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Vocabulary Word

Word: paraphrase

Definition: restate a passage in one's own words while retaining thought of author; N: restatement of a text in other words

Sentences Containing 'paraphrase'

And in art,``he that would save his work must often lose it,''if you will excuse the paraphrase of a profound saying which, like most profound sayings, is applicable to many things in life besides what it originally referred to.
Continuing Applebaum’s Modern English prose paraphrase, I am past being cured; my rational mind that should cure me is past caring for me.
He left four volumes of sermons (1768), and a paraphrase of the Epistles to the Galatians and Ephesians (1777), several works on the evidences of Christianity, and various pamphlets against Roman Catholicism.
Jeter said that the line had been based on a paraphrase of a Biblical verse.
Poor Peggotty lifted up her hands and eyes, and only answered, in a sort of paraphrase of the grace I usually repeated after dinner, 'Lord forgive you, Mrs. Copperfield, and for what you have said this minute, may you never be truly sorry!'
The cantata is based on the Martin Luther's chorale "", a paraphrase of Psalm 130.
The following is his prose paraphrase of the first two quatrains in order to better understand Shakespeare’s language: “My love is like a fever; it keeps longing for the thing that strokes it and only makes it worse; it feeds on what makes it sick in order to gratify a volatile, pathological appetite.
This type of criticism, often produced by people who are also active in popular literary writing themselves, often amounts to paraphrase and suffers from an uncritical identification with the study object. One of the main aims of this type of criticism is the establishment of ahistorical canons of and within popular genres in the image of legitimized culture.
To paraphrase Simpson, again, several passages in this movement circle around as though snakes chasing for-the-moment lost tails.
Witnesses to the execution reported the dying words that gained him immortality (a paraphrase of a line from Joseph Addison's play "Cato"): "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country."

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