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Vocabulary Word

Word: overthrow

Definition: topple; N.

Sentences Containing 'overthrow'

11, 2001, and he spent the next eight months covering the overthrow of the Taliban and the emergence of a new government.
1911 – 3 October 2009), was Queen consort of King Idris I of Libya until the overthrow of the monarchy in 1969.
After Fulgencio Batista overthrew Prio, Sanchez was involved in various undergrown movements to overthrow Batista.
After his overthrow by revolutionaries, a power struggle rages on between his heirs -the Bajars- and the revolutionary leaders -the Medeas.
After Milošević's overthrow, Homen and Konstantinović were of the opinion that Otpor!
After the October revolution he was imprisoned by the Bolsheviks for his role in an alleged plot to overthrow the provisional government.
An alleged plot to overthrow president Stevens failed in 1974 and its leaders were executed.
As a "samurai" youth, he fought as a battalion commander in the Boshin War to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate.
Attempts to overthrow the regime from abroad were unsuccessful.
became one of the defining symbols of the anti-Milošević struggle and his subsequent overthrow.
Britain and France moved in ostensibly to separate the two sides and bring peace, but in fact to regain control of the canal and overthrow Nasser.
Consequently, the Polynesian Panthers promoted a strategy of liberation based on the complete overthrow of the capitalist system and the social relations necessary for its development.
Desiderius agreed to provide Christophorus and Sergius with troops from Spoleto, and that he would support their march on Rome to overthrow the antipope.
During that time, the Afghan Communist Party was planning an overthrow of the shah.
During the movement's activist days leading up to the overthrow, his appearances in the anti-regime Serbian media were in the capacity of one of the movement's spokespeople.
Eden was energetic during the crisis in using the media, including the BBC, to incite public opinion to support his views of the need to overthrow Nasser.
Elizabeth was imprisoned in the Tower, accused of participating in Thomas Wyatt's rebellion to overthrow Mary.
Geer acted in radio, appearing as Mephistopheles (the Devil) in the 1938 and 1944 productions of Norman Corwin's "The Plot to Overthrow Christmas".
He became president after the overthrow of Rafael Franco. In his term he restored the political constitution of 1870.
He perceived that Húrin had come with no good intentions, but used the fear surrounding his appearance to overthrow Hardang.
He was given the fief of Cai by King Wu after the overthrow of the last Shang king, Zhou.
His brother was arrested in March 2006 in Banjul, Gambia as a suspect in a plot to overthrow Gambian president Yahya Jammeh.
However, despite his attempts, al-Ahmed has failed in his goal to overthrow al-Douri.
In 1918, he joined the Hindustan Ghadr Party, which stood for overthrow of British imperialism.
In 1989 he was one of the prominent leaders of the Civic Forum founded at the start of the overthrow of the regime.
In addition to greatly contributing to Slobodan Milošević's overthrow, Otpor has become the model for similar youth movements around Eastern Europe.
In the final battle against the Sheeda, Zatanna casts a spell to move time and space, retroactively positioning the Seven Soldiers to overthrow the Sheeda.
In the immediate months following 5th October Overthrow, Otpor!
In the world issues, the party supported decolonization and advocated boycotting South Africa to help overthrow Apartheid rule.
Is it not for that respect especially, that pleasure itself is to so many men's hurt and overthrow, most prevalent, because esteemed commonly most kind, and natural?
It is the latter that is responsible for the eventual revolutionary overthrow of the incumbent paradigm, and its replacement by a new one.
It is unlikely that a polity only one tenth the size of Copan could overthrow centuries of regional hegemony by acting alone.
Martín Rodríguez proposed to overthrow the Viceroy by force, but Castelli and Saavedra rejected this idea and proposed the convening of an open cabildo.
On 16 November, little over a month after the overthrow, Otpor!
One such action was the overthrow of the president of Guatemala Jacobo Arbenz in 1954.
Serious as these several objections are, in my judgment they are by no means sufficient to overthrow the theory of descent with subsequent modification.
She lived in Cairo from the overthrow of the royal government on 1 September 1969 until her death.
Subsequently, the Soviets returned him to Hungary, where he was secretly charged with organizing to overthrow the Hungarian people's democratic state and with treason.
The city also sought support against the Habsburg city of Rapperswil, which had tried to overthrow mayor Rudolf Brun in Zürich in 1350.
The Eze Agwu/Nnachi faction decided to help Kakpokpo attempt to overthrow his brother king Akpan Okon and the coup was heavily resisted.
The film maintains that fear of terrorism was manipulated to support goals which are in step with the PNAC; namely the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.
The overthrow and execution of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette ended centuries of monarchy and removed the privileges of the nobility.
The plotters aimed to overthrow the constitutional government and establish an Military Rule in Pakistan.
Their aim was to overthrow the British Raj in colonial India, with Japanese assistance.
They could never overthrow the current Iranian regime but they might cause a lot of damage."
They were credited for their role in the successful overthrow of Slobodan Milošević on 5 October 2000.
This document called for the revolutionary overthrow of the Hitler regime.
Thus the CIA argued that since the purpose of the CIA was not to overthrow the government, the fact that the money and military assistance went to people who had this goal did not matter.
We didn't say, 'No, don't you dare,' and we weren't advocates saying, 'Here's some arms; we'll help you overthrow this guy.'
When he wakes up he is found by two members of the Truancy, which is a group of children trying to overthrow the City.

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