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Vocabulary Word

Word: objective

Definition: not influenced by emotions; fair; N: goal; aim

Sentences Containing 'objective'

Seeing then that our eyes have only flat pictures containing two dimension information about the objective world, from whence is this knowledge of distance and the solidity of things?
This sense is very highly developed in us, and the earlier period of our existence is largely given over to feeling for the objective world outside ourselves.
A whole train of associations connected with the objective world is set going in the mind when rays of light strike the retina refracted from objects.
The mental idea of the objective world that has grown up in his mind is now associated more directly with touch than with sight, with the felt shape rather than the visual appearance.
To sum up this somewhat rambling chapter, I have endeavored to show that there are two aspects from which the objective world can be apprehended.
And it is difficult to consider the``mosaic of color forms''without being very conscious of the objective significance of the color masses portrayed.
But it was not until Velazquez that a picture was painted that was founded entirely on visual appearances, in which a basis of objective outlines was discarded and replaced by a structure of tone masses.
Emancipated from the objective world, they no longer dissected the object to see what was inside it, but studied rather the anatomy of the light refracted from it to their eyes.
Excess of variations from a common type is what I think we recognize as ugliness in the objective world, whereas beauty is on the side of unity and conformity to type.

More Vocab Words

::: aviary - enclosure for birds; large cage
::: adjacent - adjoining; neighboring; close by
::: prurient - having or causing lustful desires and thoughts; arousing immoderate sexual desire
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::: allegiance - loyalty
::: foreshadow - give an indication beforehand; be a sign of (what is coming); portend; prefigure
::: slovenly - untidy; careless in work habits; slipshod; N. sloven: one who is habitually untidy or careless
::: indignation - anger at an injustice; Ex. righteous indignation; ADJ. indignant
::: catechism - book for religious instruction in question-and-answer form; religious instruction by question and answer; V. catechize
::: inroad - hostile invasion; advance that lessens the quantity or difficulty of something; Ex. The long illness made serious inroads on his savings; CF. raid