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Vocabulary Word

Word: ornate

Definition: excessively or elaborately decorated

Sentences Containing 'ornate'

After her graduation, Howland received an ornate English Valentine from a business associate of her father when she was 19 years old.
Albion Smith is a California jeweller and silversmith known for ornate functional items, including a piece in the Smithsonian Institution.
At the wedding Olaf gave Egil an ornate sword from Ireland.
Between 1832 and 1847 the chapel served as an ornate parochial seat, its austere main nave in contrast to a painted lateral chapel, constructed in a revivalist style and embossed with gold.
Biologists have suggested that the layers of the ornate plumage of males provide a means of demonstrating body symmetry, such that peahens are "trying" to discover the health of the male or the quality of his genes.
Constructed of red brick with extensive limestone detailing, the depot's size, height, and ornate brick/stone detailing combine to give it an imposing and elegant character.
During her near death from smallpox in the previous episode, Elizabeth is shown wearing the ornate red wig or hairpiece she has become famous for.
During the Antonine and Severan periods, more ornate hair and bearding became prevalent, created with deeper cutting and drilling.
Finney's Post is part of an ornate mediaeval oak post, which once stood at the corner of the Market Place and High Street, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England.
Fittings include Heaton, Butler and Bayne stained glass windows, an "impressively ornate" wrought-iron rood screen and an intricate reredos with marble mosaic work.
Glass handles are the most common type of handle for growlers, although metal handles (with more ornate designs) can also be found.
He is buried in an ornate sarcophagus in the Belmont family plot (along with other Belmonts, Perrys and Tiffanys) in the Island Cemetery in Newport, Rhode Island.
Hesketh has described "Netsuke" as 'intricate and ornate', a description which could apply to most of his works.
His signature detailing is evident in the obelisk pylons with sconced light fixtures, ornate railings, and Art Deco piers.
In each series, Chibichibi is the caretaker of a small, ornate censer that releases a scent of osmanthus, which the Sailor Starlights gradually recognize as a symbol of Princess Kakyuu.
In it, Jade is described as "a diminutive woman dressed in an ornate Kabuki kimono", whose weapon is a stiletto hidden in her hair bun.
In the Hindu temple the mandapa is a porch-like structure through the gopuram (ornate gateway) and leading to the temple.
In the larger, more ornate, cloister, there are medallions with images such as the coat of arms of the Augustine order, a symbol for death, and a symbol representing the union of two worlds.
In the school chapel the choir is separated from the chancel by an ornate gilded screen topped by candles.
Initially the mansion featured an ornate one-story veranda on three sides.
It features ornate plasterwork with an agricultural theme.
It is also known as Gray's Monitor Lizard, Butaan, and Ornate Monitor.
It is echoed by a less ornate portico over the rear entrance.
Its stations are among the most ornate in the world.
Known natural predators of this species have included ocelots and ornate hawk-eagles, though chicks and eggs likely have a broader range of predators.
Of these ruins include an ornate basilica, with an entrance topped by a particularly decorated lintel.
On the very top of the Middle Jurassic layers is the Ornate's clay layer (Dogger zeta), which is only 2 m thick.
One study found that the Belford's Melidectes aggressively defended the flowers of the terrestrial root parasite "Mitrastemmaa" from the Ornate Melidectes.
Other activities on the webcam range from chatting with cam-watchers, playing music, and ornate performance pieces involving household items.
Other fittings include an altar of stone and marble, an ornate chancel screen and an octagonal font.
Pottery produced in Makuria became less ornate, but better control of firing temperatures allowed different colours of clay.
Splitting often leads to "distinctions without difference", ornate and fussy categories, and failure to see underlying similarities.
The 13th and 14th centuries gave the Church its ornate chancel arch, with four depths of moulded spandrels and foliage capitals set on Purbeck marble piers.
The ballet's backdrop (from a design for Castle Falkenstein by Christian Jank), ornate costumes, and acting parody the romantic ballets of which the original "Swan Lake" was an example.
The Bella Moth, Ornate Moth or Rattlebox Moth is a moth of the Arctiidae family.
The building exhibits Romanesque Revival styling, featuring granite trim elements and ornate brick detailing.
The building was constructed in a classical colonial style and featured ornate arched windows and doors, eaves decorated with floral patterns, and movable louvred windows.
The elaborate main gate, made of ornate ironwork, was earlier reported as a replica of one of the main gates at Buckingham Palace in London, which is false.
The façade of the Palazzo Versace exhibits patterned fenestration, ornate pediment, expanses of glazing and arched windows.
The most prominent building in this complex, however, is a spinning and carding mill that was built in 1885, and features a five story tower and ornate brick detailing.
The most widespread species, the Ornate Melidectes, has actually benefited from human activities.
The ornate flying fox ("Pteropus ornatus") is a species of flying fox in the Pteropodidae family.
The ornate pulpit is from about 1645 and bears Christian IV's emblem.
The peacock provides a particularly well known example of intersexual selection, where ornate males compete to be chosen by females.
The sexual form of selection His sexual selection examples include ornate peacock feathers, birds of Paradise, the antlers of stag (male deer), and the manes of lions.
The town is known for "Nidden Kurenwimpel" — German for "Curonian pennants" — ornate carved flags peculiar to local families resident on the Curonian Spit.
The trio was responsible for most of the ever-increasing sizes of Ford's late 1950s models, and their ornate chrome adornments.
The van/wagon featured a top-hinged back door, and ornate resin panels were placed above the tail lamps in accordance to the similar design upfront.
Their plumage varies from mostly patterened grey in the Sooty Melidectes to a brightly contrasting white, black and fawn in the Ornate Melidectes.
Young women wear "foustanff" during festivals and dancing to show their ornate braided hairstyles.

More Vocab Words

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::: spartan - without attention to comfort; lacking luxury and comfort; sternly disciplined; Ex. spartan living condition/life
::: glutton - someone who eats too much; ADJ. gluttonous: given to gluttony; greedy; CF. gluttony: habit of eating too much
::: titter - nervous giggle; nervous laugh; V.
::: daub - smear (as with paint); cover with something sticky; Ex. daub one's clothes with mud/paint; N: small bit of sticky substance; Ex. a daub of paint
::: precipitant - something that causes a substance in a chemical solution to separate out in solid form; ħ
::: savor - enjoy; have a distinctive flavor, smell, or quality; N: taste or smell; distinctive quality
::: insidious - treacherous; stealthy; sly; working or spreading harmfully in a stealthy manner; Ex. insidious spreading of dry rot
::: executioner - person administering capital punishment
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