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Vocabulary Word

Word: muster

Definition: gather; assemble (troops); Ex. muster up one's strength for the ordeal; N.

Sentences Containing 'muster'

"Our crime," Galloway wrote, "was that we were 'too British' in uniform and character to pass muster with the Francophone hierarchy which dominated the Defence Department at the time.
"Rolling Stone" Erica Futterman had a different view of the singing, and said that "Holly can't quite muster Jett's vocal power".
A muster of the garrison on 28 May 1646 lists only 23 soldiers, "the rest of the soldiers being about fiftie are at Lichfield Leguer uppon dutie there with Lt.
After "New Facts", "New Particulars" and "Further Particulars respecting Shakespeare" had appeared and passed muster, Collier produced (1852) the famous "Perkins Folio", a copy of the Second Folio (1632), so called from a name written on the title-page.
After the WW II, both the comics and animated advertisements drawn by Miki Muster gained popularity in Slovenia.
All twelve-month regiments had to re-muster and enlist for two additional years or the duration of the war; a new election of officers was ordered; and men who were exempted from service by age or other reasons under the Conscription Act were allowed to take a discharge and go home.
Although I left the office at half past three, and was prowling about the place of appointment within a few minutes afterwards, the appointed time was exceeded by a full quarter of an hour, according to the clock of St. Andrew's, Holborn, before I could muster up sufficient desperation to pull the private bell-handle let into the left-hand door-post of Mr. Waterbrook's house.
Behind an elderly roster—nine of their top ten scorers and both of their goaltenders were over thirty—they could neither muster much offense nor defense.
Captain jack did not muster more than 57 braves throughout the war but for almost six months he withstood an army that came to number over a 1,000 men with their small arms supported by mountain howizers and coehorn mortars.
Despite the drought of success, Bonner SC were able to muster-up a phenomenal season in the Oberliga Nordrhein-Westfalen in the 2008–09 Season and become champions leading to their promotion back to the Regionalliga for the 2009–10 Season.
down the rest of the spare boats and rig them--Mr. Starbuck away, and muster the boat's crews."
He calls them prototypes “cobbled together from whatever body parts I could get my hands on.” Boasting that they are “infinitely adaptable,” Arcane reveals that he plans to build an Un-Men army of obedient, “perfect soldiers” who “never complain and always follow orders.” But before he can muster his Un-Men army, Allied bombs destroy the slaughterhouse, and, presumably, the Un-Men.
He played an important role in the defence organisation of Somerset, the substantial growth of which is shown by the muster in 1580 being 12,000 able footmen, double the total twenty years earlier.
He told Kesselring that the only planes available were his Junkers Ju 88 A-4 bombers, and he might be able to muster 150 for the raid; in the event, only 105 Ju 88s were available.
He was less affected by injuries in the 2001–02 season, but could only muster eight goals in a Boro side short of goals and creativity throughout the entire side.
However Stoke experienced their worst ever season in terms of league position as they could only muster a 14th place finish.
In June 1562 he was sent to Rye to muster six hundred men for service at Havre, and to collect information about the movements of French parties and the readiness of the Huguenots to accept English help.
In time of war, they are all of them naturally disposed to muster themselves under his banner, rather than under that of any other person; and his birth and fortune thus naturally procure to him some sort of executive power.
Ivanišević won in the final 4–6, 6–4, 6–4, 7–6(7–3) against Thomas Muster.
James thus looked to Ireland to muster support in re-gaining his kingdoms.
Later, Aeneas goes on a cattle muster, and asks Jeannie to come along, which she does gladly.
Meanwhile, Waragna received the message from the besieged loyalists at Basil Bet, to march on Gondar with every man he could muster for Tensa Mamo was in revolt; at the same time, Waragna was made governor of Yebaba, together with the districts of Elmana and Densa.
Neither team could muster anything in the second half.
Ninth-seeded Thomas Muster won the singles title.
Nittany Lions 27, Georgia 23 After Penn State controlled the first half, Georgia attempted to muster a comeback in the second half.
Now, for such a case as the one which has been submitted to us to-night, we need certainly to muster all our resources.
Oklahoma State couldn't muster a clock-killing drive in response, and Freeman needed only three plays to give Kansas State the lead.
She was afraid, but he told her to muster courage.
Tampa Bay, weak on offense, would only muster two field goals, and gave up a costly safety in the second quarter when a bad snap from center went over the head of rookie quarterback Shaun King and out of the endzone.
The "Moos" was also home to one of Bavaria's most notorious criminals, Theo Berger (1941–2003), who was able to muster considerable support in the region during his four escape attempts from prison.
The attacking party then retreated to a height of ground, to muster their men, and to count the number of missing and slain.
The first time Edward Hector is mentioned is on the muster rolls of February 1–28, 1777 for Colonel Proctor's 3rd Pennsylvania Artillery.
The picture I had before me, of the beautiful little treasure of my heart, sobbing and crying all night--of her being alone, frightened, and wretched, then--of her having so piteously begged and prayed that stony-hearted woman to forgive her--of her having vainly offered her those kisses, work-boxes, and trinkets--of her being in such grievous distress, and all for me--very much impaired the little dignity I had been able to muster.
The records indicates Edward Hector served in the military from February 1777, according to the muster roll, to at least December of 1780.
This would be all the Yankees could muster off Hershiser, whose postseason legend continued to improve.
Though he performed poorly in both games, the Colts still managed to muster out wins.
Wellington only determined Napoleon’s intentions with certainty in the evening, and his orders for his army to muster near Nivelles and Quatre Bras were sent out just before midnight.
When he first joined the NLRB, Farmer could not muster a majority in favor of limiting the practice.
When we stopped for supper I couldn't muster courage to take any, though I should have liked it very much, but sat by the fire and said I didn't want anything.
While the young king gave himself up to luxury and debauchery, the whole administration of the kingdom appears to have been left to Sosibius, who allowed both the finances and military defences to fall into a state of the greatest decay, so that when Antiochus the Great declared war against Ptolemy, and invaded Coele-Syria, it was some time before the Egyptian monarch or his ministers could muster an army to oppose him.
``Muster up all your courage, then, for never have you required it more.''

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