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Vocabulary Word

Word: natal

Definition: connected with birth; CF. prenatal; CF. postnatal

Sentences Containing 'natal'

"African Invertebrates" was established in 1906 as the "Annals of the Natal Government Museum" that changed its name later to the "Annals of the Natal Museum".
A few specimens of the very rare Natal sandstone quince, "Dahlgrenodendron natalense", are present.
A wide range of natural science topics has been covered in the "Annals of the Natal Museum" and subsequently in "African Invertebrates".
All Saints Maidstone is a church on the Dolphin Coast in the Anglican Diocese of Natal in KwaZulu Natal. History.
Amy, however, suffers from post-natal depression, and leaves to live with her grandmother, leaving Lucas and Leah with Mike, who later leaves them in Ste's care.
Battle of Schuinshoogte, also known as Battle of Ingogo, was fought north of Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal, on 8 February 1881 during the First Boer War.
Between 1899 and 1903 the Natal Government Railways placed one hundred and one tank steam locomotives with a wheel arrangement in service.
Born in 1966 in KwaMashu in the KwaZulu Natal province, she started singing at school.
Coillard assisted in fruitful negotiations between local Basuto chiefs and Theophilus Shepstone, Natal's secretary for native affairs.
Coillard moved to Natal, where he assisted American missionaries.
Daniel played Craven Week for the Border rugby team in 2003 and was recruited afterwards by the Natal Rugby Academy.
During April 2009, Amy gave birth to Lucas, and subsequently left due to post-natal depression.
Emmanuel Ngara is a Zimbabwean academic and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
From Ermelo it runs south to enter KwaZulu-Natal at Volksrust. In KwaZulu-Natal it continues south through Newcastle, where it meets the R34 and then south-west through Ladysmith to end at the N3 freeway.
He founded the chamber of commerce of Guayaquil and was a member of the firefighters of his natal city.
He played one match for KwaZulu-Natal Inland in 2007-08.
He was born in Durban, Natal, South Africa.
If that Mars were located in the twelfth house of a natal chart Mars's "accidental dignity" would be poor, since it would be located in a weak or malevolent cadent house.
In 1865 Basutoland became involved in disputes with its neighbouring Boer nations of Natal and the Orange Free State.
In 1967, Pillay became the first non-white woman to open her own law practice in Natal Province.
In 2006, the "Natal" form was described as a new species, the Natal shyshark.
In addition to this they must also provide post natal care to nursing mothers.
In other words, "essential dignity" seeks to view the strengths of a planet or point as though it were isolated from other factors in the sky of the natal chart.
It currently houses the Jane Furse fire brigade, a post-natal clinic, a crèche and a centre for disabled children.
It grows largely in forest or on forest margins, occurring in the Eastern Cape, Natal and Transkei in South Africa.
It is located on Umhlanga Ridge in Umhlanga, north of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
Jardel Santana da Silva (born 10 December 1978 in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil is a Brazilian footballer.
John Dugard has honorary doctorates of law from the University of Cape Town, University of Natal, University of Port Elizabeth, University of Pretoria and the University of the Witwatersrand.
Lumbandolok is a small village in Mandailing Natal Regency in North Sumatra Province.
Maidstone in KwaZulu Natal was named after Maidstone in Kent in the UK.
Natal at this time had not seen its way to entering the Customs Union, but did so at a later date.
Palm Beach is a town in Ugu District Municipality in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa.
Pillay was born in 1941 in a poor neighborhood of Durban, Natal Province, Union of South Africa.
Polly Shortts is a hill on the outskirts of Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.
Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act, 1994
Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Act, 1994 (PNDT), was amended in 2003 to The Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition Of Sex Selection) Act (PCPNDT Act) to improve the regulation of the technology used in sex selection.
Schools provide counseling by school nurses, information on health and nutrition, and pre-natal and infant care instruction.
Supported by her local Indian community with donations, she graduated from the University of Natal with a BA in 1963 and an LLB in 1965.
Sutcliffe formerly held the position of chairperson of the Municipal Demarcation Board and was a member of the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Legislature.
The Class C Reid Tenwheeler was employed on the lower section of the Natal main line.
The convention was the outcome of a conference held at Cape Town in 1888, at which delegates from Natal, the Free State and the Colony attended.
the equivalent of an after school club; youth club for teenagers and a centre for pre and ante natal advice among many others.
The Natal Ghost Frog, Plaintive Rain Frog and the Gray's Stream Frog are endemic to Swaziland, South Africa and Lesotho.
The Natal shyshark ("H. kistnasamyi"), formally described in 2006, was once considered to be an alternate form of the puffadder shyshark.
The Natal shyshark was not included in the study, though it is very close morphologically to this species.
The South African Class H 4-10-2T of 1899 is a South African steam locomotive from the pre-Union era in the Natal Colony.
The term "neonatal" comes from "neo", "new", and "natal", "pertaining to birth or origin".
This species occurs in the demersal zone of the Indian Ocean off Cape Natal, Durban, South Africa at a depth of 800 m.
Two forms of puffadder shyshark were once recognized: "Cape" and "Natal", which differed in appearance and habitat preferences.
When he failed the Indian Civil Service entrance examination, his father shipped him off to Natal in South Africa to learn sheep farming.

More Vocab Words

::: unaccountable - unexplicable; impossible to account for; unreasonable or mysterious
::: militant - combative; bellicose; N.
::: astigmatism - eye defect which prevents proper focus; OP. stigmatism
::: momentum - quantity of motion of a moving body; impetus; moving force
::: bourgeois - middle class; selfishly materialistic; too interested in material possessions
::: overwhelm - (of water) cover completely; defeat completely by much greater force; Ex. overwhelmed by grief
::: dossier - file of documents on a subject or person; file; CF. bundle of papers labeled on the back
::: ascendancy - controlling influence; position of controlling influence; CF. in the ascendant
::: plethora - excess; overabundance; Ex. a plethora of excuses
::: incantation - singing or chanting of magic spells; magical formula; (the saying of) words used in magic; CF. enchant