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Vocabulary Word

Word: padre

Definition: chaplain (in the armed forces)

Sentences Containing 'padre'

A major tributary of the east fork is Padre Springs Creek.
After many years of research, de Aragón found that the padre was indeed a major Hispanic figure and that Cather had turned him into a treacherous, conniving, and malicious and cowardly character in her book.
Already having a location at Padre Staples Mall, Dillard's management chose to close the Sunrise Mall location, leaving Sunrise with one of their major anchor stores vacant.
Among those who have studied and received their doctorates at the Scuola the following have attained eminence in their fields: Jan Krzysztof Olendzki, formerly (2006-7) Polish minister of culture and since 2008 Poland's ambassador to Tunisia; French historian of ideas and social commentator Marie Judith Revel; Italian historian of the French Revolution and of the myth of Padre Pio, Sergio Luzzatto; and local politician Antonio Natalicchio, mayor of Giovinazzo in Apulia.
Ana, followed by the Padre Zamora (Pandacan) Bridge between Pandacan and Santa Mesa, which also carries the southern line of the Philippine National Railways (PNR).
But in the historical novel "Death Comes for the Archbishop", Martinez appears as a lecherous ogre, the father of illegitimate children, and as an opponent of the civilizing influence of Lamy upon the backward Hispanic communities of New Mexico. The padre was excommunicated ipso facto (in name only) by the bishop in 1857 because of his conflict with the bishop over his mandatory tithing, abuse, oppression, and mistreatment of the poor.
Campo Padre Joaquim Sousa Lamas (2.000 people)
Casino Padre ceased operations in November 2000.
De Aragón had always known of Padre Martinez as the founder of New Mexico’s first newspaper, as a major progenitor of bilingual education in the U.S., and as a humanitarian of the poor and orphans.
Dick did indeed fulfil the padre's prophesy and produced several superb works.
Dr. Jenkins called de Aragón’s translation and corrections “a very significant contribution to the life and work of this famous priest.” Padre Martinez and Bishop Lamy is a comparative study of these two men.
Gradually, major retailers began to migrate back to Padre Staples Mall.
He debuted in television in 1960 in the drama series "Vita col padre e con la madre", reaching the top of the popularity in the 1970s, in particular in the adaption of crime novels by Friedrich Dürrenmatt ("Il giudice e il suo boia" and "Il sospetto") and Augusto De Angelis.
Her film "Le parole di mio padre" was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival. In 2012, her film "Un Giorno Speciale" was selected to compete for the Golden Lion at the 69th Venice International Film Festival. She was married to French producer Daniel Toscan du Plantier.
His historical revisionist award-winning and bestselling book, Padre Martinez and Bishop Lamy written during the social unrest of the 1960s and 70s, focused on trying to change the stereotypical image of the Mexican bandido and the barefoot, fat and pregnant Hispanic woman or her counterpart, the slut.
His major works to date are as follows: Memorias sobre la vida del presbítero, Don Antonio Jose Martinez (Memories of the Life of the Priest, Don Antonio Jose Martinez); Padre Martinez and Bishop Lamy; The Legend of La Llorona; Padre Martinez, New Perspectives from Taos; Hermanos de la Luz: Living Tradition of the Penitente Christian Faith, Enchanted Ghost Tales and Hidden History of Spanish New Mexico. Nonfiction.
His problem was the fact that he wrote about these events many years after they occurred and he depended on his memory of the experiences to tell about Padre Martinez.
In "Padre Martinez, New Perspectives From Taos", Ray John de Aragón wrote a scholarly study entitled, "Padre Martinez, The Man and the Myth".
In its early years, the mall competed well against nearby Padre Staples Mall.
In Peruibe there are two areas of tourist interest: urban and ecological. The principal urban attractions are the Tower of TV and Mirante (Torre de TV e Mirante), Ruins of the Abarebebe (Ruínas do Abarebebê), Flórida square (Praça Florida), New Commercial Center-Padre Anchieta Avenue (Centro Comercial Novo-Avenida Padre Anchieta), Old Commercial Center-region of the Estação (Centro Comercial Velho-Região da Estação), Ambrósio Baldin Square (Praça Ambrósio Baldin) and Portinho.
In response to a renovation and expansion of Padre Staples Mall, management began a major expansion and renovation in 1987 which was to add a new anchor store, Mervyn's, a movie theater, a nautical-themed food court, and two parking garages.
In the 00's has also presented the event shows "Miss Italia nel Mondo", "Sanremo dalla A alla Z", "Una voce per Padre Pio", "Mare latino" and "Buon Natale con Frate Indovino".
Indeed the story is told that a padre, touring the trenches, saw Reid Dick at work, and by way of a compliment told Reid Dick that he might well consider taking up carving as a hobby!
It is located at the intersection of Airline Dr. S. Padre Island Drive.
It is located on Taft Avenue at the corner of Padre Faura Street in Ermita, Manila, and was established on October 1, 1963.
Padre Burgos is a fifth class municipality in the province of Southern Leyte, Philippines.
Padre Burgos is also famous to diving enthusiasts, the underwater beauty boasts of many colorful clusters of corals.
Padre Burgos is also known for its "budbod" (suman), a sticky rice which is very sweet.
Padre Burgos is named after the priest Padre Jose Burgos of the Gomburza priest martyrs.
Padre Burgos is politically subdivided into 11 barangays.
Padre Island was part of a Spanish land grant to Padre Nicholas Balli about 1800, and the Balli family established a ranch that lasted for several decades.
Peruíbe is linked with the superhighway Padre Manuel da Nóbrega which extends to the west of Santos and is the westernmost terminus with future plans to extend westward, the number is SP-55.
Ray John de Aragón was born in Las Vegas, New Mexico, a small town in northeastern New Mexico. It is generally agreed that the most significant biographical link between de Aragón and his work is this fact of his birth and growth to maturity in his native New Mexico. Here is the source of his knowledge and love of his Hispanic culture and traditions, his biological view of life, and many of his characters, whether true life heroes such as Padre Antonio Jose Martinez, who is the subject in many of his writings, or the legendary La Llorona, who is the wailing female ghost of Hispanic folklore.
Ray John de Aragón, a Hispanic American author, was born on January 19, 1946 in Las Vegas, New Mexico. He is best known for his historic book entitled "Padre Martinez and Bishop Lamy" and his writing of "The Legend of La Llorona."
Tangkaan whose main purpose is to provide help among local people to maintain fish sanctuaries, awareness programs on ocean-life preservation, and clean-up activities on the shorelines of Padre Burgos.
The book was written by Pedro Sanchez of Taos who was a contemporary of the well known New Mexican priest. Sanchez, who was married to a niece of Padre Martinez, wrote a glowing account which was brief and in most instances historically inaccurate as to dates, events, and locations.
The first "Kick in the park" was held at the Padre Alberto Hurtado Park in late 2002.
The mayor of the Padre Pedro Chien Municipality is Franklin Gonzalez, re-elected on October 31, 2004 with 76% of the vote.
The municipality is divided into one parish (Capital Padre Pedro Chien).
The Padre Pedro Chien Municipality is one of the 11 municipalities (municipios) that makes up the Venezuelan state of Bolívar and, according to a 2007 population estimate by the National Institute of Statistics of Venezuela, the municipality has a population of 14,749.
The Padre Pedro Chien Municipality, according to a 2007 population estimate by the National Institute of Statistics of Venezuela, has a population of 14,749 (up from 12,810 in 2000).
The padre sent young Hispanic New Mexicans to the seminary, kept the Catholic Church alive in poor mountain settlements and campaigned against tithes and ecclesiastical fees demanded by archbishop Lamy to finance the building of his cathedral in Santa Fe.
The second period includes his novels of manners, a style he developed and remained the chief exponent of until the appearance of "O Crime de Padre Amaro" by Eça de Queiroz.
The town being surrounded by Sogod Bay in the East, Padre Burgos was once called "Tamulayag", a vernacular slang which means "Let's go fishing".
The town of El Palmar is the shire town of the Padre Pedro Chien Municipality.
Two new gambling boat ventures began in the Brownsville area in the fall of 1999: Casino Del Mar on the "Island Dawn", sailing out of Port Isabel; and Casino Padre on the "Entertainer", out of South Padre Island.
With construction crews breaking ground on November 1, 1979, Sunrise Mall was built over a 15 month period in the early 1980s on property less than 1,000 feet from the existing Padre Staples Mall (now La Palmera).

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::: extant - (of something written or painted) still in existence
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