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Vocabulary Word

Word: outgoing

Definition: sociable; eager to mix socially with others

Sentences Containing 'outgoing'

A researcher in Britain's Electoral Reform Society said it was indeed common for vacancies to be filled by a candidate who was next-in-line, but one who was on the specific list of the outgoing.
After the 1984 election, there was an awkward transfer of power from the outgoing Third National government to the new Fourth Labour government in the midst of a financial crisis.
An electoral college was formed yearly, made up of the outgoing burgomasters, the alderman (City Councilmen), and all those who in the past had held the post of burgomaster or alderman.
An OSCE monitoring group in Tskhinvali did not record outgoing artillery fire from the South Ossetian side in the hours before the start of Georgian bombardment.
An outgoing member of the Louisiana House of Representatives from District 47 (Vermilion and Cameron parishes), Perry won a special election for the state Senate held on February 19, 2011.
Another federal election was held the following year, however, and Reeves was opposed in 1984 by the outgoing Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Paul Everingham.
At each MPLS hop, there is a forwarding table that tells the label switched router (LSR) which outgoing interface is to receive the MPLS packet, and what label to use when sending the packet out that interface.
Bates’s scoring ability and flamboyant showmanship plus a charismatic, outgoing personality endeared him to the basketball-watching Filipino public and the media.
British General David J. Richards, an expert at negotiation, is the outgoing NATO commander.
Compared to the outgoing model, the average new design of the French line is less eccentric.
Farell stood as an Anti-Parnellite candidate at the general election in July 1895 in Kilkenny City, where the outgoing Anti-Parnellite MP Thomas Curran was not standing again.
Flaherty's campaign was strongly critical of outgoing leader Ernie Eves accusing him of abandoning the "Common Sense Revolution" and arguing for a return to the policies of Mike Harris.
Flores was crowned by outgoing Nuestra Belleza Coahuila titleholder, Abril Rodríguez.
He held these roles until the 1987 elections, when he was chosen to replace the outgoing Gerard Wall as Speaker.
He was subsequently transferred to Xinjiang to replace outgoing party secretary Wang Lequan.
Hernández was crowned by outgoing Nuestra Belleza Chiapas titleholder, Claudia Espinoza.
In 1915 the town was officially named "Mauds Landing"; it played a pivotal role in the development of the North West region acting as a supply depot for ingoing and outgoing goods.
In a directed graph, the term "degree" may refer either to indegree (the number of incoming edges at each vertex) or outdegree (the number of outgoing edges at each vertex).
In January 1999, shortly before the return to democracy and while running for office, Okilo was briefly detained by the outgoing military government following disturbances among the Ijaw in the Niger Delta.
In the second stage of the election, the three newly elected burogmasters "copted" (chose) one of the outgoing (4) to stay on for a second year.
It has eight outgoing transmission lines.
Kaine closely associated himself with popular outgoing Democratic Governor Mark Warner during his campaign; he won his race by a slightly larger margin than Warner.
Legislation passed by the tribune Trebonius (the "lex Trebonia") granted extended proconsulships of five years, matching that of Caesar in Gaul, to the two outgoing consuls.
McCallister has stated he would expel David McNarry if elected leader, who had been in a public conflict with the outgoing leader Elliott.
Meanwhile the outgoing mayor of Harrogate Alan Skidmore quit the Liberal Democrats after the election to become an independent, criticising the party both nationally and locally.
Nagle's algorithm works by combining a number of small outgoing messages, and sending them all at once.
On June 30, 2009, Vygaudas Ušackas, Lithuania's Minister of Foreign Affairs received the outgoing Ambassador of Romania, Gheorghe Tokay.
On the outgoing or ebb tides (water level is falling), the larvae move down the water column and are not transported away from the intertidal by the tidal currents.
Once a match is found, the packet is encapsulated in the Layer 2 data link frame for that outgoing interface.
Outgoing Prime Minister Sir Robert Muldoon was unwilling initially to accept instructions from the incoming Prime Minister elect David Lange to devalue the currency.
Outgoing Secretary of State James H. "Jim" Brown, originally a lawyer from Ferriday in Concordia Parish, also challenged Edwards.
Physically, these are associated with the outgoing waves that are generated when a tightly bound electron is excited to a high-lying state.
Ramírez was crowned by outgoing Nuestra Belleza Yucatán titleholder Jessica Duarte.
Rather than a DLCI, however, interfaces have forwarding tables that specify the outgoing interface, virtual path identifier, and virtual circuit identifier.
sendEmail is a command-line outgoing e-mail SMTP client.
She became close friends with Jessica Harris, but lived in her shadow as she was not as outgoing as Jessica or their new friend Steph Dean.
She had a brief tenure as regular representative in October 1981, covering for Finn Kristensen who was a member of the outgoing Brundtland's First Cabinet.
She had previously served as President of the National Assembly of Panama during the Mireya Moscoso presidency and Housing Minister under outgoing president Martin Torrijos.
She is also more confident and outgoing than her anime counterpart, which seems to be why she gets along with the equally outgoing Usagi.
She is extremely outgoing (even more so than Usagi), quirky, and determined.
She kept him strong at and stayed at his side during his toughest times at school and in love and turned him from an innocent rural gay into an outgoing urban gay hottie.
Since the year 2000, within students exchange Erasmus programmes there are annually 50 incoming (each year increasing) and around 40 outgoing students (both exchanges and placements).
The 1969 New Democratic Party of Manitoba leadership election was held on June 7, 1969 to choose a successor to outgoing leader Russell Paulley.
The new model is slightly smaller and lighter than the outgoing models.
The Republican nominee was State Senator (and outgoing Senate Minority Leader) Leonard Lance of Hunterdon County.
The satirical magazine "Private Eye" once published a memorable cartoon depicting his answering machine with the outgoing message "Yes, I'll do it!"
The transmitter output is delivered to the comparater labyrinth, which now acts to divide the outgoing power equally between all four horns.
This service is restricted to "residential use only", which is defined as non-commercial usage and under 5000 minutes of outgoing calls per month.
Together, they replaced outgoing heads of government Gianfranco Terenzi and Loris Francini.
When a frame with a given data link connection identifier (DLCI) is received on one interface, the table associated with that interface gives the outgoing interface, and the new DLCI to insert into the frame's address field.
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