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Vocabulary Word

Word: militant

Definition: combative; bellicose; N.

Sentences Containing 'militant'

"America is secretly funding militant ethnic separatist groups in Iran in an attempt to pile pressure on the Islamic regime to give up its nuclear programme.
1984: "Maggie's Militant Tendency" controversy.
A militant Asturian independentist, he has been a participant in the movement for the recovery of the linguistic and social identity of the Asturias.
Arab Islamic Front of Azawad (in French: "Front Islamique Arabe de l'Azawad" or FIAA) was a militant rebel group in northern Mali.
By now Rodgers was distilling her language and militant persona into poetry that was deeply concerned with religion, God, and the quest for inner beauty.
By the early 1980s, the Sri Lanka Armed Forces mobilizing again as a new insurgency began by Tamil militant groups in the north of the island.
By the mid-1980s, the Armed Forces began launching operations in the like of conventional warfare against the LTTE which had by then became the most powerful of the Tamil militant groups.
Coercive pressure was applied to members of trade unions and local party cells to join the League of the Militant Godless.
He became the theological force behind the militant Tacuara Nationalist Movement.
He was elected as mayor in 2005 as the candidate for the political party and militant group, Hamas.
He was killed at his front door by a Muslim convert associated with an Iranian militant group in the last successful Iranian assassination plot on US soil.
His great-grandfather was an expert in textile paints and a militant anarchist, who was frequently persecuted and imprisoned in Italy as well as in Brazil for his political activism.
However, during this period—which lasted well into his thirties—he subscribed to militant Maoist ideology and was fired from his job as a hospital orderly for belligerent activities.
In August IPF organised a militant "gherao" protest at the Bihar legislative assembly in Patna in protest of the massacre.
In British politics, the term 'Millbank Machine' or 'Millbank tendency' (a play on 'Militant tendency') has been linked with the activities of spin doctors.
Is this the still militant old man, standing at the corners of the three kingdoms, on all hands coercing alms of beggars?
It was at this point that the militant campaign began with the formation of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU).
Its founders were the Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole and Herbert Chitepo, who were dissatisfied with the militant tactics of Nkomo in ZAPU.
Lovinescu himself, reflecting back on the period of "Sburătorist" beginnings, noted that Aderca had acted less as a critic, and more as a militant "theorist of own aesthetics."
Many militant Muslims who had originally sided with the Bolsheviks were upset by this turn of events.
Mavado orders him to act as a Chinese Secret Militant for the Special Forces and aid them in completely destroying the Black Dragon clan.
Much of the population is suspicious about modern medicine, and some militant groups are openly hostile to vaccinations.
Notably the Jewish members of the "Iskra" leadership took a more militant anti-Zionist approach that non-Jewish cadres.
Others consider that, despite his militant rhetoric, Abdelaziz cannot order a resumption of fighting without the approval of the Algerian government.
Rodgers shows transformation from militant views to religious views in Stanza 8: and the church folks said, yeah.
Some were attracted to the more militant example of the French Revolution of 1789.
Souha Bechara left college in 1986 and joined militant activities in Lebanon.
SPYL sees itself as serving as an "active, revolutionary, and militant transmitting belt of the SWAPO Party ideology."
That same year married with Gloria Gallegos, also militant of PRT-ERP.
The 1970s saw the emergence of the Mouvement Militant Mauricien/Parti Socialiste Mauricien (MMM/PSM) led by Paul Bérenger.
The change from militant views to more religious views can be seen in her 1975 poem "and when the revolution came."
The Chichoneros, also known as the "Popular Liberation Movement" (Spanish: Movimiento Popular de Liberación) was a militant organization active in the 1980s in Honduras.
The circulation of anti-religious journals was dropping as was membership in the League of the Militant Godless.
The commitment to pacifism, however, was balanced by militant anti-fascism.
The execution of the leaders of the rebellion turned out to be a propaganda coup for militant republicanism, and Sinn Féin's previously negligible popular support grew.
The GICM has been associated with major militant attacks.
The militant actions of the suffragettes were direct responses to a real sex war.
The most active of Corea's sons was C.E.(Charles Edgar) who spoke up for peasant rights and was militant in his stand against the government.
The MPL was one of the primary militant organizations in Honduras at the time, along with the Lorenzo Zelaya Popular Revolutionary Forces.
The Uyghur movement's use of militant separatism has resulted in it being described as a potentially dangerous movement.
The Women's Social and Political Union suspended their militant campaign in 1914 at the outbreak of World War I to focus on the war effort.
There have been allegations of rape and mass rape in Jammu and Kashmir being carried out by both Indian armed forces and militant groups.
They are known for their confrontational style, combined with socialist lyrics focused on both militant social justice and Pan-Africanism.
This differentiated the UFT and its parent organization, the American Federation of Teachers, from the larger, less militant National Education Association (NEA).
This militant organization supported its radical political activism with provocative pamphlets.
This was in contrast to years earlier when the League of the Militant Godless had attacked school teachers who claimed that the church benefitted Russia in this way.
Though his religion appears to have become less militant after his marriage, his diary bears witness to his anxiety with regard to his spiritual welfare.
Unstable conditions led militant leaders such as Messra.
Will McCants is a scholar of militant Islamism.
Within a decade, however, communist organizers would transform this union into a militant union, which again would come into conflict with Colonel Foster.

More Vocab Words

::: conservatory - (conservatoire) school of the fine arts (especially music or drama); glass-enclosed area; CF. conservancy
::: tenacity - firmness; persistence
::: absolute - complete; totally unlimited; having complete power; certain; not relative; Ex. absolute honesty/ruler; CF. absolutism
::: prolixity - tedious wordiness; verbosity; ADJ. prolix: wordy; verbose; diffuse
::: enclave - territory enclosed within an alien land
::: component - element; ingredient
::: superfluous - excessive; overabundant; unnecessary; N. superfluity
::: grill - question severely; cook on a grill; broil; N: cooking surface of parallel metal bars
::: impromptu - without previous preparation; off the cuff(end of a sleeve); on the spur of the moment
::: altercation - noisy quarrel