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Vocabulary Word

Word: polar

Definition: of a pole; characterized by opposite extremes; Ex. polar opposites

Sentences Containing 'polar'

A common misconception is that the polar shortest day is totally dark everywhere inside the polar circle.
A Fata Morgana can be seen on land or at sea, in polar regions or in deserts.
A Polar class ship refers to a ship for which a Polar class has been assigned.
A surfactant has a polar head and non-polar tail (or vice versa), one of which adsorbs to a nanoparticle, while the non-polar tail (or polar head) sticks out into the carrier medium, forming an inverse or regular micelle, respectively, around the particle.
As there are various kinds of twilight, there also exist various kinds of polar night.
Come, Steerforth, let's explore the polar regions, and have it over.'
Crean was one of the few men in the party with polar experience.
Crean's contributions to these expeditions sealed his reputation as a tough and dependable polar traveller, and earned him a total of three Polar medals.
Dikson, in Russia, experiences civil polar night for approximately a month.
During the "nautical polar night" period there is no trace of natural light, except for around midday.
During the 1920s, Walden became a knight of the Order of the Polar Star (Sweden).
Each kind of polar night is defined as when it's darker than the corresponding kind of twilight.
Frost flowers have attracted interest as a possible source of polar atmospheric aerosol.
Further, there is no interference from the sun in the millimeter range during the months of polar night.
Hence the area that is affected by polar night is smaller than the area of midnight sun.
Hence, 'mind' and 'matter' cannot be the polar opposites that Dualism suggests.
In 1941, Cervecería Polar, C.A. introduced "Cerveza Polar", a Pilsener type beer.
In fact, polar regions typically get more twilight throughout the year than equatorial regions.
In places very close to the poles it is completely dark, but regions located at the inner border of the polar circles experience polar twilight instead of polar night.
IPA was actively involved in the International Polar Year International Polar Year (IPY) by participating with four coordinated projects.
Lord Rosebery, who had previously expressed his lack of interest in polar expeditions, gave £50.
No one was willing to get close enough to a polar bear to put lip balm on it."
Olav in 1851, Commander of the Order of Vasa, and Knight of the Order of the Polar Star.
On later levels there is also a polar bear walking around on the shore which must be avoided.
One of the most notable species present is the polar bear, whose population in the Barents Sea region is genetically distinct from other polar bear subpopulations.
Polar class refers to the ice class assigned to a ship by a classification society.
Polar distance is not affected by the precession of the equinoxes.
Polar twilight occurs in areas that are located at the inner border of the polar circles, where the sun will be on or below the horizon all day on the winter solstice.
Since its beginnings, FitzMaurice has been the President of the Polar Bears.
The "astronomical polar night" is a period of continuous "night" where no "astronomical twilight" occurs.
The "civil polar night" period produces only a faint glow of light visible at midday.
The Chief Polar Bear blows a conch shell to gather the swimmers before they run into the water.
The company's production logo is a polar bear looking at a star.
The dualist doctrine establishes a polar opposition between mind and body.
The island takes part in surveys for polar bear summer refuge.
The only animals in the area are arctic fox, caribou, and polar bears.
The parasite occurs in a polar position in the cell.
The period of polar night can trigger depression in some people.
The polar bear returns to his natural habitat to find his family waiting for him.
The polar circle is located at a latitude "between" these two areas, at the latitude of approx.
The polar night may also be implicated in some instances of solipsism syndrome.
The polar night occurs when the night lasts for more than 24 hours.
The result was the Connecticut Polar Bears.
Therefore the civil polar night is limited to latitudes above 72° 34', which is exactly 6° inside the polar circle.
This occurs only inside the polar circles.
This polyhedron can be constructed by taking a hexagonal trapezohedron and truncating the polar axis vertices.
This type of chemical bond is either a non-polar covalent bond or a polar covalent bond.
This would "squeeze" the star, propelling stellar atmosphere through the polar magnetic nozzles.
Tilly looks up surprised to see the polar bear looking at her and smiling.
When he died in 1971, he was believed to have been the oldest surviving polar explorer.

More Vocab Words

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