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Vocabulary Word

Word: passive

Definition: not active; acted upon; receiving an action without acting in return; accepting without resistance

Sentences Containing 'passive'

"Kena" can be used as an auxiliary to mark the passive voice in some varieties of Singlish.
"This operation requires a suitable circuit, which has to: Passive quenching.
According to some accounts, the "berdache" were passive sexual partners for the other males.
Active termination provides a better impedance match than passive termination because most flat ribbon cables have a characteristic impedance of approximately 110 Ω.
All commercially available micropumps depend on piezoelectric actuation and incorporate passive check valves.
As a unit, the apparatus used compressed gas bags to store energy that would assist with movements, although it was passive in operation and required human power.
At close quarters, Young would turn passive.
Both active and passive terminators are in common use, with the active type much preferred (and required on LVD busses and Ultra SCSI).
Depending on the implementation, an active or passive stylus can be used instead of or in addition to a finger.
Eggs are released with mouse faeces and thus dispersal is passive - through the movement and defecation of mice.
FIDO was not a mine, but a passive, acoustic-homing torpedo designed for use by long-range patrol aircraft.
For example, use of the passive voice is criticized by popular style guides such as The Elements of Style.
For instance, a tense person may repeat the meditation sound too forcefully, while an evasive person may tend to be more passive in his meditation.
He is also known for being very passive-aggressive.
Her reactions range from passive forgiveness to extreme anger as she talks to her former partner at a party with he accompanies by a new woman.
I have been so overwhelmed by the many storms that have broken over my head, that I am become passive in the hands of the Almighty, like a sparrow in the talons of an eagle.
If "Giraffatitan" was fully cold-blooded or was a passive bulk endotherm, it would have needed far less food to meet its daily energy needs.
In series 6, she loses her androgynous and passive nature in favour of a more feminine, headstrong and blunt personality.
It appeared, in answer to my inquiries, that nobody had the least idea of the etymology of this terrible verb passive to be gormed; but that they all regarded it as constituting a most solemn imprecation.
Its music was equally suitable for active or passive listening.
Most viewers do not realize that the slow loris pet trade is illegal or that the docile behavior of the animals in the videos is a passive defensive reaction for dealing with stress.
Passive margin sequences are preserved within the lowermost allochthon and parautochthon of the Caledonian thrust sheets.
Passive termination means that each signal line is terminated by two resistors, 220 Ω to TERMPOWER and 330 Ω to ground.
Personal alarms are a way to practice passive self-defense.
Radivojević speaks English and has passive knowledge of German.
Ragged Mountain is open to rock climbing, hiking, snowshoeing, bouldering, and other passive pursuits.
Rasilant employs passive RFID technology for all its products and solutions.
Sensitivity to passive stretch and active contraction are common, and tend to increase the symptoms.
Seth then starts to notice the behavioral changes of those who have been healed, noticing that they have become passive and quiet.
Socrates' Megaron House is a classic example of passive solar design.
Some of the changes are that the back no longer has a cooling fan, but instead is built on more advanced passive cooling.
Some versions have an additional daytime reticle illumination via a passive external fiber optic light pipe.
Such vehicles must include standard lighting and seatbelts, but do not require passive restraints, typically airbags in higher-speed vehicles.
Systems can be designed to use passive cooling alone, reducing noise and eliminating moving parts that may fail.
The dipoles collectively provided passive support to Project Westford's parabolic dish (located in the town of Westford) to communicate with distant sites.
The driver's center periscope can be replaced by a passive infra-red periscope for night driving.
The Mark 30 torpedo was a British 18-inch air dropped anti-submarine passive acoustic homing torpedo.
The NPV framework (implicitly) assumes that management is "passive" with regard to their Capital Investment once committed.
The Panchendriya is a composite submarine sonar and tactical weapons control system that contains active, passive, surveillance, ranging and interception sonars.
The program was passive, but the process for the program was visible.
The Trustees of Reservations acquired the field in 1898, and it is open to the public for passive recreational purposes.
The verb (to break) and its passive form (to be broken) have no exactly corresponding words in the South.
There are two ways of forming the passive voice in Neo-Mandaic: the analytic passive, in which the passive participle (see 5.1.
They also emphasized the capacity of the consumers to resist indoctrination and passive reception.
They roamed all over the hills, even as the lofty knolls were passive spectators to their love.
This was no passive belief, but an active weapon which they flashed at more convenient places of business.
Verbs meaning giving function as a passive agent marker or a disposal construction direct object marker in the Zhongyuan, Jianghuai, and southwestern Mandarin.
We not require the dull society Of your necessitated temperance, Or that unnatural stupidity That knows nor joy nor sorrow; nor your forc'd Falsely exalted passive fortitude Above the active.
When an enemy submarine passes close by, the passive sonar detects it and releases the torpedo, which tracks the sound until it contacts the submarine hull and explodes.
Yin could be described as stable, immobile, feminine, passive, cold, and downward moving.

More Vocab Words

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