiverie is the only remnant of the ancient Jewish community of Pontlevoy.
The seminary is a remnant of the now defunct Phillips University.
The sole remnant of Fort Nugent is a Martello tower still standing on the site.
The Vorlon's encounter suit is destroyed, and the Vorlon, revealed as a tentacled being, is defeated by Sheridan, Lorien and a remnant of Ambassador Kosh.
This erased the last remnant of the Cape Qualified Franchise, and thus of any political representation for non-whites in South Africa.
This tradition was a remnant of the serious consequences of communicating a false scramble order.
To begin with, the castle was open ground circled by a ditch and defended by an enclosure of which the only remnant is a chapel-tower.
To the north-northwest is the crater Triesnecker, and due south can be found the worn remnant of the walled plain Hipparchus.
Tracking southeastward, the remnant cyclone briefly slowed over open waters before again accelerating.
Vertregt is the ancient remnant of a large lunar impact crater.
Williams Prairie is a remnant prairie full of little Bluestem, Brownseed Paspalum, and indiangrass.
Workman's house and was sold back to the Temple family by Baldwin in 1880—today's Workman and Temple Family Homestead is the remnant of this property.

More Vocab Words

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::: accessible - easy to approach; obtainable
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