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Vocabulary Word

Word: negligible

Definition: so small, trifling, or unimportant as to be easily disregarded

Sentences Containing 'negligible'

(This formula assumes that the magnetic susceptibility is negligible, i.e. formula_3 where formula_4 is the magnetic permeability of the light transmitting media.
A common assumption for the analysis of quantization error is that it affects a signal processing system in a similar manner to that of additive white noise – having negligible correlation with the signal and an approximately flat power spectral density.
About 1 Ga ago, star formation in Leo I appears to have dropped suddenly to an almost negligible rate.
Allied air forces refused to provide air support for Allied ground forces until Axis air forces had been neutralized; and, since Axis bombing continued through 12 July, the role of Allied aircraft was negligible in the fighting at Gela. Pre-invasion strategic bombing reduced Luftflotte 2 strength to 175 planes in Sicily, but 418 additional "Luftwaffe" and 449 "Regia Aeronautica" aircraft remained serviceable at bases in Italy to be flown in as required.
As a result, the statistical distance to a uniform family is formula_108, which becomes negligible when formula_109.
Because camber is usually kept within 1/4° side to side, the resulting scrub radius difference is negligible.
Blake, whose visual knowledge was such a negligible quantity, but whose mental perceptions were so magnificent, was always insisting on its value.
Catches by Spanish fishers have been highly variable, ranging from negligible to over 4,000 tons per year, which may reflect shifts of fishing effort into historically less-exploited waters.
Einstein considered the special case when the only matter present is a cloud of "dust" (that is, a perfect fluid in which the pressure is assumed to be negligible).
Even in compressible flows, the term involving "λ" is often negligible; however it can occasionally be important even in nearly incompressible flows and is a matter of controversy.
For power and energy measurement, this error is generally considered to be negligible at unity power factor but increases in significance as the power factor approaches zero.
German plan backfired since it had negligible impact of Finnish actions and only managed to further stain the German, especially Rendulic's, reputation in Finland.
Helium could diffuse through the steel and glass from the outside air, but the abundance of He is usually negligible in the atmosphere.
However this heating mechanism is not very efficient in large current sheets, while more energy is released in turbulent regimes when nanoflares happen at much smaller scale-lengths, where non-linear effects are not negligible.
However, south of Alaska on the North American coast, fish are a negligible or extremely minor part of the sea otter's diet.
However, the Productivity Commission's final research report found that it was not possible to reliably assess the impact of environmental limitations upon productivity and economic growth, nor to reliably attribute the contribution of immigration to any such impact. Australia is a relatively high-immigration country like Canada (the country with the highest per capita immigration rate in the world, see Immigration to Canada) and the United States, and while other economically developed countries like Japan and Korea have historically had negligible immigration, the issue of population decline is forcing a rethink of such policies.
If the criterion is satisfied, pore diffusion limitations are negligible.
In 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed; all state funding with the result of the financial crises was cut to negligible amounts.
In the State of Maine, with a negligible African-American population but a burgeoning number of French-Canadian and Irish immigrants, the Klan revival of the 1920s was mainly a Protestant nativist movement directed against the Catholic minority.
It had negligible power internally, which was jealously guarded by the provincial States.
It has negligible affinity (>10,000 nM) for the D1, D5, 5-HT2, α1-adrenergic, β-adrenergic, H1, and mACh receptors.
Over the course of a star's life on the main sequence this loss is usually negligible compared to the star's total mass; only at the end of a star's life when it becomes a red giant or a supernova is a large amount of material ejected.
Photons have negligible wave vectors and therefore the band extremes have to be in the same position of the Brillouin zone . On the other hand, for devices such as SASERs, acoustic phonons have a considerable dispersion.
Rear-end type collisions by overtaking motorists who didn't see the cyclist (Type 13 in the Cross-Fisher study) have been characterized as negligible in one analysis by John Forester and another analysis by Kenneth Cross characterized them as being the most deadly of crashes – three time the fatalities of other crash types (both used the same data).
Studies have showed that a daily dose of 20 mg oxandrolone used in the course of 12 weeks had only a negligible impact on the increase of liver enzymes.
That's because, when the vehicle is turning, one wheel is ahead of the other by several centimetres and therefore the setback is negligible.
The (mostly) solid body rotation is probably due to the long length of time during which each parcel of air remains in the vortex — allowing friction between the inner parcels and outer parcels to have a notable effect. It is also usually agreed upon that there is a slight effect of hot air tending to "rise" toward the center, but this effect is negligible — especially if turbulence is kept to a minimum.
The execution of the leaders of the rebellion turned out to be a propaganda coup for militant republicanism, and Sinn Féin's previously negligible popular support grew.
The fluid coupling now only handled about 25 percent of the engine torque, reducing slippage to a negligible amount.
The limitations in this interface are negligible for applications in industrial automation.
The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center said that the amount of aid delivered by the convoy was “negligible.” The Milli Gazette, a Muslim newspaper, reported that the convoy took “medical equipment, food items, clothes and other aid worth $1 million, weighing 170 tons, for the people of Gaza who continue to suffer unspeakable hardship for nearly five years under the illegal blockade imposed by the Israeli-US regimes.” While in Iran, the convoy was received by members of the Iranian political and social elite.
The number of indigenous minorities was negligible.
The only full-length album released by either group was "The World Needs a Melody" in 1973 (though 25 years later FolkEra Records issued "The Lost Masters 1969-1972", a compilation of previously unreleased tracks from the Shane-Horine-Connor years), and its sales were negligible.
The second circuit is a highpass filter which attenuates the fundamental, with negligible attenuation at harmonic frequencies.
The sex assay utilizes AluSTXa for the X chromosome, AluSTYa for the Y chromosome, or both AluSTXa and AluSTYa, to reduce the possibility of error to a negligible quantity.
There was negligible urinary excretion of ivacaftor as unchanged parent. The apparent terminal half-life was approximately 12 hours following a single dose in the fed state.
Thirteen B-24s flew this first U.S. mission against a European target causing negligible damage.
Thus, Contour threads have negligible permanent "biological cost", as the effect is reversible.
Thus, lenticulars have much larger v/σ ratios than ellipticals due to their non-negligible rotational velocities (due to the disk component) in addition to not having as prominent of a bulge component compared to elliptical galaxies.
With the 1.3 firmware update, it's about a tenth of a second slower than the Kindle, but the difference is negligible."
Within the microfluidic world physical laws change their appearance: As an example, volumetric forces, such as weight or inertia, often become negligible, whereas surface forces can dominate fluidical behaviour, especially when gas inclusion in liquids is present.
Work began in 1831, although the account books show that only a negligible amount had been carried out before May 1834.
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