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Word: pedigree

Definition: line of ancestors; ancestry; lineage; ADJ. (of an animal) descended from of a chosen family; Ex. pedigree dog; CF. crane's foot

Sentences Containing 'pedigree'

"Anthony has got a good pedigree as a youngster at the Bordeaux academy, but he hasn't been associated with a club this season," said Clark, who had the player recommended by (former Newcastle teammate) Antoine Sibierski.
"JazzTimes" critic Josef Woodard wrote "Whatever the heritage or cultural pedigree, it's simply touching music."
2003: Citroën. For 2003, McRae signed for Citroën, a team of winning pedigree due to its successes of the previous year with young Frenchman Sébastien Loeb but otherwise undertaking its first complete campaign at World Rally Championship level.
A horse with a strong, stamina-rich pedigree he was unraced as a two-year-old but proved himself one of the best European three-year-olds of 1947, despite a narrow defeat in the St Leger Stakes.
A tentative pedigree of the Coal Horse, who supposedly earned his name by pulling a coal wagon in Dublin, Ireland, at some time in his life, has been pieced together from oral tradition.
According to "The Complete Peerage": In 1616 the barony of De Ros was allowed precedence from this writ 24 December 1264, a decision adopted by the Lords in 1806 (Round, "Peerage and Pedigree", vol.
Because of the presence of certain American bloodlines in the pedigree of his sire Tourbillon, Djebel was considered "half-bred" (non-Thoroughbred) by the "General Stud Book" until 1949.
because the origins of al-Farabi were not recorded during his lifetime or soon after his death in 950 C.E. by anyone with concrete information, accounts of his pedigree and place of birth have been based on hearsay [...]".
Either way, the Georgian tradition might have exaggerated Mirian's pedigree so as to make him the son of the Great King of Iran.
Fans nominated towns and cities across the country based on their championship pedigree.
For decades the parentage of the tree was unknown but a pedigree analysis indicated that Haden was the likely parent.
He ended up losing the match after Triple H hit him with a "Pedigree" onto the steel steps.
He was inbred to Adios in the third generation (3x3) of his pedigree.
His dam Alpine Niece showed little ability as a racehorse, but had a good pedigree, being a daughter of Great Nephew, the sire of the Derby winners Grundy and Shergar.
His evidence is based on a pedigree drawn up by James Stewart for his father George Roe Stewart of Termon and also in Canon Grainger's pedigree of the Edwards family of Castlegore.
His two sons Robert and John founded the fortunes of the Fowey Rashleighs and their pedigree has been well documented.
If we possessed a perfect pedigree of mankind, a genealogical arrangement of the races of man would afford the best classification of the various languages now spoken throughout the world; and if all extinct languages, and all intermediate and slowly changing dialects, were to be included, such an arrangement would be the only possible one.
In classing varieties, I apprehend that if we had a real pedigree, a genealogical classification would be universally preferred; and it has been attempted in some cases.
In the time of the Romans, as we hear from Pliny, immense prices were given for pigeons; "nay, they are come to this pass, that they can reckon up their pedigree and race."
In this approach, pedigree structure is created from families that are created by crossing number of parents (in three-way or four way crosses).
Lastly, with monstrous impudence he used to say "you" to his equals and even those who knew what he was, and declare that his arm was his father and his deeds his pedigree, and that being a soldier he was as good as the king himself.
Modern arguments have been made that this relationship was invented by contemporaries to give the Carolingians a Roman pedigree.
Moreover, if the name of Farabi’s grandfather was not known among his contemporaries and immediately succeeding generations, it is all the more surprising to see in the later sources the appearance of yet another name from his pedigree, Awzalaḡ.
MPP database architectures have a long pedigree.
NFL draft. Despite his impressive pedigree and stats, Brock was downgraded by draft experts due to his less-than-desired height for a defensive end and lack of quickness and jumping ability to make up for it.
Nothing of the kind; they only invent them for the most part to furnish a subject for their verses, and that they may pass for lovers, or for men valiant enough to be so; and so it suffices me to think and believe that the good Aldonza Lorenzo is fair and virtuous; and as to her pedigree it is very little matter, for no one will examine into it for the purpose of conferring any order upon her, and I, for my part, reckon her the most exalted princess in the world.
On February 7, 2008, she cut the ribbon to a new dog adoption center named Pedigree(R) Dogstore in Times Square.
Pedigree includes Tettnang (mother), Hallertau Mittelfrüh (grandmother) and Cascade (great grandmother).
She comes from the Northern Dancer sire line and has a double cross of him in the fourth generation of her pedigree.
Since the Romanichal people who developed the Gypsy Horse communicated pedigree and breed information orally, information on foundation bloodstock and significant horses within the breed is mostly anecdotal. The two foundation sires of the breed are reportedly known as The Old Coal Horse and Sonny Mays' Horse.
That season, he made his Winston Cup debut, running a pair of races in the #52 Pedigree Petfoods Pontiac Grand Prix for Ken Schrader.
The date types allow users to better understand the pedigree and usage of resources.
The existing variations in the basic accounts of al-Farabi's origins and pedigree indicate that they were not recorded during his lifetime or soon thereafter by anyone with concrete information, but were based on hearsay or guesses (as is the case with other contemporaries of al-Farabi).
The family pedigree goes back to Nathaniel Bright of Worcester (1493-1564), whose grandson, Henry Bright, was canon of Worcester, and purchased the manor of Brockbury in the parish of Colwall, Herefordshire, which still remained in the family.
The family were hereditary cupbearers to the Princes of Powys, and a pedigree dates back to around 1000 AD.
The Milking/Dairy Shorthorn breed was initially founded on the Coates Herd Book, widely thought to be the first pedigree herd book for cattle in the world.
The registry contains information on the pedigree, breeder, owner, offspring, photo, breeding evaluations and assessments, and unique identification of each horse registered.
The SGDL brought to this location memorabilia of varied origin and pedigree (portraits, busts and autographs) representing almost 170 years of literature.
Though often considered to be a team with a strong classics pedigree, and active in most races with several top tens, they did not win any single-day race in the spring season.
Thus, the Frankish group of varieties does not have a totally separate pedigree from the Hunnic group.
Thus, the natural system is genealogical in its arrangement, like a pedigree.
True it is I am a gentleman of known house, of estate and property, and entitled to the five hundred sueldos mulct; and it may be that the sage who shall write my history will so clear up my ancestry and pedigree that I may find myself fifth or sixth in descent from a king; for I would have thee know, Sancho, that there are two kinds of lineages in the world; some there be tracing and deriving their descent from kings and princes, whom time has reduced little by little until they end in a point like a pyramid upside down; and others who spring from the common herd and go on rising step by step until they come to be great lords; so that the difference is that the one were what they no longer are, and the others are what they formerly were not.
We possess no pedigree or armorial bearings; and we have to discover and trace the many diverging lines of descent in our natural genealogies, by characters of any kind which have long been inherited.
WeRelate includes a family tree explorer, annotated images for sharing images of primary source documents or photos, and generates pedigree maps of up to five generations of data.
Yet another pedigree has her as the daughter of Agnes, the daughter of Walter.
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