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Vocabulary Word

Word: plasticity

Definition: ability to be molded; ADJ. plastic: capable of being shaped or molded; Ex. plastic material such as clay

Sentences Containing 'plasticity'

Activin promotes neural plasticity throughout the lifespan and regulates the neurotransmitters of peripheral neurons.
Blakemore's recent work has emphasized the variety of molecular mechanisms that contribute to plasticity and has identified some of the genes involved in enabling nerve cells to modify their connections in response to the flow of nerve impulses through them.
But detailed analyses have shown that it is sufficiently accurate to consider beams rigid-plastic, with plasticity confined to plastic hinges at points.
Disadvantages include fragility, high plasticity, high expense, and difficulty of use compared to standard nylon sutures.
He summarised research on brain plasticity in his 2005 Harveian Lecture to the Royal College of Physicians and explored the role of plasticity in human cultural evolution in his 2010 Ferrier Lecture at the Royal Society.
He then soldered the wires at their junctions, achieving the desired plasticity; however this required two separate metals, which was undesirable for medical use.
He was co-author of two classic books in this field:"Theory of Elasticity," with Timoshenko, 1951; and "Elasticity and Plasticity," with P. G. Hodge, Jr., 1958 and was awarded the Timoshenko Medal by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1961.
He went on to show that such plasticity results from changes in the shape and structure of nerve cells and the distribution of nerve fibres, and also from the selective death of nerve cells.
His major contribution to neuroscience is the part he played in establishing the concept of neuronal plasticity, the capacity of the brain to reorganise itself as a result of the pattern of activity passing through its connections.
In addition to developmental functions, Notch proteins and ligands are expressed in cells of the adult nervous system, suggesting a role in CNS plasticity throughout life.
The imbalance in sensation characterized by Dejerine–Roussy syndrome can be argued through a model addressing a system of inputs and outputs that the brain must constantly process throughout life, suggesting latent plasticity.
The mean concentration of nerve growth factor, a substance known to participate in structural and functional plasticity of nociceptive pathways within the dorsal root ganglia and spinal cord, is elevated.
The plasticity of connections between nerve cells is thought to underlie many different types of learning and memory, as well as sensory development.
Tobias Bonhoeffer (born January 9, 1960 in Berkeley, California) is a German neurobiologist. He is director at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology and head of the department Synapses - Circuits - Plasticity.
While this assumption is sufficient for limit state analysis, finite element formulations are available to account for the spread of plasticity along plastic hinge lengths.

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