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Vocabulary Word

Word: oblique

Definition: indirect; slanting (deviating from the perpendicular or from a straight line); Ex. oblique reference

Sentences Containing 'oblique'

A short oblique fold is in front of the shoulder and is covered with small granular scales.
A simple definition of the syndrome is "limited elevation in adduction from mechanical causes around the superior oblique".
Acquired cases that have active inflammation of the superior oblique tendon may benefit from local corticosteroid injections in the region of the trochlea.
Adult leaves are dull blue-green and often oblique.
Although set in World War II, the movie is indeed an oblique reference to the Vietnam War and at one point, breaking the fourth wall, references this directly.
An oblique pore is made in the lower surface, through which frass is ejected.
As he thundered out this he made a rush at Bildad, but with a marvellous oblique, sliding celerity, Bildad for that time eluded him.
As part of this project, the oblique intersection with MD 806 on the north side of Thurmont was removed.
Brown syndrome is caused by a malfunction of the superior oblique tendon, causing the eye to have difficulty moving up, particularly during adduction (when eye turns towards the nose).
By this oblique motion, the island is conveyed to different parts of the monarch’s dominions.
Desired traits also include: flat hard bone, broad knees, short cannon bones, oblique pasterns and well-shaped broad dark hooves.
Dr Peter Killen was the first to develop a continuously breaking, oblique, stationary wave for the study of wave riding.
Female similar: fore wing on upperside with an oblique broad white discal band, hind wing with a postdiscal incomplete series of black spots.
Fore wing with two pairs of transverse sinuous dark narrow bands across cell, followed by an oblique discal similar band, from costa to interspace 1.
Grey markings on the back with a broad oblique pink white band on the 7th and 8th segments.
Harold W. Brown characterized the syndrome in many ways such as: He concluded that all of these features of Brown syndrome were due to the shortening or tightening of the anterior superior oblique tendon.
Harold W. Brown first described the disorder in 1950 and initially named it the "superior oblique tendon sheath syndrome".
Here he demonstrated oblique cases of arguments that did not adhere to simpler forms of inference; An example being: "The square of an even number is even; 6 is even; therefore, the square of 6 is even".
However, after an article on the subject by Philip Grey Egerton, Owen considered the possibility that the oblique section could have supported the lower lobe of a tail fin.
I recognized by the oblique feet that it was some extinct creature after the fashion of the Megatherium.
In 1831 he invented and patented, in conjunction with Mr. Mordan, a pen of a form called the 'oblique,' from the slit being in the usual direction of the writing.
In the oblique technique, the perineal body is avoided, cutting only the vagina epithelium, skin, and muscles (transversalius and bulbospongiosus).
Indication of external oblique bulging over iliac crest. The lower boundary of abdomen occasionally forms a deep curve.
It does not bear a ring and has fragile, cottony, brownish or charcoal-coloured oblique girdles of volval remnants around the stem base and lower stem.
It is provided with a weak oblique fold at its insertion.
It is similar to "Temnora nitida", but the broad oblique band on the forewing upperside is narrowed and angled.
Launching the device was made from an oblique ramp, later also on a modified 88-mm anti-aircraft gun launch pad.
Mr. LaChiusa said the musical was his oblique response to Sept.
Oblique aerial photographs of the coastline were taken on a Lars Christensen financed expedition in 1937 as well as by the US Navy’s Operation Highjump in 1947 for reconnaissance purposes.
Often the seven segments are arranged in an "oblique" (slanted) arrangement, which aids readability.
Other columnar phases with long-range order are classified by their two-dimensional lattices: hexagonal, tetragonal, rectangular, and oblique phases.
Similar to "legal terminology" and related to "political terminology", military terms are known for an oblique tendency to incorporate technical language.
Straight edged beyond the centre section, it tapered only slightly to the oblique tips.
The columella is slightly oblique, shortly truncated in front.
The depressor anguli oris arises from the oblique line of the mandible, whence its fibres converge, to be inserted, by a narrow fasciculus, into the angle of the mouth.
The displacements on these structures range from nearly orthogonal to the Caledonian chain in the south to being strongly oblique in mid-Norway.
The forewing upperside has an oblique brown band.
The large dorsal scales are keeled and forming continuous oblique series.
The mine starts in a more or less oblique direction till it reaches the midrib or margin of the leaf.
The prosecution claimed that his actions amounted to a wholesale abuse of power for his own personal and oblique reasons.
The real cause was a tight or short superior oblique tendon; studies have confirmed this and have labeled the tendon inelastic.
The shell is tuberculately ribbed with oblique ribs.
The slogan "teach the controversy" has been increasingly superseded by the more oblique "Critical Analysis of Evolution".
The throat has oblique black transverse bands.
There is a slight indication of the external oblique bulging over the iliac crest. Shoulder blades are indicated as modelled shapes.
Therefore, the oblique technique is often applied (also pictured above).
They went towards the extreme stern, on the ship's lee side, where the deck, with the oblique energy of the wind, was now almost dipping into the creamy, sidelong-rushing sea.
This spiral sculpture is crossed by radiating riblets, running straight in an oblique direction, from the suture to the upper spiral, where they form small crenulations.
Turbines are laid out as an oblique rectangle of 5 km x 3.8 km (8 horizontal and 10 vertical rows).
When the position of the stone is oblique, the motion of the island is so too: for in this magnet, the forces always act in lines parallel to its direction.

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