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Vocabulary Word

Word: moratorium

Definition: legal delay of payment or action; Ex. declare moratorium on the building of new houses

Sentences Containing 'moratorium'

"Fracking" is prohibited by moratorium despite the 30-million-euro contract signed with Chevron for the exploration of shale gas deposits in Novi Pazar.
"Operation Hardtack II" preceded Nougat and the testing moratorium.
1933 - During national bank moratorium, Leesport Bank is among the few authorized by regulations to do business as usual under its original name and character.
A 1991 grazing moratorium also allowed modest recovery of riparian vegetation to occur.
After the conclusion of Hardtack II, the United States announced a unilateral testing moratorium, which the Soviet Union joined until September, 1961.
As lawmaker he authored, among others Republic Act. 342 (Moratorium Act); R.A. 611 (cumulative computation of vacation and sick leaves) and R.A. No.
As of February 2013, five European countries had bans or moratoriums in place against hydraulic fracturing: France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, and Bulgaria; Romania had recently lifted its moratorium.
At the same time, commercial hunters reduced the Olympic elk herds to fewer than 2000 animals, prompting the state legislature to impose a temporary moratorium on elk hunting in the Olympics.
Because NCAA rules mandate that automatic bid conferences must contain at least six member schools the CHA scrambled to resolve the waiver that would allow Findlay to play in the conference despite the 9-year moratorium mandated by the NCAA on teams playing above their level.
Block I was shut down on March 17, 2011 for a three month moratorium on nuclear power, an announcement on May 30, 2011 named block I as a unit that would not be returning to service.
CDS contracts on sovereign obligations also usually include as credit events repudiation, moratorium and acceleration.
During the 2010 legislative session, she negotiated a highly controversial legislative moratorium on anti-gay bills with then Senate President Michael Whaddoups.
In 1911, Russia, Japan, Great Britain (for Canada) and the United States signed the Treaty for the Preservation and Protection of Fur Seals, imposing a moratorium on the harvesting of sea otters.
In 1922, the Washington Naval Treaty imposed a ten-year moratorium on the construction of new battleships.
In January 2011, he called for a moratorium on the harvesting of shale gas.
In March 2013, Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced that the moratorium on shale gas exploration in Romania had been lifted.
Machalek has repeatedly – and only half jokingly – called for a “one-hundred year moratorium on studying humans within the field of sociology” and he thus believes that the bedrock of sociological knowledge lies in explaining social phenomena that are exhibited across many different types of species.
On 20 July 2012, Environment minister Delphine Batho confirmed that the government would maintain a moratorium on shale gas exploration, saying: "nowhere in the world it has been proven that this exploitation can be done without major environmental impact and major health risks".
On 8 March 2011, the Quebec provincial government effectively declared a temporary moratorium on the use of chemical fracturing during shale gas drilling pending a stricter full environment assessment audit.
On May 27, he announced a six-month moratorium on new deepwater drilling permits and leases, pending regulatory review.
On October 22, 1979, convicted murderer Jesse Bishop became the first person to be executed at the prison after the state legislature reinstated the death penalty, following the lifting of a national moratorium on capital punishment.
Once again, a Russian brokered agreement in 1993, the Agreement on a ceasefire in Abkhazia and On a Mechanism To Ensure Its Observance, allowed for a moratorium on the use of force, the withdrawal of conflicting parties from the warzone within fifteen days, establishing a Russian-Georgian-Abkhaz control group to monitor the ceasefire, the return of the Abkhazian parliament to Sukhumi, the placement of UN observers in the territory, and the resumption of talks to settle the dispute.
Operation Nougat was a series of 44 nuclear tests conducted (with one exception) at the Nevada Test Site in 1961 and 1962, immediately after the Soviet Union abrogated a testing moratorium, with the US' "Mink" test shot taking place the day before the Soviets test-detonated the Tsar Bomba.
Sea trout run in late July and August. There has been a collapse in fish stocks in the 1980s and 1990s but stocks are on the rise once more since a moratorium on netting has been emplaced.
Since his election in 1994, Machado has authored legislation protecting school children from perpetrators by creating safety zones around schools, establishing drug rehabilitation programs in county jails, and providing a moratorium on gun shows illegally selling weapons.
Since neither of the 2 chemicals making the binary agent are controlled under the moratorium on nerve agents, it meant that the Soviet Union was not in breach of this moratorium.
Since the complete moratorium passed on all mining in Ecuador (as of May 2008), however, this has been delayed if not completely halted.
Since the nativity scene already was removed and a moratorium imposed on future such displays, there remained no basis for continued dispute.
When trading in both companies' shares were suspended on 26 March, there was speculation that the Company would launch another buyout attempt after the expiry of the one year legal moratorium.
While most of the towns with Gros Morne National Park, and the Town of Port Saunders, which is a government service centre have fared very well economically, other Towns such as Bird Cove have lost more than 50% of their population since the 1992 cod moratorium.

More Vocab Words

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