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Vocabulary Word

Word: placebo

Definition: harmless substance prescribed as a dummy pill

Sentences Containing 'placebo'

A 2007 literature review, reported on the results of 3 randomized placebo controlled studies, this concluded that a long period of 9 months of growth hormone was required to reduce fibromyalgia symptoms and normalize IGF-1.
A small double-blind placebo-controlled study published in 2005 demonstrated that "I. gabonensis" resulted in greater weight-loss and improved blood-test results in obese human volunteers when compared with a placebo.
According to the study, significant reductions took place in weight, waist circumference, hip circumference, and systolic blood pressure in subjects taking the "Irvingia" compared with the placebo.
After an argument in August 1996, before doing their first TV show, Molko decided that it would be best for the band if Schultzberg left. Schultzberg suggested playing together until they finished the promotion of their first album, "Placebo".
Before joining Placebo, Forrest was drummer for the Ambient rock band Evaline.
Creatine administration was shown to significantly improve performance in cognitive and memory tests in vegetarian individuals involved in double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over trials.
Doxepin, a highly potent antihistamine, in topical form has also been proven in placebo-controlled double blind studies to relieve itch associated with atopic eczema.
During that tour, Evaline opened for Placebo, and Forrest came to be acquainted with them.
During the first two years of the trial, half of participants were given candesartan, and the others received placebo; candesartan reduced the risk of developing hypertension by nearly two-thirds during this period.
Every participant also received daily oral doses of calcium and 400IUs units of vitamin D. At the study's conclusion, both doses significantly reduced the occurrence risk of new vertebral fractures by 50–52 percent when compared to the effects of the placebo drug.
In a four-year randomized controlled trial, candesartan was compared to placebo to see whether it could prevent or postpone the development of full-blown hypertension in people with so-called prehypertension.
In a study from 2010 it was found that 8 weeks of resistance training together with creatine supplementation resulted in lower serum myostatin levels compared to 8 weeks of resistance training and placebo as well as to control (no resistance training or supplementation), ~98 ng/ml, ~110 ng/ml and ~120 ng/ml respectively.
In another study, researchers concluded that changes in substrate oxidation may influence the inhibition of fat mass loss associated with creatine after weight training when they discovered that fat mass did not change significantly with creatine but decreased after the placebo trial in a 12-week study on ten active men.
In randomized trials, statins increased the risk of an adverse effect by 39% compared to placebo (odds ratios 1.4); two-thirds of these were myalgia or raised liver enzymes, with serious adverse effects similar to placebo.
In the first flight, though patients given alprazolam (Xanax) reported less anxiety than those receiving a placebo, their measurable stress increased.
In the last two years of the study, all participants were switched to placebo.
In the past 40 years, numerous epidemiological and placebo-controlled trials have examined the effect of vitamin C supplementation on the prevention and treatment of colds.
Klas Robert Schultzberg was the original drummer for alternative rock band Placebo.
Liver enzyme derangements, typically in about 0.5%, are also seen at similar rates with placebo use and repeated enzyme testing, and generally return to normal either without discontinuance over time or after briefly discontinuing the drug.
Multiple other side effects occur rarely; typically also at similar rates with only placebo in the large statin safety/efficacy trials.
Once More with Feeling: Videos 1996–2004 is a compilation DVD by British alternative rock band Placebo, released in 2004.
One method used involves comparing placebo or common factor control groups to treatment groups.
One study done in 2008 showed that levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-I) in muscle increased by 15% with creatine supplementation compared to placebo after 8 weeks of resistance training.
One study in 2006 showed a 22% increase, from 20.0 to 24.4 nmol/L, in resting testosterone levels after a 10 week resistance training program in the creatine supplemented group compared to placebo.
Polaroid Kiss are a collective musical group based in Stockholm, London, Los Angeles Dublin officially consisting of (Producer, songwriter) Brandun Reed, Alex Swift (Massive Attack co-writer co-producer/Peter Gabriel), (former Placebo songwriter drummer, lead member of Love Amongst Ruin) Steve Hewitt, (Film scorer, Sound designer) Noah Warner.
Pramipexole has shown robust effects on pilot studies in a placebo-controlled proof of concept study in bipolar disorder.
Schultzberg had known Stefan Olsdal from a school band in Sweden they were both in, in 1993 and joined Placebo when the band formed in September 1994, helping them to record their first studio demo in April 1995, which garnered lots of industry attention culminating in a deal with Virgin Records.
Serious side effects were actually more common among participants receiving placebo than in those given candesartan.
Seventy-one percent of those who received alprazolam on the first flight experienced panic as compared with only 29% of those who received a placebo on the first flight.
Spurred by Pauling's claims, NIH conducted one of the first double-blind, placebo-controlled studies of vitamin C. The results showed a moderate decrease in duration and severity of colds, however, a post-trial analysis by the authors suggested to them that the results may have been attributable to a failure of the double-blind protocol. A subsequent meta-analysis found only very minor reduction in duration, and the authors concluded that vitamin C had no value in treating the common cold.
Steve Forrest (born September 25, 1986 in Modesto, California) is a drummer with the band Placebo.
The basis for this approval was a three-year, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial women with post-menopausal osteoporosis.
The first volume is composed of alphabetical write-ups on the scientific view of pseudoscientific concepts such as the "Bermuda Triangle and dowsing, Shroud of Turin and Feng Shui, spiritualism and biorhythms, placebo effect and graphology, Alien abductions and UFOs, crop circles and astrology", followed by a section of investigations and discussions.
The heart rate in the alprazolam group was 114 versus 105 beats per minute in the placebo group.
The most common adverse reactions experienced by patients who received ivacaftor in the pooled placebo-controlled Phase 3 studies were abdominal pain (15.6% versus 12.5% on placebo), diarrhoea (12.8% versus 9.6% on placebo), dizziness (9.2% versus 1.0% on placebo), rash (12.8% versus 6.7% on placebo), upper respiratory tract reactions (including upper respiratory tract infection, nasal congestion, pharyngeal erythema, oropharyngeal pain, rhinitis, sinus congestion, and nasopharyngitis) (63.3% versus 50.0% on placebo), headache (23.9% versus 16.3% on placebo) and bacteria in sputum (7.3% versus 3.8% on placebo).
The most-cited reviews of the subject have concluded that there are no beneficial effects beyond a placebo.
The study also showed that 1-RM bench press and total body mass increased after creatine, but not after placebo.
There was no indication of this risk in the original placebo-controlled safety trials, and it was possible that the effect was more related to naproxen decreasing the risk of heart attacks than one of Vioxx increasing the risk.
Unlike Placebo's previous two drummers, Forrest plays right-handed, not left. Forrest also contributes vocals and rhythm guitar for the indie/soul band É Florentino. He is also the songwriter and frontman for band Planes.

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