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Vocabulary Word

Word: mitigate

Definition: appease; moderate; make or become less in force or intensity

Sentences Containing 'mitigate'

A decoupling term is sometimes added to the controller output to improve control performance to mitigate cross coupling or big and rapid changes in speed, current and flux linkage.
A disaster will affect the whole community, so everyone must be ready, by making a plan, being informed, and taking action to mitigate the affects of future disasters.
A new Motion Adaptive electric power steering system helps to mitigate oversteer or understeer in conjunction with the standard Vehicle Stability Assist. Gasoline (DX, LX, EX, and EX-L), hybrid and natural gas variants are offered.
At a high level these will be to protect life, contain and mitigate the impacts of the emergency and create the conditions for a return to normality.
By classifying Attack Patterns in this manner, libraries can be developed to implement particular mitigation types which can then be used to mitigate entire classes of Attack Patterns.
CCA and ZSA are used to find and eliminate or mitigate common causes for multiple failures.
Consequentially, they expect a "substantial risk of non-response bias" and plans to " its data collection and other procedures to mitigate as much as possible against these risks."
FFS and other derived UNIX file systems support fragments which greatly mitigate this effect. Suballocation schemes.
Floors are temporary permissions granted dynamically to collaborating users in order to mitigate race conditions and guarantee mutually exclusive resource usage.
Franz had so managed his route, that during the ride to the Colosseum they passed not a single ancient ruin, so that no preliminary impression interfered to mitigate the colossal proportions of the gigantic building they came to admire.
Glacier Northwest plans to take steps to mitigate the deforestation of the area, which includes transplanting saplings after the various stages of mining has commenced; however, the success rate of Madrone trees surviving transplantation would be low, according to the Holden Arboretum.
Having a larger bore than the .17 caliber centerfires helps mitigate some of the fouling problems that rifles in that caliber tend to have. .19-223.
He added that season 3 "reflects on the nature of reform and reformers, and whether there is any possibility that political processes, long calcified, can mitigate against the forces currently arrayed against individuals."
In contrary, by facilitating the domestic holding of foreign currency, a country might mitigate the shift of assets abroad and strengthen its external reserves in exchange for a currency substitution process.
In law, extenuating circumstances in criminal cases are unusual or extreme facts leading up to or attending the perpetration of the offense which, though an offense has been perpetrated without legal justification or excuse, mitigate or reduce its gravity from the point of view of punishment or moral opprobrium.
In modern practice, the advent of liquid acrylic additives and other advances to the grout mixture, create slower moisture absorption over the older formulas, and also increase bonding strength to mitigate these failures.
In order to mitigate risk and maximize profits, the bank also engages in other types of banking beyond making agricultural loans.
In order to mitigate the impact of such income reductions, the island's governments have announced several efforts to diversify the island's agricultural production.
It can also be used to defeat referer checking controls that are used to mitigate Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks.
It is common practice for juries to add to their verdict, guilty or not guilty, a rider recommending the accused to mercy on the ground of grave provocation received, or other circumstances which in their view should mitigate the penalty.
Lighten any check, mitigate the destruction ever so little, and the number of the species will almost instantaneously increase to any amount.
Often Windows based services impose rather low limits and other resolver offerings also permit low negative caching limits to mitigate access problems following service disruptions.
On the other hand, the group with poor diets, high level of alcohol and tobacco consumption and high perception of susceptibility to cardiovascular disease did not plan to mitigate those risks and refrained from seeking health information.
Partly, this serves to mitigate their losses, or attempt to return to their pre-event physical and psychological condition.
Perhaps at this moment, envious of hers, thou art regarding her, either as she paces to and fro some gallery of her sumptuous palaces, or leans over some balcony, meditating how, whilst preserving her purity and greatness, she may mitigate the tortures this wretched heart of mine endures for her sake, what glory should recompense my sufferings, what repose my toil, and lastly what death my life, and what reward my services?
Proposals to mitigate the road troubles included more trains and cutting the fares by 50% on the Vestfoldbanen railway.
Referendum C and other attempts to mitigate the effects of TABOR are referred to as "de-Brucing" after Douglas Bruce, the author of the amendment.
Several salmon hatcheries have been built in an attempt to mitigate the damage.
Special considerations in each of these steps must also be made to mitigate the negative affects associated with the enormous amounts of data they can produce; too much data can sometimes become a problem for the mask writer to be able to create a mask in a reasonable amount of time.
The Business Dictionary provide a more comprehensive definition for "disaster response"; Aggregate of decisions and measures to (1) contain or mitigate the effects of a disastrous event to prevent any further loss of life and/or property, (2) restore order in its immediate aftermath, and (3) re-establish normality through reconstruction and re-rehabilitation shortly thereafter.
The Chairman of the BHS, Patrick Print, attempted to mitigate Edmonds's statements by quoting some recent activities the BHS had participated in.
The CWSRF can assist water utilities and municipalities mitigate the effects of climate change as they relate to water quality by capitalizing costs related to planning and implementing new technologies.
The difficulty is based on those of said legacy games in that very little is explained to the player and thus the combat system may seem somewhat chaotic (for example, the weapons and armor do not explain how they mitigate or increase damage output).
The disorders are caused by breathing gas at the high pressures encountered at depth, and divers will often breathe a gas mixture different from air to mitigate these effects.
The GCSMP will examine whether 20% of the sand could instead be backpassed sustainably to the beaches of Surfers Paradise to mitigate the impact of climate change.
The Indigo Line plan was not adopted, but elements of it were included when the Commonwealth of Massachusetts agreed in 2005 to make improvements on the Fairmount Line part of its legally binding commitment to mitigate increased air pollution from the Big Dig.
The merchant was awarded $600,000 by the court, which ruled that there was insufficient action to mitigate the effects of Canada Line construction on Cambie Street merchants.
The plant design is the result of extensive research and helps mitigate the high level of turbidity and mirco-biological contamination experienced in many of the target areas.
The State Department of Ecology then works with other organizations, using the money to mitigate the oil spill, to restore and protect priority wildlife habitats (Washington State Spill Prevention/Response page).
The worse-off principle states that, when individuals involved are not harmed in a comparable way given a certain course of action, we should mitigate the situation of those who would be worse-off.
These are references to patterns that can support, relate to or mitigate the attack and the listing for the related pattern should note that.
These forests provide carbon sinks for greenhouse gases and therefore mitigate climatic changes.
This has the potential to mitigate the problem of isolation but not the loss of interior habitat.
This may be due to CBD's receptor antagonistic effects at the cannabinoid receptor, compared to THC's partial agonist effect. CBD is also a 5-HT1A receptor agonist, which may also contribute to an anxiolytic effect. This likely means the high concentrations of CBD found in "Cannabis indica" mitigate the anxiogenic effect of THC significantly.
To mitigate the computational penalty of modular arithmetic, two tricks are used in practice:
To mitigate this situation, Chang said that the MOEA has prepared a special task force to monitor the ongoing situation, and they will aim to be well-prepared to prevent the disease from spreading further.
To rectify this situation Borgmann recommends developing "focal things and practices" as a way to mitigate the harmful effect of this hidden technological paradigm and overcome our reliance on these devices.
Ullico Casualty Group creates insurance products that mitigate fiduciary risks to union workplaces and its trustees.
Under PJM's Regional Transmission Expansion Planning (RTEP) process, PJM considers forecasts of load growth and additions of demand response, interconnection requests for new and planned retirements of existing generating plants, and possible solutions to mitigate congestion on the transmission system.
While the WSH Act imposes a duty on the occupiers, employers and principals, the risks inherent in the design will also need to be addressed and the means to mitigate the risks identified.
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