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Vocabulary Word

Word: polarity

Definition: state of having two opposite qualities

Sentences Containing 'polarity'

A remanent core latching relay requires a current pulse of opposite polarity to make it change state.
Cell polarity factors positioned at the cell tips provide spatial cues to limit Cdr2 distribution to the cell middle.
Experiments with Delta1 mutant mice that show abnormal somitogenesis with loss of anterior/posterior polarity suggest that Notch signaling is also necessary for the maintenance of somite borders.
Fluorescence particles are not considered as fluorophores (quantum dot: 2-10 nm diameter, 100-100,000 atoms) The size of the fluorophore might sterically hinder the tagged molecule, and affect the fluorescence polarity.
Fluorophores are sometimes used alone, as a tracer in fluids, as a dye for staining of certain structures, as a substrate of enzymes, or as a probe or indicator (when its fluorescence is affected by environment such as polarity, ions...).
For example, mutation experiments have shown that loss of Notch signaling causes abnormal anterior-posterior polarity in somites.
For that, the LED itself must be bridged by another diode, I.E. a Zener diode in opposition, to allow the DC to pass even if the line polarity are inverted.
He contributed to the polarity-nonpolarity ("mugeuk"-"taegeuk") debate in classical Korean Confucianism.
However, when they storm Infernac, their enhanced magnetic powers run amuck, inducing a reversal of the core's polarity that renders Crygen and Pyre "evil" while changing Metlar's personality to "good".
If this event occurs within an area that has a high potential gradient, the positively charged ion will be strongly attracted toward, or repelled away from, an electrode depending on its polarity, whereas the electron will be accelerated in the opposite direction.
In 2011 a more accurate date of the fossils was established when a capping flowstone was too old to enable the normal polarity deposits to date to the Olduvai event.
In 2011, the Polarity Ensemble Theater in Chicago adapted the play, where Peer’s mythic journey is envisioned as that of America itself, " a 150-year whirlwind tour of the American psyche."
In addition, operators must be wary of rectification, in which the arc fails to reignite as it passes from straight polarity (negative electrode) to reverse polarity (positive electrode).
In contrast to behavioral measures such as error rates and response times, ERPs are characterized by simultaneous multi-dimensional online measures of polarity (negative or positive potentials), amplitude, latency, and scalp distribution (Ullman, Michael).
Introducing helium allows for greater penetration in thicker workpieces, but can make arc starting difficult. Direct current of either polarity, positive or negative, can be used to weld aluminum and magnesium as well.
It contains the episodes "Cypheroid", "The Surma Plan", "Cult of Darkness" and "Negative Polarity" (episodes 6-9).
Josh Pool of IGN listed "Outlaw Star" at number six on its "Top Ten Anime Themes and Soundtracks of All-Time", noting a stark polarity between the opening and ending themes.
Maintaining a suitably steady arc distance is difficult if a constant voltage power source is used instead, since it can cause dramatic heat variations and make welding more difficult. The preferred polarity of the GTAW system depends largely on the type of metal being welded.
Notch signaling is required in the regulation of polarity.
Other parameters should be considered, as the polarity of the fluorophore molecule, the fluorophore size and shape (i.e. for polarization fluorescence pattern), and other factors can change the behavior of fluorophores.
Quentin Matsys suggests the same polarity in his "The moneylender and his wife" (1514).
Some power supplies enable operators to use an unbalanced alternating current wave by modifying the exact percentage of time that the current spends in each state of polarity, giving them more control over the amount of heat and cleaning action supplied by the power source.
Spin coherence length above 1 micrometre at room temperature was observed, and control of the spin current polarity with an electrical gate was observed at low temperature.
Steiner defended Goethe's qualitative description of color as arising synthetically from the polarity of light and darkness, in contrast to Newton's particle-based and analytic conception.
The cell polarity protein kinase Pom1, a member of the dual-specificity tyrosine-phosphorylation regulated kinase (DYRK) family of kinases, localizes to cell ends.
The dominant mechanism for the creation of secondary electrons depends on the polarity of a plasma.
The matrix-protein mixture is not homogenous because the polarity difference leads to a separation of the two substances during co-crystallization.
The N400 is a negative polarity ERP component that is maximal over centro-parietal electrode sites.
The phases of the elevation and azimuth signals are then compared with the sum signal to determine error polarity.
The position of the absorption and emission bands remain almost unchanged in solvents of different polarity as the dipole moment and transition dipole are orthogonal to each other.
The sediments have a 'normal' magnetic polarity and the only major period between 2.0 and 1.5 Ma when this occurred was the Olduvai sub-Chron between 1.95 and 1.78 Ma and so in 2010 the fossil was suggested to be around 1.95 Ma based on the transitional nature of some of the sediments and the stratigraphy at the site.
The versorium needle also responds identically regardless of the polarity of the attracting charge, so it cannot distinguish between a positive and a negative charge, unlike a compass needle, which has a "North" and "South" end which can distinguish between the "North" and "South" pole of a magnet.
These cells are often unmarked so special care must be taken with polarity.
These steps are especially important when negative polarity direct current is used, because such a power supply provides no cleaning during the welding process, unlike positive polarity direct current or alternating current.
They also demonstrated that Junctional Adhesion Molecules (JAMs) are critical regulators of cell polarity.
Thirdly, proteins may be separated by polarity/hydrophobicity via high performance liquid chromatography or reversed-phase chromatography.
This is accomplished due to the non-polarity, and more importantly low surface energy of PDMS.
To address this problem, the polarity of the electrode was changed from positive to negative, but the change made it unsuitable for welding many non-ferrous materials.
When the dye contains an electron-donating and an electron-accepting group at opposite ends of the aromatic system, this dye will probably be sensitive to the environment's polarity (solvatochromic), hence called environment-sensitive.

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