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Vocabulary Word

Word: pensive

Definition: dreamily or deeply thoughtful; sadly thoughtful; thoughtful with a hint of sadness; contemplative; CF. think over

Sentences Containing 'pensive'

"Billboard" called the show "spare and pensive", noting that "the artist has consistently changed up the set list and reinvented dozens of songs from his more than three-decade career."
Abstruse thought and profound researches I prohibit, and will severely punish, by the pensive melancholy which they introduce, by the endless uncertainty in which they involve you, and by the cold reception which your pretended discoveries shall meet with, when communicated.
Authors Steve Grantley and Alan Parker praise Daltrey's vocal performance, noting that it "intrigues and seduces" and finds him projecting an uncharacteristically "passive, pensive mood."
Franz remained a moment silent and pensive, hardly knowing what to think of the half kindness, half cruelty, with which his host related the brief narrative.
He remained motionless and pensive, his eyes fixed on the gloomy aperture that was open at his feet.
In Panofsky's view, the man's face is not that of an intellectual, yet he detects a pensive and loneliness nature, "the face of one who feels and produces rather than observes and dissects."
Miss Mills was more than usually pensive when Dora, going to find her, brought her back;--I apprehend, because there was a tendency in what had passed to awaken the slumbering echoes in the caverns of Memory.
One was a woman in a slim black dress, belted small under the armpits, with bulges like a cabbage in the middle of the sleeves, and a large black scoop-shovel bonnet with a black veil, and white slim ankles crossed about with black tape, and very wee black slippers, like a chisel, and she was leaning pensive on a tombstone on her right elbow, under a weeping willow, and her other hand hanging down her side holding a white handkerchief and a reticule, and underneath the picture it said "Shall I Never See Thee More Alas."
The count had felt the influence of this happiness from the moment he entered the house, and he remained silent and pensive, forgetting that he was expected to renew the conversation, which had ceased after the first salutations had been exchanged.
The firmaments of air and sea were hardly separable in that all-pervading azure; only, the pensive air was transparently pure and soft, with a woman's look, and the robust and man-like sea heaved with long, strong, lingering swells, as Samson's chest in his sleep.
The young girl was very pensive, but seeing Luigi so cheerful, she on her part assumed a smiling air, which was natural to her when she was not excited or in a passion.
These were among the echoes to which Lucie, sometimes pensive, sometimes amused and laughing, listened in the echoing corner, until her little daughter was six years old.
When he had ended the perusal, he folded the letter and resumed his pensive attitude.

More Vocab Words

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::: inexorable - relentless; unyielding; implacable; not capable of being changed by entreaty or efforts; Ex. inexorable price rises
::: gamely - in a spirited manner; with courage; Ex. fight gamely against a superior boxer; ADJ. game
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