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Vocabulary Word

Word: nimble

Definition: quick in movement; agile; quick in understanding; Ex. nimble climber/mind

Sentences Containing 'nimble'

"His leg side keeping was on occasions as superlative as his nimble footed agility was amazing.
1970 saw a change of pace as Holden decided to retire the well-proven V8 powered Monaro in favour of the smaller and more nimble Torana GTR XU-1, which was a specially developed Bathurst version of the new and popular six-cylinder LC Torana mid-size car.
A more compact 908/3 was introduced in 1970 to complement the heavy Porsche 917 on twisty tracks that favored nimble cars, like Targa Florio and Nürburgring.
Also, the boat has received many awards in fishing competitions, often out-doing several smaller, nimble fishing boats.
And if he were not lively about it, if he did not go with a nimble hop-skip-and-jump, then Tashtego had an ungentlemanly way of accelerating him by darting a fork at his back, harpoon-wise.
But turn thine eyes to the other side, and thou shalt see in front and in the van of this other army the ever victorious and never vanquished Timonel of Carcajona, prince of New Biscay, who comes in armour with arms quartered azure, vert, white, and yellow, and bears on his shield a cat or on a field tawny with a motto which says Miau, which is the beginning of the name of his lady, who according to report is the peerless Miaulina, daughter of the duke Alfeniquen of the Algarve; the other, who burdens and presses the loins of that powerful charger and bears arms white as snow and a shield blank and without any device, is a novice knight, a Frenchman by birth, Pierres Papin by name, lord of the baronies of Utrique; that other, who with iron-shod heels strikes the flanks of that nimble parti-coloured zebra, and for arms bears azure vair, is the mighty duke of Nerbia, Espartafilardo del Bosque, who bears for device on his shield an asparagus plant with a motto in Castilian that says, Rastrea mi suerte."
Flyboys are strong, fast and nimble both in the air and on the ground.
Galactic Girl Guides: Young girls have to grow up tough in an anarchic galaxy; a corps of shamelessly shifty and street-smart "Galactic Girl Guides" permeates the cosmos, made up of little girls with fast hands and nimble plans.
Gordon said, "Pamela was especially sort of nimble on her feet at inventing a character in the room on the fly, and I thought that was really impressive."
He also recruited experienced mariners for an occupation that required heavy manual work in hauling engines and trundling wheeled escape ladders up and down Edinburgh's steep streets, as well as nimble footwork when negotiating rooftops and moving through partially destroyed buildings.
He is the founder of two technology companies, Nimble Technology (now Actuate) and Transformic Inc.
In Friday qualifying, Senna's nimble Lotus, well suited to the track, was easily quickest in both sessions, averaging 88.183 mph (141.917 km/h), nearly 1.2 seconds clear of Nigel Mansell's Williams.
Into this twilight apartment sundry nimble hands keep coiling away the long blanket-piece as if it were a great live mass of plaited serpents.
Madame Defarge knitted with nimble fingers and steady eyebrows, and saw nothing.
Nimble as a cat, Tashtego mounts aloft; and without altering his erect posture, runs straight out upon the overhanging mainyard-arm, to the part where it exactly projects over the hoisted Tun.
Nimble users can have HubSpot automatically add visitor data to their Nimble account, and user's of PR Newswire's iReach can access iReach from the HubSpot dashboard. There are also third-party services, templates and extensions that can be downloaded through the HubSpot App Marketplace.
Oh, ye wood nymphs and dryads, that dwell in the thickets of the forest, so may the nimble wanton satyrs by whom ye are vainly wooed never disturb your sweet repose, help me to lament my hard fate or at least weary not at listening to it!
Set in four countries around the world, the campaign consists of spectacular demonstrations of the nimble, quick and fun driving dynamics of the Cadillac ATS.
She has been trained by John Riven (Meisner Technique), Rae Ellen Bodie (Voice Work), Jazz Be Nimble (Jazz, Tap, Ballet (Competitive Dance)), Barbara Deutsch (Actor's Workshop), David Rottenberg (On Camera Acting - Group Classes), Bruce Clayton (On Camera Acting - Group Classes), Francois Grise (Voice Work), Elaine Overholt (Singing and Voice) and Valerie Gellar (On Air Radio and Television - Group Seminar).
She looked very pretty, and was very merry; but the little feet that used to be so nimble when they danced round Jip, were dull and motionless.
The joker rapped it with his own, took a nimble spring upward, and came down in a fantastic dancing attitude, with one of his stained shoes jerked off his foot into his hand, and held out.
The Nürburgring event was held only two weeks before Le Mans, and as the bumpy track favored nimble cars anyway, the factory big-bangers of Ford and Ferrari remained absent.
The text was significantly cut by the director (for example the subplot involving Nimble and the blank charters was excised) to highlight the relationship between the two plays.
These creatures were of the size of a large mastiff, but infinitely more nimble and fierce; so that if I had taken off my belt before I went to sleep, I must have infallibly been torn to pieces and devoured.
These include TheFind.com, BuySight (acquired by AOL), Nimble Commerce, Trackle, Nanolane, Vividha and Story Truck.
They observed by my teeth, which they viewed with great exactness, that I was a carnivorous animal; yet most quadrupeds being an overmatch for me, and field mice, with some others, too nimble, they could not imagine how I should be able to support myself, unless I fed upon snails and other insects, which they offered, by many learned arguments, to evince that I could not possibly do.
Trebor's Russian accent is excellent, and his perf is multilayered and nimble."
When a herd is threatened by predators, an adult (usually female) will issue a bark to alert the rest of the herd. Despite being very nimble over rocky hillsides and mountains, the greater kudu is not fast enough (and nor does it have enough stamina) to escape its main predators over open terrain, so instead relies on leaping over shrubs and small trees to shake off pursuers.

More Vocab Words

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