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Vocabulary Word

Word: prestige

Definition: respect or admiration; impression produced by achievements or reputation; ADJ: causing admiration; ADJ. prestigious: having prestige

Sentences Containing 'prestige'

2 is an album by saxophonist Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis with organist Shirley Scott and flautist Jerome Richardson recorded in 1958 for the Prestige label.
A magician inspired by Chung Ling Soo appears briefly in "The Prestige".
According to Chinese sources, Turkic empires still valued ties with the courts of dynasties in northern China as a form of prestige.
After a two year break from the music scene, she released her ninth studio album "Prestige".
After the emperor was transferred from Kyōto to Tōkyō, that point of prestige no longer existed.
All of these names are frequently applied specifically to the prestige dialect of Lhasa.
And yet ... you realise that it is necessary to read "The Prestige" again.
As such, becoming accessible means of achieving status and prestige among the individual's peer group.
Baggara raise huge herds, never for marketing, but for prestige.
But Napoleon, in order to restore the prestige of the Empire before the newly awakened hostility of public opinion, tried to gain from the Left the support which he had lost from the Right.
Despite the importance of Liniers himself, and his prestige as a popular hero for his role when the British invaded, the population of Córdoba preferred to support the revolution.
Domestically, Athanasius increased the power and prestige of Naples.
Due to his heroic efforts it increased his prestige.
During his term in office, the group acquired Noel, a well-known brand of foodstuff and sugar confectionery with over a century of prestige in the business.
Each round the player(s) with the most prestige earn an additional victory point and possibly a card. Each prestige is worth one victory point at the end of the game, and many of the new cards allow prestige to be spent (for victory points, cards, or other effects).
He also did "The Art Farmer Septet" (Prestige LP 7031), "Sonny Stitt / Bud Powell / J.J. Johnson" (Prestige LP 7024), Kai Winding's "Trombone By Three" (Prestige LP 7023) and Stan Getz' "The Brothers" (Prestige LP 7022).
He married a Lichchhavi princess to enhance his prestige.
Her first long-playing album was "Marlene Dietrich Overseas", was a prestige success for Columbia Records in 1950.
Highly selective, the Ecole Supérieure des Affaires has today acquired a great prestige, competing French and English best business schools.
However, the college suffered greatly and lost most of its prestige when it closed during the American Civil War.
In 1906 Metzinger had acquired enough prestige to be elected to the hanging committee of the Salon des Indépendants.
In 2006 Nadezhda Kouteva was awarded with Certificate and golden prize for a high prestige expert of the European Convent of Experts.
In 2007, the prestige clothing brand Stephens Brothers was licensed to SKNL in India.
In 2008 the Prestige Partnership was added to share a different, business viewpoint of the area to visitors staying in the hotel rooms.
In addition to its spiritual prestige, the Mosque of Uqba is one of the masterpieces of both architecture and Islamic art.
In ancient and medieval times, the history of one's ancestors guaranteed religious and secular prestige.
In Jiangnan itself, multiple subdialects of Wu fought for the position of prestige dialect. History of expansion.
It was a strategic check to immediate British ambitions in India and a shock to British military prestige.
Just prior to his work with "Mad", Don Martin illustrated the album covers of a few legendary jazz artists for Prestige Records, including Miles Davis' 1953 album "Miles Davis and Horns" (Prestige LP 7025).
Name has been held to mean fame, glory, prestige, and dominance.
Not even at the present day has the original prestige of the Sperm Whale, as fearfully distinguished from all other species of the leviathan, died out of the minds of the whalemen as a body.
On 23 February 1924 McCarthy also played for a League of Ireland XI in a prestige friendly against Celtic.
On the positive side, the reign of al-Mahdi Muhammad enjoyed some external prestige.
Singlish is commonly regarded with low prestige in Singapore.
Soul Circle is an album by organist Jack McDuff recorded between 1964 and 1966 and released on the Prestige label.
The award brings prestige to the ranch at which the bull was raised.
The defeat was a severe blow to German prestige.
The Gold Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom are generally considered to carry the same level of prestige (though significantly fewer Gold Medals have been awarded).
The international prestige of AFF Sibiu has played an important role when the city of Sibiu candidated for the title of European Capital of Culture in 2007.
The only man with the prestige to keep the allegiance of the army in such a coup was the Grand Duke.
The prestige of Bijapur was so seriously damaged by internal disruptions that the Mughal General Diler Khan almost coerced and humiliated Sikandar.
The relatively high pay, the prestige and the emphasis on honor makes the regiment a popular choice for Legionnaires leaving Castelnaudary.
The Soul Man! is an album by American jazz pianist Bobby Timmons recorded in 1966 and released on the Prestige Records.
The Space Book is an album by American jazz saxophonist Booker Ervin featuring performances recorded in 1964 for the Prestige label.
The warrant enables the company to advertise the royal approval of distinction with the display of the royal coat of arms, thus lending prestige to the company.
The wealth and prestige is determined by the size of one's herds.
There was no qualification with higher prestige.
This gave him a great deal of prestige, even in a republic.
To the chiefs, these reductions in their power and prestige were unbearable.
Xerxes's general demands their surrender, again offering Leonidas titles and prestige.
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