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Vocabulary Word

Word: pluck

Definition: courage; V: pull off or out; pull out the hair or feathers of; ADJ. plucky: courageous; brave

Sentences Containing 'pluck'

Admiring his pluck, Raffles tricks Bunny into joining him on a burglary, and the two become companions in crime.
All that were in the inn, who were more than twenty persons, stood watching him; the innkeeper's daughter was likewise observing him, and he too never took his eyes off her, and from time to time fetched a sigh that he seemed to pluck up from the depths of his bowels; but they all thought it must be from the pain he felt in his ribs; at any rate they who had seen him plastered the night before thought so.
As I passed the tall man who sat by the brazier I felt a sudden pluck at my skirt, and a low voice whispered, "Walk past me, and then look back at me."
At this hole the two demi-damsels posted themselves, and observed Don Quixote on his horse, leaning on his pike and from time to time sending forth such deep and doleful sighs, that he seemed to pluck up his soul by the roots with each of them; and they could hear him, too, saying in a soft, tender, loving tone, "Oh my lady Dulcinea del Toboso, perfection of all beauty, summit and crown of discretion, treasure house of grace, depositary of virtue, and finally, ideal of all that is good, honourable, and delectable in this world!
Both saw a great deal of active service during the war, and achieved high reputations for pluck and capacity.
But that they have not, for Heaven will not suffer so great a wrong to Earth, as it would be to pluck unripe the grapes of the fairest vineyard on its surface.
Delight is to him, who gives no quarter in the truth, and kills, burns, and destroys all sin though he pluck it out from under the robes of Senators and Judges.
Don Quixote, covered with shame and out of countenance, ran to pluck the plume from his poor jade's tail, while Sancho did the same for Dapple.
Give a man the merest trifle of pluck to start with, and by the time he has become a pilot he can not be unmanned by any danger a steamboat can get into; but one can not quite say the same for judgment.
He couldn't--or at all events he didn't--defend me from Mr. Creakle, who was very severe with me; but whenever I had been treated worse than usual, he always told me that I wanted a little of his pluck, and that he wouldn't have stood it himself; which I felt he intended for encouragement, and considered to be very kind of him.
Here the skilled performer has absolutely free scope for his genius, because his fingers can pluck the strings at will and hence regulate the overtones, and his feet can regulate at will the tension, and hence the pitch of the strings.
Hiya, hiya, hiya" and "Pluck your magic twanger, Froggy" originate from that earlier show.
How could she, a young and timid woman, make her way into such a place and pluck her husband out from among the ruffians who surrounded him?
However, they also might have used them to pluck the aquatic plants from marshes that seem to have comprised their diet.
It was then the duty of the Gentleman Usher to "pluck down the escocheon stallplate of such knight and spurn it out of the chapel" with "all the usual marks of infamy".
Lothario, terrified and breathless, ran in haste to pluck out the dagger; but when he saw how slight the wound was he was relieved of his fears and once more admired the subtlety, coolness, and ready wit of the fair Camilla; and the better to support the part he had to play he began to utter profuse and doleful lamentations over her body as if she were dead, invoking maledictions not only on himself but also on him who had been the means of placing him in such a position: and knowing that his friend Anselmo heard him he spoke in such a way as to make a listener feel much more pity for him than for Camilla, even though he supposed her dead.
Morse returned to the lineup for the Penn game and put on a display that drew praise for his "pluck" but also dismay at the physical beating he took.
Murel was his equal in boldness; in pluck; in rapacity; in cruelty, brutality, heartlessness, treachery, and in general and comprehensive vileness and shamelessness; and very much his superior in some larger aspects.
Now divide the string into two equal parts by inserting the bridge midway between the two ends; and pluck either half as before.
She must be protected and prized as one protects and prizes a fair garden full of roses and flowers, the owner of which allows no one to trespass or pluck a blossom; enough for others that from afar and through the iron grating they may enjoy its fragrance and its beauty.
So capriciously were the people moved, that tears immediately rolled down several ferocious countenances which had been glaring at the prisoner a moment before, as if with impatience to pluck him out into the streets and kill him.
The idea of you thinking you had pluck enough to lynch a MAN!
The same connection is made in "The devil and the usurer" in the Valenciennes Musée des beaux-arts, formerly attributed to Pieter Bruegel the Younger, in which two devils pluck at the sleeve of a poorly dressed moneylender.
The sea otter may also pluck snails and other organisms from kelp and dig deep into underwater mud for clams.
Unlike other cracids, such as guans, they feed largely on fallen fruit rather than pluck fruit directly from the trees.
When a man gets as far gone as he was and nothing but his indomitable pluck allowed him to stand, somebody should have had the power and the will to force him to leave the game.
When prey attempts to flee by climbing (for instance onto the roof of a house or car), graboids will dig away the earth under the hiding place, undermining it until it collapses or sinks low enough to allow the graboid to pluck off the prey.
You will find it in the water you drink from the spring, in the fruit you pluck from the tree.''
``If you were shown a great heap of dolls, and were set upon them to pluck them to pieces and despoil them for your own advantage, you would pick out the richest and gayest.

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