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Vocabulary Word

Word: preamble

Definition: introductory statement

Sentences Containing 'preamble'

After this preamble we are ready to give the definition of the antisymmetrizer Properties of the antisymmetrizer.
An additional Beneficiary Contract allows for ownership of “the artist (in symbolic terms) until her death, after which her ashes will be transformed into a jewel to be put in the ring on permanent display.” "Auto Portrait Pending" displays the incomplete form of Magid’s self-portrait; her preamble, the contract, the Beneficiary Contract, a ring box and the unset gold ring make up its existing parts.
Article 2 - The Turkish Republic is a nationalistic, democratic, secular and social state, governed by the rule of law, based on human rights and fundamental tenets set forth in the preamble.
Consequently to change the law, the government have sought consent of the fifteen Commonwealth countries that have the Queen as their head of state, under the preamble to the Statute of Westminster 1931.
Cortes arrived with 35 armed men and, after a brief preamble, informed Moctezuma that he would either join the Spanish in their accommodation as a hostage or he would be killed on the spot along with his advisors and attendants.
He had not been more than ten minutes in the drawing room before he drew Danglars aside into the recess of a bow window, and, after an ingenious preamble, related to him all his anxieties and cares since his noble father's departure.
In the preamble, it complains much of the insolence of servants, who endeavoured to raise their wages upon their masters.
Noirtier's face remained perfectly passive during this long preamble, while, on the contrary, Villefort's eye was endeavoring to penetrate into the inmost recesses of the old man's heart.
The actual contents of the Act, save the solemn preamble, has been thoroughly rewritten over the years: the most notable change occurred in 1980 when the core principle of agnatic primogeniture (male succession only) was changed in favor of absolute primogeniture (eldest child regardless of sex).
The Cusco Declaration, formally titled Preamble to the Foundation Act of the South American Union, is a two-page declaration of intent signed by 12 South American countries during the Third South American Summit on 8 December 2004 in Cusco, Peru.
The National War Memorial Committee was formed in order to bring the proposal to fruition, and in February 1924 the committee announced an architectural competition to find the design of the new memorial. In the preamble to the conditions of entry, it was stated that the new memorial was to serve the purpose of "perpetually commemorating the Victory achieved in the Great War, 1914–1918, the Supreme and personal sacrifice of those who participated in that War, and the National effort involved in such activities".
The OBU's anti-capitalist policy was evident by its constitution's pre-amble: By late 1919 the OBU's membership was 40,000 to 70,000.
The opening line to the preamble of the Liberal Democrats constitution is "The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity."
The preamble begins with, [[File:Holmes Colbert.jpg|right|180px|thumb|Holmes Colbert was a commissioner for the Chickasaw Nation.
The preamble described the ubiquity of the "horrid, impious, and execrable vices of profane cursing and swearing" in the country, noting that this "may justly provoke the divine vengeance to increase the many calamities these nations now labour under", and that the existing laws designed to prevent this were ineffective.
The preamble of the constitution declares the intent of the rulers of six emirates (Ras al Khaimah joined the Union on February 10, 1972) to form a "comprehensive, democratic regime" in an "Islamic, Arab society".
The preamble of the resolution affirmed that: Background.
The preamble of the resolution welcomed the European foreign ministers decision to continue to provide support for Operation Athlea and the successful holding of general elections in October 2010.
The preamble recited the provisions of the Profane Swearing Act 1623, noting that it had not been effective at suppressing "those detestable sins" due to various perceived deficiencies in the Act. The Act provided that any person who profanely swore or cursed in the presence of a Justice of the Peace, or a town mayor, and was convicted on the oath of one witness or by their own confession, was to pay a fine.
The reason alleged for this action in the preamble of the edict was the relapse of so many "conversos", owing to the proximity of unconverted Jews who seduced them from Christianity and kept alive in them the knowledge and practices of Judaism.

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