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Vocabulary Word

Word: misconduct

Definition: immoral behavior; bad management; V.

Sentences Containing 'misconduct'

108 members, including 3 officers were sent back after being implicated in alleged misconduct and sexual abuse.
A few days later he was charged with "gross misconduct" by the FCO for making these media appearances.
A player who receives a misconduct penalty will remain off the ice for ten minutes.
Alleged misconduct. Bechtel's work has been the subject of controversy, including a number of cases of contractor misconduct in the United States in the past decade.
Alston was found guilty of misdemeanor theft of General Assembly funds and misconduct in office on June 12, 2012.
Among the Buddhist traditions there is a vast diversity of opinion about homosexuality and in interpreting the precedents which define "sexual misconduct".
Before long he discovered that Blanco de Paz, who claimed to be an officer of the Inquisition, was now concocting on false evidence a charge of misconduct to be brought against him on his return to Spain.
Bon Appetit claimed that she had committed gross misconduct and violated company policy by selling unauthorized goods.
Both the NHL and the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) recognize the common penalty degrees of minor and major penalties, as well as the more severe misconduct, game misconduct, and match penalties.
Cain's polling numbers declined in November 2011 amidst allegations of past sexual misconduct with female employees.
Controversies and allegations of misconduct. In 1988, Toronto Police were under scrutiny for the fatal shooting of schizophrenic Lester Donaldson.
Cruz has published many books, including "CBCP Guidelines on Sexual Abuse and Misconduct: A Critique", and "Call of the Laity".
Dizaei was tried before the Recorder of London for misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice.
For each subsequent game misconduct penalty, the automatic suspension shall be increased by one game.
For example, if a player receives a 2 minute minor plus a misconduct for boarding, they would have someone else serve the 2 minute minor.
Giuliani's term also saw allegations of civil rights abuses and other police misconduct under other commissioners after Bratton's departure.
He was again charged with perverting the course of justice and misconduct in a public office.
He was charged with perverting the course of justice, misconduct in public office, and submitting false mileage expense claims.
His pride, in that direction, may be of service, if not to himself, to many others, for it must only deter him from such foul misconduct as I have suffered by.
However, on March 8, 2012, the Philippine Patriots fired him due to "repeated misconduct and acts detrimental to the team and to the league."
I understand that charges have been made against him before the Senate Military Committee for misconduct at the battle of Chickamauga, while serving on my personal staff.
If a player pulls down another female's ponytail, they will be charged with a game misconduct penalty.
If an additional penalty is incurred with a misconduct penalty, the times run consecutively - one right after the other.
In 2005 Thomas was found guilty of assault while playing rugby in France and in 2007 was banned for four weeks for misconduct charges.
In June 2005, Roger Jordan was disciplined by the Louisiana Supreme Court for his misconduct in Cousin's case.
In more recent years, the Jogye Order has been beset with scandals involving gambling and sexual misconduct. Conflicts with the Lee Myung-bak government.
In most leagues, the referee has the discretion to call a game misconduct on a player charged with boarding due to the likelihood of injury to the boarded player.
In November 2007, 114 members of the 950 member Sri Lanka peacekeeping contingent in Haiti were accused of sexual misconduct and abuse.
In the NHL, a match penalty and a game misconduct are virtually identical in application.
Infractions which garnered a gross misconduct now earn a game misconduct. The penalty had last been assessed in 2006 on Atlanta Thrashers coach Bob Hartley due to post-game comments made regarding referee Mick McGeough's blown call during a game versus Edmonton.
It is described as a "how-to guide" for government employees who wish to expose corruption or misconduct in their organization without endangering their careers.
Malkin received an instigator penalty and a misconduct penalty, but was not suspended by the league for the incident.
On 13 February 2012 Dizaei was again convicted of misconduct in public office and attempting to pervert the course of justice.
POGO’s Federal Contractor Misconduct Database is often used by investigative journalists and others who are interested in contractor misconduct. Corporate whistleblowers and government insiders bring POGO many of its investigative topics.
Professional misconduct. Law Society of Upper Canada.
Sexual misconduct. The Third (or sometimes Fourth) of the Five Precepts of Buddhism states that one is to refrain from "sexual misconduct".
She was disturbed by no fear for her felicity, nor humbled by any remembrance of her misconduct.
She was suspended from the legislature after pleading guilty to theft, fraudulent misappropriation, and misconduct in office.
Similar to a game misconduct, gross misconduct penalties have been eliminated from the NHL rulebook.
Since 1998, ethnic violence, government misconduct, and crime have undermined stability and civil society.
Since a 2003 incident involving alleged police misconduct, the Oakland Police Department has been under federal oversight.
Some "sangha" equate homosexuality with scriptural sexual misconduct prohibited by the Five Precepts.
Statistically, a game misconduct counts as 10 penalty minutes, in addition to other penalties handed out.
The organization also maintains the Federal Contractor Misconduct Database, an aggregation of data on the U.S. government's 100 largest contractors, how much is spent on them per year, their instances of misconduct since 1995, and the total cost of that misconduct, according to POGO.
The panel accepted that Christie’s professional misconduct arose out of stress and an excessive zeal to help his client, rather than a desire for personal gain.
These efforts outside of the guidelines of the national Klan, along with other perceived misconduct, would eventually lead to Farnsworth’s resignation as King Kleagle of Maine.
Throughout competitions in which he participated, he was acclaimed for his sense of fair play and achieved the remarkable distinction of never having been penalized for misconduct in any sport.
Under IIHF rules, every major penalty carries an automatic game misconduct penalty; in other competitions, earning three major penalties in a game results in a game misconduct penalty, though a number of infractions that result in a major penalty automatically impose a game misconduct as well.
Well, I shall write to the abbe; I shall hold him responsible for his protege's misconduct, and I shall soon know all about this assassination.
“"A Gross Misconduct penalty shall be assessed any player or team official who conducts herself in such a manner as to make a travesty of the game."” Enforcement of penalties.

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