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Vocabulary Word

Word: objective

Definition: not influenced by emotions; fair; N: goal; aim

Sentences Containing 'objective'

According to him, to belong to a nation is a subjective act which always has to be repeated, as it is not assured by objective criteria.
After revisiting the hermit and Paladore, he achieves his objective, and he and Aithne are wed there.
As a Host Vampire, your objective is to kill and turn the Hunters into Vampires.
As of 2013 there is no objective test. Criteria.
Certain social theories attempt to remain strictly scientific, descriptive, and objective.
First objective was Toruń, a strategically located Vistula river port, with modern fortifications.
His objective in all his designs were to maintain his "billiard table" design philosophy.
However, there were others who were in the field pursuing this objective.
In 2010, the project accomplished its objective of giving access to over 10 million digital objects.
Its objective was assistance in and supervision of implementation of the Arusha Accords.
Its objective was to obtain the most complete high-resolution digital topographic database of the Earth.
Laennec advocated objective scientific observation.
Littlefield's major objective for the Foundation was to preserve the collection for the future.
Now what we need to do is to look at why this may be the case and we need to do it in a compassionate and objective way."
Objective and confidential feedback is provided to each applicant.
Objective of maintenance is to restore its original appearance.
Objective sociological research findings quickly become a normative and political issue.
One objective of the Columbian Exposition was to highlight electric generation technologies, and "Illinois" was no exception.
Relativity theory of citizen's rights is an objective analysis that describes the situation of outside.
Support of community and public projects was an important objective of the bank.
The 'objective' is to move the top couple to the bottom of the set, and the other couples move up one position.
The agency's stated objective is to "disrupt and combat organised crime".
The allies' objective is to defend the aerogates against these assaults.
The capture of Objective Jenkins isolated Najaf from the north.
The expedition failed to accomplish this objective, but became recognised instead as an epic feat of endurance.
The German objective was to bombard Sunderland on the 19th, with extensive reconnaissance provided by airships and submarines.
The guns included Mons Meg and Bishop Foxe's Norham Castle was the objective.
The Health Grades website provides an objective scale of twelve patient safety indicators.
The main objective of this initiative was to share pieces of the company’s history with the people.
The northern bridge at Al Kifl was codenamed Objective Jenkins and the southern bridge in Abu Sukhayr was codenamed Objective Floyd.
The objective however, was the invasion of Gujarat.
The objective is to clear 75% or more of the game board while dodging the bouncing balls.
The objective is to win more half-suits than the other team.
The objective of providing a commentary for ordinary people was very successful.
The objective of the accompanying instruments is far more than following the melody and keeping the beats.
The objective was "to serve the underserved."
The objective was to bring fundamental and applied research closer.
The objective was to help people living in poverty to help themselves by organizing their own efforts and talents.
The objective was to provide 1.8 million people with "satisfactory accommodation".
The presumption is that "Y" is an authority capable of taking the most objective approach.
The screening operation destroyed few German ships, but the objective was achieved.
The true identity and objective of the masterminds behind the bombings has been the subject of controversy.
There are no objective methods for detecting the presence or absence of mental disease.
There is no objective evidence at all to prove this though.
There is no objective measure of where the ends of the Lairig Ghru are.
There is no way to use any model to record or play from other source than from objective.
This advance continued until 26 August, when the division reached its objective - the mouth of the River Seine.
This kind of objective probability is sometimes called 'chance'.
This means to adopt an objective, systematic approach to understanding the causal relationships between various phenomena.
Thus objective spiritual knowledge always entails creative inner activity.

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::: hubris - arrogance; excessive self-conceit
::: perspicuous - (of something) plainly expressed; easy to understand; Ex. perspicuous comments
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::: sheer - pure; thin and transparent; very steep
::: ingrate - ungrateful person (not expressing thanks)