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Vocabulary Word

Word: provenance

Definition: place of origin; origin or source of something; Ex. Gunpowder is of Chinese provenance; CF. come

Sentences Containing 'provenance'

"The Dog" was on the second floor of the Quinta del Sordo, and in disputes over the provenance of the Black Paintings exchanges have focused on whether the villa possessed a second floor at the time of Goya's residence.
Because many of the horses submitted for registration have never been registered, the American registries currently evaluate horses for registration by way of photos and provenance information such as import papers and bills of sale.
By AD 1115 at least 70 outlying pueblos of Chacoan provenance had been built within the composing the San Juan Basin.
Dialect and affiliations are the main evidence for the origin of a given manuscript, because for many of these manuscripts the provenance is lacking.
For decades the identity of the artist was unknown, as was the painting's provenance prior to 1935, when it was purchased by Holger Cahill from Mary E. Lyles of Columbia, South Carolina.
His personal archive with approximately 15,000 photos and reproductions of 15th- and 16th-century paintings from the North and South Netherlands are often accompanied with notes including such things as the provenance, attribution, relative condition, and location of the paintings.
In 1921, he completed his first work essential to art historians, "Les marques de collections de dessins et d’estampes", the definitive repertory identifying the collector's marks and stamps on drawings and prints, with a short descriptive biography of each owner and a description of the particular collection; the work is the essential reference for establishing the provenance of Old Master drawings and prints.
In 1924, a similar device was featured in "Popular Mechanics", with no mention of a military provenance.
In 1985, he came into possession of his most famous bottles, which have later become the subject of considerable controversy as to their authenticity and provenance.
Like many of van Eyck's works, and those of the Early Netherlandish painters in general, the painting's provenance is murky before the 19th century, when the form, unfashionable for so long, underwent reappraisal. Ink markings on the reverse detail a crosslet over a pair of horizontal bars possibly recording a merchant's or previous owner's mark or emblem; however it is incomplete and no identification has been made.
Magen and Peleg found a sixth inkwell . Without counting the Ein Feshkha inkwell or others with debated provenance, that is more inkwells than found at any other Second Temple Period site, a significant indication of writing there.
Manufacturers of leather goods, such as handbags, often make use of blind stamps on their products to discourage fakes, and to indicate the provenance and date of manufacture.
Nagorny also cast doubt on the provenance of the Trawnicki card testifying that in the final days of the war the Trawniki guards destroyed their cards before being taken prisoner by the Americans.
Only a few shark attacks of uncertain provenance have been attributed to the porbeagle.
The generic name is derived from "Mio", is a reference to the Miocene provenance of the holotype, and "nothropus" refers to the initial allocation of the holotype to this genus from the South American Pleistocene.
The Lutier was a French automobile manufactured only in 1907; the provenance of the four-cylinder car is unknown.
The museum asked for provenance of the items to be displayed.
The provenance of the fourth bell is not known.
The provenance of the two smaller bronze cannon is less clear.
The provenance of this memorial is not clear.
The recorded provenance of this bar assures integrity and maximum resale value.
The source recording is not continuous, and its exact provenance has not been firmly established.
The specifics of Diodore's theology are difficult to reconstruct, as all that remains of his works are fragments of uncertain provenance.
The volatile elements have never seen temperatures above about 500 K, therefore, the IDP grain "matrix" consists of some very primitive Solar System material. Such a scenario is true in the case of comet dust. The provenance of the small fraction that is stardust (see above) is quite different; these refractory interstellar minerals thermally condense within stars, become a small component of interstellar matter, and therefore remain in the presolar planetary disk.
Two of the specimens come from the Arfak Mountains of north-western New Guinea, while the other is of unknown provenance.
When Koch's staff couldn't find anything but Michael Broadbent's authentification of the bottles to back up their provenance, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello, Charlottesville, Virginia was contacted.

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