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Vocabulary Word

Word: orientation

Definition: act of finding oneself in society; orienting

Sentences Containing 'orientation'

"Orientation" is the angle the grating makes with some standard orientation (such as the y-axis in a picture).
(In the "armchair" orientation, the edges behave like semiconductors.)
(The optimal orientation of a baseball diamond is east-northeast.) Future.
A longitudinal study by Kyriakopoulos and Moorman (2004) showed that market orientation positively moderates the impact of pursuing high levels of exploitative and exploratory marketing strategies on new product performance; however, firms that pursue an ambidextrous orientation without strong market orientation display a significant reduction in new product financial performance.
A number of different classification schemes have been used to describe sexual orientation since the mid-19th century, and scholars have often defined the term 'sexual orientation' in divergent ways.
A theoretical orientation cannot be proven or disproven; a theory can.
Air Force Pararescue Orientation Course.
Aircraft Maintenance Manufacturing Orientation Course.
An inclinometer uses the earth gravitational field to know its orientation in the remaining third direction.
Andorra prohibits discrimination and hate crimes based on sexual orientation.
As phospholipids become stationary, they assume a particular orientation within the membrane.
Ban on sexual orientation change efforts.
Based on these measures, the system determines the position and orientation of the receiver with respect to the emitters' reference.
Basses do not always require stoppers, being heavier and usually played in a more vertical orientation than a cello.
Byte orientation refers to forms of data processing in which digital data are processed bytewise.
Considerations about the artistic orientation.
Direct field sensing systems use a known field to derive orientation or position: A simple compass uses the Earth's magnetic field to know its orientation in two directions.
Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression has been banned since 1987.
Drnovšek premiership (1992–2002): Re-orientation of Slovenia's trade.
During her teenage years, Marcel-Keyes began to evaluate her sexual orientation.
Fall Orientation Concert 2009 In the fall of 2009 MUNSU lost over $100,000 on their annual fall orientation concert.
First year students traditionally walk the "Moravian Mile" as part of their orientation activities.
He is openly gay and first spoke publicly about his sexual orientation in a 2012 interview.
In rodents, incisor procumbency refers to the orientation of the upper incisor, defined by the position of the cutting edge of the incisor relative to the vertical plane of the incisors.
In southern Georgia and northern Florida, the northerly orientation is matched by a westerly orientation of the direction of Pleistocene movement of sand dunes (Markewich and Markewich 1994).
In this area, they have a weak northerly orientation (Kacrovowski, 1977).
It has been released that the homosexual orientation of Dr.Harris is a significative issue for the reelection campaign.
Market orientation was also proved to moderate the relationship between exploitation/ exploration and performance.
New "Pet detection" and an integrated orientation sensor are also included.
Northward from northern Georgia to Virginia, the average orientation of direction of Pleistocene movement of parabolic sand dunes systematically shifts along with the average orientation of the long axes of Carolina bays as to always lie approximately perpendicular to them.
Other forms of classification, such as sexual orientation, religion, or age, apply to this theory as well.
Programs during the school times helped the students to get an orientation for their later profession.
Since 1999, governmental discrimination based on sexual orientation has been constitutionally prohibited.
Since 2002 the portal section of the constitution bans discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation.
Stacking order and orientation govern the optical and electronic properties of bilayer graphene.
Staggered Pattern: Holes are aligned in staggered or nested orientation.
The age of consent is equal at 16, regardless of sexual orientation and/or gender.
The area is also known for its agricultural orientation and a once notable mining center.
The Constitution of Sweden bans discrimination on grounds of "sexual orientation".
The equations themselves are invariant under gauge transformation and orientation-preserving symmetries.
The historical concept and definition of sexual orientation varies and has changed greatly over time; for example the word "lesbian" wasn't used to describe sexual orientation until the late 19th century.
The orientation of a spacecraft varies depending on the mission.
The orientation of the linkages is computed from the various linkage angles measured with incremental encoders or potentiometers.
The Pakistan Constitution does not explicitly make mention of sexual orientation or gender identity.
The RBS study programmes combine a foundation of knowledge and skills with a distinct practical orientation.
The TriDAR tracked the ISS position and orientation from the shuttle during docking, undocking, and flyaround operations.
This means the product is negated if the orientation is reversed, for example by a parity transformation, and so is more properly described as a pseudoscalar if the orientation can change.
This orientation was to ensure propagation of Buddhism throughout Tibet.
To use the compass one aligns the lid of the compass with the orientation of the surface to be measured (to obtain dip and dip direction), or the edge of the lid of the compass with the orientation of the line (to obtain plunge and plunge direction).
Until 2009 the Swedish Ombudsman against Discrimination on Grounds of Sexual Orientation ("Ombudsmannen mot diskriminering på grund av sexuell läggning"), normally referred to as HomO, was the Swedish office of the ombudsman against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation.

More Vocab Words

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