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Vocabulary Word

Word: nostalgia

Definition: homesickness; longing for the past; Ex. nostalgia for the clothes of 1920s; ADJ. nostalgic

Sentences Containing 'nostalgia'

"Nostalgija" (English translation: "Nostalgia") was the Croatian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1995, performed in Croatian by Magazin and Lidija.
A number of producers sought to capitalize on nostalgia for the entertainment by attempting to recreate the spirit of burlesque in Hollywood films from the 1930s to the 1960s.
Abbey is also frustrated by our disruption of nature and the natural progression of the planet, he firmly believes that nature is eternal and we are simply invading where we are not needed or wanted: “I am almost prepared to believe that this sweet virginal primitive land would be grateful for my departure and the absence of the tourist, will breath metaphorically a collective sigh of relief - like a whisper of wind – when we are all and finally gone and the place and its creations can return to their ancient procedures unobserved and undisturbed by the busy, anxious, brooding consciousness of man.”(333-334) Midway through the text, Abbey observes that nature is something lost since before the time of our forefathers, something that has become distant and mysterious which he believes we should all come to know better: "Suppose we say that wilderness provokes nostalgia, a justified not merely sentimental nostalgia for the lost America our forefathers knew.
Ahwesh claims the three films: Verite Opera (1983), Paranormal Intelligence (1983), and Nostalgia for Paradise (1983) are not diary films, narratives or documentaries but rather "portraits" of her friends.
Also, Clavain is later shown to be unworried about infection, maintaining his implants even while aboard the plague-infested "Nostalgia for Infinity".
Although remembered with a certain sense of nostalgia today, it is not an exaggeration to describe the former area as a true slum.
At the end of "Redemption Ark" this is demonstrated by Ana Khouri and Triumvir Ilia Volyova as they load approximately 160,000 of the almost 200,000 on the world Resurgam onto the "Nostalgia for Infinity".
B.A.T.'s 2006 U.S.-Canadian tour was filmed for a documentary titled "B.A.T.: Balkan Rock Nostalgia", directed by Branislav R. Tatalovic.
Because the stadium is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and because of the nostalgia that surrounds the site, the university decided that a retrofit and renovation (as opposed to building a new stadium elsewhere) would be the best scenario for the California football program.
Cary Brothers is able to capture the type of nostalgia that can be likened to the sounds of Keane and Coldplay; melodic guitar paired with a delicate dose of piano. This singer-songwriter’s music doesn’t limit his listener to the love-tortured soul syndrome.
Classic country moved to sister station KRLI 103.9 FM (Malta Bend, Missouri), which had started with a nostalgia/variety format and later switched to Contemporary Hit Radio.
Critics deem Weibel "yesterday's popular science artist" and his public appearances "nostalgia shows".
Despite the same writer and director, and the casting of Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa, "Reply 1994" is not a prequel of "Reply 1997"; it uses the same concept of coming-of-age drama combined with 1990s nostalgia, but with a completely new plot and characters.
Facing the aging demographics of the nostalgia format, the station moved to a short-lived 50s/60s oldies station dubbed "Real Oldies 1430" from July 2003 through mid-October 2004.
He further explained of the album's diversity that it had its origins in a certain nostalgia: Ihsahn described his intention with the production as realizing "a more sparse sound picture, inspired by more '70s metal. I also mixed that album in an analog studio with equipment from the '50s, '60s and '70s and didn't overdub any guitars."
He reintroduced the songs through the LP entitled "Nostalgia filipina", where his vocal interpretation is accompanied by a rondalla. Digitally remastered with funding from the Spanish Program for Cultural Cooperation, the LP was reissued and launched at Instituto Cervantes de Manila on 14 August 2006.
He was, as a result, sentenced to a period of hard labour in the Taiga (Zabaykal'skiy region) but continued to write as best he could, driven by a nostalgia for his Ukrainian homeland, until he was liberated by the fall of the Soviet Union.
Here the film was about family and nostalgia for film of the 70's, Super-8 film was the best format to fuse the format with its content.
His hits included "Tęsknota" ("Nostalgia", in Yiddish "Benkshaft"); "Jaśminy" (Jasmine); "Jak ja się dziś upiję" ("When I Get Drunk Today", in Yiddish "Az 'Khvel Mikh Haynt Onshikirn"); "Moja pierswsza i ostatnia" ("My First and Last", Yiddish "Mayn Ershte Un Letste"); "Szkoda twoich łez" ("Too bad about your tears", Yiddish "A Shod Dayne Trern"), and others.
However, as the historian David Kynaston observed sixty years later, "the time was far from ripe for Metroland nostalgia".
Imbued with a sense of humor, a touch of nostalgia, and an eye to the future, Clay's work was noted overall by a fastidious attention to detail and masterful technique.
In 2002, an investor group led by former Des Moines banker Bradley Burt purchased a majority interest in the Maid-Rite chain, with the Gillotti family retaining an interest. While up to 20 longtime franchisees left Maid-Rite during the first two years of its new ownership, Maid-Rite began to use computerized systems to control expenses, started offering ten-day courses on how to prepare Maid-Rite food to new franchise owners, and created a new uniform decor for its restaurants that retains the nostalgia of the Maid-Rite brand.
In 2010, Midi Mafia recorded Frank Ocean’s mix tape, Nostalgia Ultra, in which Midi Mafia produced the song Swim Good.
In addition to its impact on social history, as a rallying point for community action, and its nostalgia-inspiring aesthetic compatibility with the neighborhood in which it stands, it is the only such bridge ever known to have been built in the state.
In the 80's during one of the largest campaigns to demand his freedom, two of Majeed's compositions – "Memories" and "Nostalgia" – were played by the German Radio Symphony Orchestra to be heard by the progressive world and bring its attention to his talent and suffering.
It also enjoys some of the highest ratings of any "Nostalgia" formatted station in the US.
It was a slightly nostalgic thing already, a future nostalgia.
Its three movements, based on traditional music of the Suiyuan region, are: The second movement, "Nostalgia" is Ma's most famous work.
Known as "the king of nostalgia", Franklin's highly-rated television and radio shows, especially a cult favorite to cable television viewers and his long-running "Memory Lane" radio programs, focused on old-time show-business personalities.
Lineup changes and 1990s nostalgia touring (2010–present).
List of Nostalgia Critic episodes (2009)
McGrath instead chose to start his own rivaling 1990s nostalgia tour for Summer 2013, named "Under the Sun".
Nostalgia?, Guilt from a Night of the Full Moon, and Dr Johannes von Faust. The cinematic and audio creations were produced two by the production studios Schifanoia Films and Centre Polyphony.
Other conjoiners hold similar sentiments, including Remontoire and his soldiers (who install advanced weaponry on the Nostalgia for Infinity).
Owen Gleiberman of "Entertainment Weekly" praised the film for updating the clichés of similarly themed films from the 1970s to the 1980s like "Animal House" and "Risky Business" "so that they look just dangerous enough to make nostalgia feel naughty", but stated that the film does not offer anything more outrageous than real parties, despite implying "that it's breaking down bold new barriers of misbehavior".
Parallel to these activities, she created two shows of her own ("Nostalgia Arrabalera" and "Del Rancho a la Ciudad").
Recorded in advance of film production for lip-synching reasons, "Things We Said Today" has a reverse nostalgia premise.
Rudy Klapper of Sputnikmusic complimented the influence of 1980s music on the album, writing: "In its execution, the record is near flawless, an essential distillation of the sounds of Gonzalez's youth, nostalgia and melancholy and happiness all mixed up into a sparkling pop stew."
She made her last recordings — spoken introductions to songs for a nostalgia album by Udo Lindenberg — from her Paris apartment in 1987.
Some of his recent work, most notably the photographic montage "Analogue of Surreal Nostalgia" (2005), is in the permanent collection of Falmouth Art Gallery.
The band recruited replacements in percussionist Al Keith, bassist Justin Bivona and drummer Jesse Bivona, the latter two twin musicians had been replacement members in the past. In 2012, McGrath worked with Art Alexakis, frontman and vocalist of the band Everclear, about starting up a 1990s nostalgia tour, something they had discussed in the past, but had always felt it had been too soon to successfully do.
The Girlfriends never released another record. Willis later joined Honey Cone and both she and Jones sang in one of the nostalgia-circuit groups performing as The Shirelles in the 1990s.
The King said that 'Sefarad (the Hebrew name for Spain) is no longer nostalgia, nor a place where Jews should feel as if at home, because Hispano-Jews are home in Spain.
The second year of comedy web series "Nostalgia Critic" began in 2009, featuring episodes within "Nickelodeon Month", in which he exclusively reviewed programs broadcast on Nickelodeon.
The song is inspired by the proverb "Silence makes the heart grow fonder", with the performers singing about the nostalgia felt for an absent lover.
This was during a period when the market for nostalgia was particularly strong among baby boomers, who at this time were seeking products for their young children, and only three years before the beginning of the Disney Renaissance for the studio Bluth once worked for.
Through his efforts the ballpark gained recognition as one of the oldest active parks in minor league baseball, and he encouraged fans traveled to Little Rock to experience the nostalgia and sample the baseball history represented by Ray Winder Field.
True to the lyrics of "Ding Dong", Harrison refused to celebrate the past in his concerts or pander to the media's nostalgia for the Beatles, and many in the mainstream music press criticised the poor state of his voice and his decision to feature Ravi Shankar so heavily in the program.
Until his death in Thousand Oaks on May 12, 2007, he attended nostalgia conventions.
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