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Vocabulary Word

Word: oblivion

Definition: obscurity; condition of being completely forgotten; forgetfulness

Sentences Containing 'oblivion'

A thousand pities a gift of that nature should sink into oblivion, and not be kept up as an example to incite all parishes to do the like.
Another pause of oblivion, and he awoke in the sombre morning, unconscious where he was or what had happened, until it flashed upon his mind,``this is the day of my death!''
As a regicide his estate was confiscated by the government after the Restoration under the provisions of the Indemnity and Oblivion Act. Family.
At roughly the same time, Arion kidnapped Bill Knightley from outside the Oblivion Bar, interrogated him, and nearly killed him.
At the Restoration Keble was excepted from the Indemnity and Oblivion Act (under which forbade him from accepting a public office).
At the Restoration under a provision in the Indemnity and Oblivion Act he was forbidden from holding further public offices.
Besides numerous translations, Opitz edited (1639) "Das Annolied", a Middle High German poem of the end of the 11th century, and thus preserved it from oblivion since the original manuscript is now lost. Opitz also wrote a pastoral novel, "Schäferei der Nymphe Hercinie" (The Idyll of the Nymph Hercinie, 1630).
But it went into oblivion after his death.
But Meurant had mis-read the animosity Bolger had for him that, in the final analysis, condemned Meurant's party to oblivion.
But tell me now, didst thou ask this Tosilos, as thou callest him, what has become of Altisidora, did she weep over my absence, or has she already consigned to oblivion the love thoughts that used to afflict her when I was present?"
But, Mr. Darnay, oblivion is not so easy to me, as you represent it to be to you.
Enchanters have persecuted me, enchanters persecute me still, and enchanters will continue to persecute me until they have sunk me and my lofty chivalry in the deep abyss of oblivion; and they injure and wound me where they know I feel it most.
Finally, in "The Unnamable", almost all sense of place and time are abolished, and the essential theme seems to be the conflict between the voice's drive to continue speaking so as to continue existing, and its almost equally strong urge towards silence and oblivion.
For I own it seems to me, my dear Mr. Copperfield,' said Mrs. Micawber, who always fell back on me, I suppose from old habit, to whomsoever else she might address her discourse at starting, 'that the time is come when the past should be buried in oblivion; when my family should take Mr. Micawber by the hand, and Mr. Micawber should take my family by the hand; when the lion should lie down with the lamb, and my family be on terms with Mr. Micawber.'
He was born in Kragerø, grew up in Kristiansand, and settled in Copenhagen. Some of his books were bestsellers in Denmark when they were published, but today Krag is more or less sunk into oblivion.
Here it was, he told me, that he saw for the first time that mortal enemy of the human race, and here, too, for the first time he declared to her his passion, as honourable as it was devoted, and here it was that at last Marcela ended by scorning and rejecting him so as to bring the tragedy of his wretched life to a close; here, in memory of misfortunes so great, he desired to be laid in the bowels of eternal oblivion."
How many more have been celebrated for a time, and have afterwards sunk into neglect and oblivion?
I know likewise, that writers of travels, like dictionary-makers, are sunk into oblivion by the weight and bulk of those who come last, and therefore lie uppermost.
If buried in oblivion I should be, Bereft of life, fame, favour, even there It would be found that I thy image bear Deep graven in my breast for all to see.
In 1660 at the restoration of the monarchy it was alleged that, during the Interregnum, Keble had acted arbitrarily against Royalists and this was the reason he was excepted from the general pardon under the Indemnity and Oblivion Act. Hilkiah Bedford, a political opponent, called him "an insolent, mercenary pettifogger," who without jury or evidence sent to the gallows any he suspected of royalism.
In contrast to his prominent astronomical colleagues he fell into oblivion in the 17th century.
It also samples Astor Piazzolla's composition "Oblivion" in the opening and closing sequences.
It consists of tracks from their albums "Utopia", "Oblivion" and "POV", as well as two new tracks, "Fix Your Gaze" and "Monument".
It is true the second author of this work was unwilling to believe that a history so curious could have been allowed to fall under the sentence of oblivion, or that the wits of La Mancha could have been so undiscerning as not to preserve in their archives or registries some documents referring to this famous knight; and this being his persuasion, he did not despair of finding the conclusion of this pleasant history, which, heaven favouring him, he did find in a way that shall be related in the Second Part.
Kamalakanta Bhattacharjya’s "Pahoroni" (Oblivion) and Chandrakumar Agarwala’s "Niyor" (Dew-drops) were two epoch-making poems published in the first year of the magazine.
Many were in fact swallowed by oblivion; when we examine the writing of Tirechan we encounter obscure references to tribes which are quite unknown to the later genealogical tradition.
Murray’s performance in this match was his finest hour - he had taken Roscommon from oblivion to the All-Ireland title.
My soul, from this strait prison-house set free, As o'er the Stygian lake it floats along, Thy praises singing still shall hold its way, And make the waters of oblivion stay.
Seek quietude and oblivion, so that you may return peaceably to France after a few years.
Simon Leng views the song as an "intermittently amusing rocker", but with Harrison's voice "on the road to oblivion" on the recording, "Ding Dong" would have benefited from "hibernating another winter".
So that, Senor Ambrosia while you consign your friend's body to the earth, you should not consign his writings to oblivion, for if he gave the order in bitterness of heart, it is not right that you should irrationally obey it.
Spud's last recent appearances for IPW:UK have seen him in losing efforts to former Gladiator's and current TNA star Magnus Nick 'Oblivion' Aldis.
The group was formed in 1987 originally as Oblivion, but had to change the spelling after discovering a band of the same name in the United States.
The track "One Eye Dollar" also appears on the Clutch release, "From Beale Street to Oblivion", with changes to the lyrics and melody.
Then Bianca's mother, actress and showgirl frustrated that will help his daughter and his niece Antonella to achieve all their ambitions, regardless of means, but will not know the appearance of this daughter who has remained in oblivion, giving rise to complications in the life of Bianca, Antonella and society.
When the executive of the Party overruled Meurant and refused to return political donations garnered by Meurant on the promise of right wing economic policies, Meurant left the party and became an independent, following the path of most former independent MPs: to political oblivion.
When the Indian swami hired to address the party falls into drunken oblivion, Ramu takes his place.
With the assistance of Mr. William Errickson of Barnegat, and Dr. William P. Haywood of West Creek, Ocean County, New Jersey, I have been able to rescue from oblivion and bring to the light of day a correct history of the Barnegat sneak-box.
``Suffer me, also, madame,''replied Villefort,``to add my earnest request to Mademoiselle de Saint Meran's, that you will kindly allow the veil of oblivion to cover and conceal the past.

More Vocab Words

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