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Vocabulary Word

Word: optional

Definition: not compulsory; left to one's choice; N. option: act of choosing; choice; freedom or power to choose; something available as a choice; Ex. have no option; Ex. two options

Sentences Containing 'optional'

4- speed automatic transmission was optional. EX.
A printer is optional; many photographers still send their images to a professional lab for better results and, in some cases, a better price.
Amplify mRNA representations (optional).
An integrated webcam (optional in some regions of the world) is located on the upper right corner.
An optional delivery program is available at RC Willey.
Apparition is an optional class for those in the sixth and seventh years.
Available as Hatchback, Sedan and Wagon, this had cloth seats, optional power steering, optional rear wash/wiper, optional clock, optional passenger door mirror and optional wheel covers.
By 167 BC the law had changed so that castration itself was not used to punish, instead, it became an optional replacement for execution.
Deputy Chief Minister is generally an optional post and is next to the Chief Minister.
Each syllable consists of an onset (which is optional in word-initial syllables) and a rime.
earns revenues from advertising and optional statistical packages.
Etox Zafer is powered by 3 standard engines, and 1 optional engine:
Example 2: As 1, but using optional port argument to output procedures
Flat antennas are sold with an optional signal amplifier.
For example, "Bethnal Green" is the name of the "E2" postcode district and is optional in the following address: If no valid postcode is provided, or if the sorting machine rejects the letter, the use of optional locality or county information may assist manual sorting.
For example, the operator codice_1 can be replaced by codice_2 with only an optional warning.
Full-time four-wheel drive was optional, replacing the part-time configuration from the previous series.
Hampshire Constabulary also list leggings as part an optional piece of uniform.
In grammar, a modifier is an optional element in phrase structure or clause structure.
In her first year in office she supported the faculty in their desire to make the SAT optional as a criterion for admission to the College, making Pitzer the West Coast innovator in SAT-optional admission practices.
In January 1998, there were minor improvements, including a navigation system that became optional for the Noah, and an increase in performance of diesel engines.
In the "Roman Martyrology" he is commemorated on August 20, but in the Benedictine calendar his optional memorial is celebrated on the previous day.
In the ordinary form of the Latin Rite they are remembered with an optional memorial on July 9.
Lunch typically consists of a single course with optional side salad, bread and dessert.
Manufacturers could simplify production and offer the bigger engines as optional upgrades to base models.
Noah models received standard anti-lock brakes and optional twin moonroofs (the Skylite roof was discontinued).
Non-passenger and optional vehicle registration plates of Georgia (U.S. state)
One hundred and thirty gymnasts competed in the compulsory and optional rounds.
One hundred and twenty-four gymnasts competed in the compulsory and optional rounds.
One is the presence of film-camera type controls for optional control of both aperture and shutter speed.
Optional equipment is a kevlar suit to protect against being cut from another skater's blade.
Optional equipment on the International series included keyless entry and a Delco CD player.
Optional summer term offerings from 5-week to 15-week sessions allow students to accelerate their degrees.
Optional tours of the commissary, where food is stored and diets are prepared daily, are available.
Other optional sweaters available from uniform store, Educational Outfitters, where all items must be purchased.
Past tense marking is optional in Singlish.
Songs are stored in RAM and can also be saved to or loaded from an optional MCD memory card inserted into the built-in slot.
Sunroof came standard in the UK models, or optional for cars in the Continent.
The 100 bhp six was standard in all models except the Premiers and a 115 bhp six was standard on Premiers and optional on all other models.
The 1963 models ran with a 200-cid six-cylinder or any of three optional V8 engines—221, 260- or 289-cid.
The DVD has optional brand new CGI effects.
The new optional sunroof is divided in small panels that can be displaced individually.
The railways referendum was an optional referendum, which required only a majority of the public vote.
The SL variant was a 2-seat convertible/roadster with standard soft top and optional hardtop and optional folding seats for the rear bench.
The test car cost £2146 (with the optional overdrive) including taxes.
There are also optional trips, which are different from choice trips, in that you can choose not to go on any of them.
There are no strict limits when the epenthetic is obligatory, optional, or prohibited.
There is also an optional accessory pack which includes foot pedals and a lap attachment.
Two other additions are optional: Rear sidebags (optional feature) for side-on collisions in the back seats and windowbags, large airbags expanding like a curtain from A- to C-pillars in side-on collisions.
Updates to the wagon in December 1980 brought an optional three-speed automatic or five-speed manual as well.

More Vocab Words

::: dotage - senility; feeblemindedness of old age; Ex. In one's dotage
::: nebulous - vague; hazy; cloudy; of a nebula; Ex. nebulous proposal
::: sycophant - servile flatterer; bootlicker; yes man; ADJ. sycophantic
::: wrinkle - small ridge on a smooth surface (face or cloth); V.
::: filch - steal (things of small value)
::: braggart - boaster; bragger
::: wrongheaded - stubbornly wrong
::: ambience - environment; atmosphere; Ex. restraurant with a pleasant ambience; ADJ. ambient: completely surrounding; Ex. ambient temperature
::: brittle - hard but easily broken; difficult; unstable; Ex. brittle situation
::: invocation - prayer for help (used in invoking); calling upon as a reference or support; act of invoking