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Vocabulary Word

Word: promiscuous

Definition: mixed indiscriminately; indiscriminate; not choosing carefully; indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners; irregular, particularly sexually; Ex. promiscuous life/girl; N. promiscuity

Sentences Containing 'promiscuous'

At the time Timbaland had also had recent hits with Justin Timberlake (SexyBack) and Nelly Furtado (Promiscuous and Maneater), with him and his protégé Danja being responsible for some of the biggest hits of 2006 and 2007.
Backup clients can be placed in one Isolated VLAN and the backup servers can be placed as promiscuous on the Primary VLAN, this will allow hosts to communicate only with the backup servers.
Cliff's attorney interrogates her, trying to prove that she is a promiscuous and untrustworthy girl.
Cotton continued, "You cannot Evade the Argument...that filthie Sinne of the Communitie of Woemen; and all promiscuous and filthie cominge togeather of men and Woemen without Distinction or Relation of Mariage, will necessarily follow...Though I have not herd, nayther do I thinke you have bine unfaythfull to your Husband in his Marriage Covenant, yet that will follow upon it."
For support she relies on her best friend, promiscuous party girl Dong-mi, who shares an apartment with the shy and studious Jeong-joon.
Indiscreetly promiscuous, drinking heavily, taking drugs and behaving outrageously, they were expelled in turn from Monaco, France, Italy and Spain, the French authorities noting their "moralité douteuse" (dubious morality).
It entered the "Billboard" Hot 100 in late-November at number ninety-three, and it reached number one in its fourteenth week, becoming Furtado's second number-one single after "Promiscuous" (2006).
It is insinuated by Travis Tanner that his mother (Lily Specter) was promiscuous, and Jessica's statements about Harvey's personality suggest his early life was emotionally damaging; Harvey later reveals in a conversation with Mike that Tanner's insinuations were true.
It is thought that mating is promiscuous, quite possibly on a lek system like that of the Kakapo (a very large, flightless parrot found only in New Zealand), but this remains uncertain.
Kate Flannery portrays Meredith Palmer, the promiscuous Supplier Relations Representative, writer-actress Mindy Kaling portrays Kelly Kapoor, the pop culture-obsessed Customer Service Representative, writer-actor Paul Lieberstein portrays Toby Flenderson, the sad-eyed Human Resources Representative, and Creed Bratton plays a fictionalized version of himself as the office's Quality Assurance Officer.
Lily Becker, an attractive cheerleader who is very popular despite the fact that she is known for being promiscuous, has been dating Alex for a while and is planning to marry him after graduation.
Marie Anne was the eldest daughter of Marie Thérèse de Bourbon and her promiscuous spouse, François Louis, Prince of Conti.
New Zealand (after "Turn Off the Light"), and United States (after "Promiscuous").
She was also accused of being promiscuous — there were rumors that she had had an affair with one of the royal viceroys.
The action then moves to Velm, a Sygn-aligned world that humanity shares with its native three-sexed intelligent species, the evelm, and where sexual relationships take many forms—monogamous, promiscuous, anonymous, and interspecies.
The binaries of this “charmed circle” include couple/alone or in groups, monogamous/promiscuous, same generation/cross-generational, and bodies only/with manufactured objects.
The husband of a young wife discovers she has a promiscuous background as a bar hostess.
There are mainly 2 types of port in Private VLAN: Promiscuous port (P-Port) and Host port.

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