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Vocabulary Word

Word: migrant

Definition: changing its habitat; wandering; Ex. migrant birds/workers; N: one that migrates

Sentences Containing 'migrant'

A heavy punitive fine in cattle was imposed, which impoverished the Ngoni and forced many of their young men to become migrant workers.
Additionally, there is a sizable population of Malaysian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia.
After mentioning casualties during attacks by government forces, he said that some migrant workers "have also died in clashes with the rebel fighters.
Australia has migrant groups from many countries, and members of those communities (not always of the first generation) have produced Australian writing in a variety of languages.
Because of some personal benefits, Lakshmi (Rohini) breaks their relationship and forces Marathakam to marry another migrant.
Bhope's men gatecrash the wedding celebrations and beat up Guddu, then realise that he is a migrant from Uttar Pradesh.
Due to heavy influx of migrant workers in industrial belts, the Foundation initiated HIV/AIDS prevention interventions in 1997.
Geer is credited with introducing Guthrie to Pete Seeger at the 'Grapes of Wrath' benefit Geer organized in 1940 for migrant farm workers.
His views eventually became more conservative through his experience working with Cuban immigrants and migrant workers, running a summer camp for African American children, and reading about communism in Poland and Cuba.
In 1901, Sharpe had opposed the organised recruitment of migrant labour for the mines in South Africa and Rhodesia, as this was also opposed by settler agricultural interests.
In 1951 he borrowed $800 from a local banker to buy a truck which he then used to sell sandwiches to migrant farm workers in the San Joaquin Valley.
In 1978-1979 period many of migrant workers in Tehran constructed illegal dwellings on government lands at North-East of Tehran and moved their families to the city.
In 2006, the Labor Party under Kim Beazley took a stance against the importation of increasingly large numbers of temporary skilled migrant workers ("foreign workers") by employers, arguing that this is simply a way for employers to drive down wages.
In the meantime, killings of unarmed migrant workers by rebels were being reported.
is curated by Zorras, and known for its dedication to migrant, minority ethnic, Deaf and disabled communities.
Islas is probably best known as the author of The Rain God (1984) and its sequel Migrant Souls (1991).
It is a seasonal migrant, although its movements are not well understood.
It is a short-distance migrant, wintering in Egypt and the Greater Middle East. It wanders to Cyprus with some frequency.
It is a strong migrant, and winters in India and tropical Asia.
It is a summer migrant in Europe and western Asia and spends the winter season in central and southern Africa.
It is found in La RĂ©union, Niger, Gambia and South Africa, as well as Australia, India, Malaysia, China and Morocco. It has also been recorded from Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom where it is either a migrant or imported with tomatoes, the larval host plant.
It tells the story of Tamil migrant workers and a team of land mafia criminals in the city of Kochi.
It was established for the protection of natural complex, creation of favorable conditions for wintering of migrant and natatorial birds.
It was split on the basis of its more intense plumage colours, and its ecology and behaviour, being a short-distance altitudinal migrant not a long distance migrant.
Mass migration from Morocco to the United Kingdom began in the 1960s, primarily consisting of migrant workers recruited to work in the hotel and catering industries.
Migrant worker abuse and death sentences faced by Indonesian workers in Saudi Arabia are the main problems that have strained diplomatic relations between two countries.
Of course, since the turbulent days of Azerbaijan Democratic Government, some residents were travelling to Tehran or Tabriz for seasonal work on construction projects, and by late 70's some of these migrant workers were established contractors.
One of the them, Swarnavel (Indrajith Sukumaran), has a special affection towards another migrant, Marathakam (Parvathi Menon).
Runaway, homeless and Migrant Youth are also automatically eligible for free meals.
She is the daughter of Christina and Raul Espinoza, migrant farm workers who moved to Indiana when Rebecca was young.
Sudanese refugees in Israel refers to citizens of Sudan who have sought refuge in Israel due to military conflict at home, and to those who moved there illegally as migrant workers.
The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) is the Australian Government's largest settlement program.
The Bonda have begun to take up non traditional occupations as migrant labourers and as peons and clerks in government offices.
The boys would line up at the gate outside Briggs Stadium before the game and would be selected in a fashion similar to how migrant workers are selected to work today.
The decrease in migrant flow is attributed to the increased violence in the Sinai desert between Egyptian police and Bedouin smugglers.
The dialects of Ojibwe are spoken in Canada from southwestern Quebec, through Ontario, Manitoba and parts of Saskatchewan, with outlying communities in Alberta, and in the United States from Michigan through Wisconsin and Minnesota, with a number of communities in North Dakota and Montana, as well as migrant groups in Kansas and Oklahoma.
The land was used as a migrant centre until September 1951, when the RAAF required the base to be reopened, with No.
The man, subsequently identified as a Czech migrant named Miloslav Hrabinec, had boarded the flight in Adelaide with a concealed sawn-off .22 ArmaLite rifle and a sheath knife strapped to his leg.
The migrant Great White Pelican and resident Spot-billed Pelican are also have been recorded.
The Northam Migrant Accommodation Centre closed in September 1951.
The plant was outlawed in Connecticut in 1650, but in the 19th century as cigar smoking began to be popular, tobacco farming became a major industry, employing farmers, laborers, local youths, southern African Americans, and migrant workers.
The register of sponsors lists all organisations that the UK Border Agency has licensed to employ migrant workers or sponsor migrant students.
The totals took into account half of the migrant and homeless people which the journal described as "exceptional excess" for 1894.
There are a variety of community-based services that cater to the needs of newly arrived migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, some of which receive funding from the Commonwealth Government, such as Migrant Resource Centres.
There are also Australian works produced by writers (usually of migrant origin) in languages other than English.
There is currently keen debate around the world and in Australia regarding how to distinguish a refugee versus an economic migrant.
They trace their origins to South Korean migrant workers who worked on deep-ocean fishing boats based on the island starting in the 1960s.
Until 1997, he worked for the Patronato INCA-CGIL (Italian Migrant Welfare Organisation).
Until the age of seven Hernandez's parents were migrant farmworkers, following the seasons across the southwest, including California, Oregon, Wyoming, and Colorado.
Zalis further noted that Aderca subscribed to the rehabilitation and "demystification" of the "mahala" (that is, the suburban area where migrant peasants tended to resettle).
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